kg shoe Garnett To Debut Beat L.A. Shoes Against LakersLOS ANGELES (CBS) — If there are more incentives for the Lakers to beat the Celtics, here it is the Kevin Garnett “Beat L.A.” basketball shoe.

The signature KG sneakers are green suede with black and white trim with “152-120” on the tongue, meaning the all-time record of the Celtics versus the Lakers.

KG will debut his new Chinese sneaker, ANTA KG on Sunday as Lakers will face the Celtics for 253rd all time.

The Lakers are in quest for the most important stat of all, NBA Titles and L.A. is just one short of the Celtics’ 17th title.

More Pictures of the Shoe
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  1. Dan says:

    Dear Mr. KG,

    Word has it that you’ve got some special shoes for all us Lakers fans on Sunday. It’s called a “Beat LA” shoe or something like that. Nice to see you’re so obsessed with all the Lakers success that you have to come up with some numbers to remind everyone of the Celtics ancient history of success too. Commendable on your part for morale and all. Supposedly your shoe has “152-120” stitched into it as a source of Celtics pride. Very nice. Creative? Not! But more power to you. I hope it’s comforting for you.

    Since you’re such a Celtics basketball historian, here’s a few other numbers for you too. You can stitch these into your shoes as a source of motivation to you in your efforts to try to slow down that menacing Lakers championship machine. You already know that train is headed rapidly toward the most NBA team championships in history, and that end result is inevitable. It’s all because “anything’s possible” you know. There was a time when no one thought another team could possibly catch the C’s team record.

    Okay. First there’s “44-58” for you. Stitch that one on there for sure. Records indicate you were born May 19, 1976 in Mauldin, South Carolina. Since you may have not been paying too much attention during your lifetime, “44-58” is the Celtics overall record vs. the Lakers since you were born. That includes 5 finals matchups vs. the Lakers in which the Celtics are “2-3” – another number for ya if you still have room on those shoes.

    It’s possible that you’re more familiar with “26-39” since that’s the Celtics record vs. the Lakers since you were a little kid of 10 years old. That’s the typical age for a kid to start paying attention and suddenly realize he’s a sports fan. Ouch! Were you watching little Kev?

    If not, there’s always the Celtics record vs. the Lakers since you personally started playing in the NBA – stitch in “17-24” for that one. We all know you didn’t have all that much to do with that mess of a record. No problem. If that’s the case, ask your teammate. He can tell you about some ugly times. He was in on most of it. You know the one. He’s the one that grew up a Lakers fan.

    Enjoy those numbers Kev. I know they’ll hold a special place in your heart. Don’t panic now, but they’re only gonna get worse.

  2. T says:

    C’s made the Lakers look stupid today. Time to adjust the number on the shoes, KG.

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