LONG BEACH (AP) — Police have released dramatic video of a gun-wielding robber who shot a Long Beach store clerk to death.

Long Beach police hope the video will help in identifying the gunman and a cohort who held up the convenience store last Saturday.

The video shows the robber approach the counter, pull a chrome revolver from his waistband, detain and rob a customer and then turn his attention back to the clerk, Sor Phouam. The shooting is not shown.

Officers responding to a shots-fired call at 8 p.m. found the 53-year-old clerk wounded in the upper torso. He died at a hospital.

Police say they hope the male customer who was robbed will come forward because he may have useful information.

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Comments (9)
  1. No Freedom of Speech says:

    Another reason we want the border closed.

    1. Tired Of It says:

      From the video camera, it would be safe to say these are two of the latino community’s finest.

  2. deen says:

    what else is new same garbage stinking up the USA.

  3. Yucal says:

    They come here from south of the border only to find work…

  4. duh says:

    This is beyond brazen. Flame me if you like, but I have to wonder why the clerk was so unconcerned with the whole thing? His not acting the least bit concerned that a gun was pointed at him obviously started to make the gunman nervous, and then the clerk walks away from the register. The gunman gets aggressive over the counter, and right before the video is stopped, the clerk seems to be leaning down as if to reach for something. Anyone knows that full compliance with a robber will not guarantee your life, but making them nervous and not complying with their demand certainly increases the odds that it’s your day to go… I don’t know what to think about animals that are willing to kill another human over some register chump change.

  5. THE MAN says:

    I’m pretty sure the MESSY-CANS have fled to MESSY-CO by now, thats where they usually run.

  6. Linda says:

    SHUT UP ! You see a white man doing the same thing as this guy but no one says anything about his skin color. You people are seriously ignorant fools. Get over it !!!! His a lowlife who killed an innocent man. Hope they find him and lock him up for GOOD! You idiots worry more about skin color than the crime. lames!

    1. bugman says:

      why the fuzz on the 3’rd person connected maybe? to obvious!


    @ Linda they make racist remakes because they are afraid of them and would never confront them…. it’s very easy to hide behind a computer screen but when they see a hispanic/Latino on the streets they bow there heads to the ground in shear terror and would never even defend their Mothers, wifes, girlfriend, sisters , honor. for fear of getting hurt them self’s but on the computer some one may even call the self’s “THE MAN” but in reality COWARDS!!!!

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