LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Police said they used less-than-lethal alternatives on a suspect — including bean bags and a taser — before fatally shooting him Monday evening.

They described the suspect as possibly having mental problems.

But people who knew 48-year-old Earl Rose said he was eccentric, not crazy.

Police received a call at 8:15 p.m. Monday about “a male with possible mental illness acting violently” near East 107th Street and South Clovis Avenue in South Los Angeles, Officer Karen Rayner of Los Angeles Police Department’s Media Relations Section said.

There was an “officer help” call from the incident location at 9:10 p.m., followed by the officer-involved shooting, Rayner said.

Police shot Rose with multiple bean bag rounds before he was fatally wounded, witnesses told an On Scene news video cameraman.

In a statement issued late this afternoon, police said that they were sent to the scene on a radio call “regarding a male suffering from mental illness. As the officers were responding … they received additional information that the suspect had refused to take his medication and was verbally aggressive.”

Police said they tried to “speak with the suspect to calm him down and detain him for medical assistance.” They described Rose as being 240 pounds and 5 feet 11 inches tall. They said he ran into his bedroom.

Then he came out of his room “and aggressively charged the officers who were in front of the house.”

First they used a bean bag shotgun which knocked him to the ground.

“The suspect attempted to get up and continue his attack, causing them to use a Taser which had no effect,” the statement said. “The suspect continued charging the officers, actually grabbing one of the officers, ripping his badge from his uniform.

“During the struggle which moved to the street, the suspect attempted to take the bean bag shot gun and one of the officer’s firearms. Both officers shot the suspect to stop his attack. They took the suspect into custody and immediately called for medical assistance.”

Then firefighters arrived and pronounced Rose dead at the scene.

The officers involved in the shooting suffered minor injuries, but no one else was hurt.

Rose’s mother told reporters that her son was bipolar and was suffering some sort of episode, but she said the officers “killed him.”

“No way did he try to get their guns,” she said.

Rose’s brother, Charlie Lewis, said that “They shot him six times in cold blood. He didn’t even get close enough to even put his hands on the cops.”

LAPD Sgt. Mitzi Grasso told reporters that the officers only used their guns after Rose tried to get them. She agreed the officers suffered only minor injuries.

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Comments (18)
  1. Randy says:

    The man ran to his room!
    Police should have let the situation chill

    1. notlovinLA says:

      Yeah, he ran to his room and came running out of it in a violent rage. Would you let the situation chill if someone came at you violently? Didn’t think so.

      1. Ralph says:

        before i would think like the general public and say these cops shouldnt of shot him. But in the reality of things officers view situations in different ways due to past events taught in training. General public views running into his house like no thing. But peace officers have it drilled into them in the academy that you never let a suspect run into their house “to get something” or reach back into their car. Just because theres many officers that have been killed like that. But cardinal rule THEY GRAB YOUR GUN, THEYRE TRYING TO KILL YOU.. And the most important thing in law enforcement is going home ant end of night and seeing your family.

      2. sylvetser says:

        Come on people you can not just believe what the police say, when they do this stuff…hurt or KILL the public….coming into his own house (room)… They should be trained for just physical attacks…But look at a lot of cops…out of shape. power control freaks…(not all of them, but it only takes a couple sub par cops to over react and panic and then HIDE behind the “oh danger thing”Our Rights and the mass of You people are ASLEEP…Wake Up…and register to VOTE Too

  2. notlovinLA says:

    It’s tragic, but the man caused his own death. What are the police officers supposed to do? Allow the man to attack them, grab their guns and/or weapons, and hurt them and possibly innocent bystanders? Of course not! Police are trained in these situations and they handled it properly. If the guy didn’t want to die he shouldn’t have tried to harm the officers. Get a clue, people! If you attack an officer of the LAW you’re going to get shot. PERIOD! And that’s the way it should be.

  3. dave says:

    Nope Not Southwest or 77th; Shoot first ask questions later. This type of training needs to stop police need to learn how to fight and use the non lethal weapons better and have better control of their guns. It is actions like this that is prompting officer shooting across the country. Suspects know the police will kill them in a confrontation so they are ready to fight to the death. Community policing must evolve. Locking people out of their neighborhood for hours is terrible. People must begin to have faith again or we will see worse times than the late 80’s

  4. m says:

    So sad so many people suffer from mental illness.

  5. lawsdontapply says:

    The badge gives the police the right to kill anybody at anytime. It’s party time for the officers tonight!! GOOD KILL 😉

  6. LAFD firefighter/paramedic says:

    How many times do we hear of people NOT being killed by the police on so many similar service calls? I work for the Los Angeles City Fire Department in Watts and see this several times every shift. All these people denouncing the police department. Listen up folks…next time you need the police don’t call them. Take care of the situation yourself. The police do a pretty damn good job. They don’t get called out for nice situations. They do the best they can. The world is the way it is. Sometimes people die and get killed. That’s the way it is. So like I said, next time your in a bad situation and you need the police, don’t call them. Handle the situation yourself.

    1. So what!! says:

      It figures you guys go in hand like bacon and eggs…………f u

  7. really says:

    they should have thrown a net at him, or how about elephant tranquilizers…

  8. LAFD firefighter/paramedic says:

    A “net” really doesn’t sound like THAT bad of an idea. Seriously. If someone could invent something like that, I am sure it could prove to effective. We have all seen some the old spiderman episodes. Yeah, it sounds funny, but if you think about it, not that bad of an idea.

  9. swhitS says:

    So, because all they did was anger him after getting tasered they shot him to death? Nah, sorry, still something wrong here. Don’t these guys get training on handling guys on these meds and don’t the taxpayers pay for it? I worked with kids on these things and can tell ya they go bezerk within 5 mins of missing a dosage you have to let them chill. The meds have to wear off before you can talk to them reasonably. From what I can tell he wasn’t doing anything except perhaps disturbing the peace prior to the cops being called out. Nice try LAPD still don’t buy it.

  10. Josh Butts says:

    So the officers gave up on non lethal ways and just decided to shot him. It sounds like the guy was just mental and not HI on drugs or anything. So how could a taser not take him down? I’ve heard of people HI on meth and just pull the taser out of them. A guy like this should have went down with a taser, or a bean bag shot gun to the face. So why did that not work?

  11. Jimmy Cruz says:

    Why is it that my family never has trouble with the police? Too many crazy people out there!!! When you don’t follow directions given by the police, your ass should get shot, simple as that. Come on people, would you want this crazy living next door to you? NO WAY!!!!! If you post that you wouldn’t mind, you are a liar!!!!!!!

  12. fromla says:

    I don’t think all facts add up. I was listening to the scanner that night and I heard a diff story. I heard “SHOTS FIRED” THEN ALL OF 77 REPORTED TO THE LOCATION. LAPD MURDERED THE GUY PERIOD.

  13. fromla says:

    They killed him on the spot. Listen to the radio transmission. The cops need to be in jail.

  14. citizen says:

    It’s the wild wild west. Dead men tell no tales.

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