COVINA (CBS) — A 45-minute pursuit from Pasadena across the San Gabriel Valley ended with a violent collision in Covina just before midnight Monday.

The chase began around 11 p.m. when the driver of a Volkswagen sedan committed minor traffic violations and refused to stop for police, authorities said Tuesday.

The crash at Barranca Avenue and East Puente Street, about a half-mile north of Interstate 10 in Covina, occurred at about 11:45 p.m. Monday.

The Volkswagen collided broadside into a Mazda, according to the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

The driver of the Mazda suffered a fractured neck and a broken pelvis, Pasadena police Lt. Thomas Delgado said.

The driver who instigated the chase struggled with police before he was arrested on suspicion of felony failure to yield, Delgado said.

He was under police guard at a hospital, Pasadena police Sgt. Roger Roldan said just after 3:30 a.m.

It was not known if the man was under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

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  1. Cindy Campeau says:

    Thank you for the follow up on the victim

    1. carrie says:

      yeah darn a fractured neck.. ouch.. I thought I had neck pain. I’m glad she survived though – hope and pray she heals fast. And he can rot in prison for all I care. P.O.S.D.A.M.

      1. CARRIE W. says:

        YEAH READ IT “Wallace said there is evidence Angorita was under the influence of drugs and alcohol.”

    2. nunnie says:

      methican lmao love it!!!

      1. Carrie w. says:

        they must have deleted it. The METHICAN comment

    3. Den says:

      Texas police would have stopped this idiot before he crashed into someone. They do what ever it takes to stop a fleeing coward. Ram his car, shoot out the tires, etc. Our police and highway patrol are like scared whimps. Last night they had many chances to stop the coward. It was just a matter of time he crashed into another car. I think we were waiting for the inevitable, I was. Our police need to be more aggressive.

      1. Jose says:

        Yes Because Texas Police Dont Care About Peoples Safety Unlike The L.A.P.D ..

      2. Marcy says:

        I’m surprised that when they did get him to stop, prior to the accident, that they didn’t block him FRONT and back, to keep him from taking off again! Wonder why they didn’t do this?

      3. Brian says:

        Den… Texas doesn’t have the 9th circuit!

    4. pete says:

      yeah its a mexican running away funny but when some white guy shoots at innocent people in arizona what do you have to say about that.

      1. Carrie W. says:


      2. Cindy Ward says:

        I’m white. I call them white trash!

    5. Evelyn says:

      and you are just another racist B1tch! Who cares if he is Hispanic, White, Asian , or Black shut up and get with the fact that people were injured. Thank God nobody died. I do think this could of been stopped alot sooner.

      P.S. Not all Latinos/Hispanics are Mexican you dumb b!tch.

      1. OG says:

        Well said, Evelyn. In Los Angeles, there are also Salvadorians, Guatemalans, Argentinians, Colombians, etc…

    6. julia and mark says:

      we are so shocked… seriously when we were watching the chase last night, it looked like no hope for the victim, we are very happy to hear that she has survived that terrible crash, we will still pray for her to get back on her feet and heal all her broken bones.. and as for the suspect… well he can go to hell!!

    7. luvy says:

      I AM SOO ANGRY TO THE COPS!!! they had the chance to get him off the road but they DID NOT!!!

  2. carrie says:

    It was not known if the man was under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

    Probably both. I’m guessing he’s a METHICAN

    1. All colors allowed says:

      why the need to say methican…who asume he was on drugs or alchole?? Bottom line he ran ….He was scared…Maybe he had a warrant….Maybe he had no license…go figure the first word of coming out of your mouth was methican…whats that half meth head half latino??? Can you be any ruder???

      1. l carrigan says:

        here we go again,worried about the as#$%le that caused this.I have worse words than methican,so quit with the sympathy for the methican and think about the INNOCENT VICTIM, do you get it?

      2. punisher says:

        Go scratch your head w a loaded gun. Finger firmly pressed on the trigger.

      3. Z says:

        the only people worst than the suspect are racists

      4. Nick says:

        Nice! Protect the D#$% that almost killed someone. Shes talking smack about a piece of S#^% and you pull the race card. Dont feel bad about the person he hit but only the bad things said about this prick.

      5. Debra says:

        Because of all of the hoop law regarding people’s (and especially those of colr) rights, law enforcement officers are unable to do their jobs. Otherwise, this little Methican would have been stopped and dealt with in Pasadena, rather than be allowed to drive like a mad man through the streets of our cities. But no, we need to treat people with respect, after all, heaven forbid, they are being “targeted!” Methican, Whitican, Blackican, Asianican, doesn’t matter. If you break the law, you should suffer the consequendes. I was relieved to hear that the innocent driver did not die as a result of this Methican’s reckless disregard for the law, our highways and the people we share the road with. I think that he should pay, not our tax dollars, for the damages caused as a result of his reckless behavior. He had to have been under the influence or wanted by law enforcement – why else would a person not adhere to the request of law enforcement? HELLO?!? This is a free country and we all have choices but we need to remember that we have to be willing to accept the consequences for our choices and/or ill-behavior. I hope that justice prevails, but then again, given the “walking on egg shells” that seems to occur regarding “equal rights”, it probably not occur this year – or next for that matter!

      6. templecityresident says:

        Blame the Pasadena police they called off the pit manuver that the covina police were set up to do when the driver was on that long strech of road with no civilians or traffic But pasadena wanted to back off and let him go until he stopped that is called STUPID he needed to be taken out

      7. Jared says:

        Why did she say Methican?

        That’s why, and that’s just the top ten. If you’re gonna play the race card, at least face the truth, 9 out of 10 isn’t just a coincidence.

    2. Nikki Anderson says:

      @ carrie. the nationality, creed, race or color makes ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENCE here. NONE. nor does whether he was driving under the influence. HE RAN FROM POLICE!!!! wrecklessly at that and in the end-he almost killed someone. I watched this unfold last night and I went to bed with a heavy heart. The broadsided car could’ve been any of us or our families. Life can be taken from u in an instant.

      1. Carrie W. says:

        you don’t think I was praying for the victim the whole time ?? I watched this whole pursuit – I was praying there would be no victim – but the pursuit ended as soon as I went to use the bathroom. I hit the record button though.
        Just so you know – I was distraught all night long – because in my gut I felt that the victim had not survived and I was praying that God would prove me wrong. I’m glad God did cause I didn’t sleep until way after the 4:30 am news.
        So excuse me for having a slight however twisted small sense of humor all though I wasn’t really kidding about the meth because I watched the whole thing including the fist stop (the suspect) and his actions which told me the dude just be on meth. I hate to admit it but I know a little too much about the subject. I won’t touch it though.

    3. ES says:

      You’re plain ignorant.

    4. dumb carrie says:

      carrie, you’re stupid.

      1. Just the Facts says:

        @templecityresident….You have no idea what you are talking about. Pasadena PD requested Covina to do a PIT over and over again. Covina was going to do it but their policy is to only employ it under 35 MPH. Suspect never went slow enough for that to happen. Just Stating the Facts.

  3. gmon says:

    Carrie your an idiot

    1. Frank Ortega says:

      Carrie: ?? I feel for the innocent driver who got hurt, but your despicable language y racial tone is really NOT necessary. For all we know the other driver could be from Spain, regardless that does NOT make him more or less guilty. Shame on you Carrie!

      1. islanderOC says:

        Spanish, Mexican, Venezuelan, Martian…who the hell cares??? Pop a cap on that P.O.S.’s head and save the taxpayers some money. We don’t need to support his sorry behind. For what? So he can do it again when he gets out?

      2. CW says:

        okay, i already took that into consideration, but meth doesn’t mix with Spanish well..
        Besides that, just because my name is Carrie doesn’t mean I am not hispanic or latino – but if my name was Jose or whatever I bet y’all wouldn’t be making negative inferences.
        It’s just a stupid joke – although it’s at least half true.

    2. Carrie W. says:

      sometimes.. Very rare though.

  4. Clay in OC says:

    The police had this suspect surrounded and stopped. They drew down on him and then backed off. I don’t understand why they did not block him in when they had the chance. Why not shoot out his tires or block him off while he was parked just a few feet away from 5 patrol units? The suspect predictably took off and then minutes later broadsided this innocent person after running no less than 10-15 previous red lights. I am glad to read this morning that the innocent person is alive but this incident should trigger a change in tactics by law enforcement. BTW, why does local media continue to interrupt local news to broadcast these events?

    1. Chass says:

      Where did you get all this details?The article doesn’t say anything unless you were there as a witness,just curious.

      1. Brian Lynch says:

        It was all shown on TV, several news stations aired the chase live.

      2. TT says:

        if you watched the news coverage – thats where he got the details – i saw it too… And Im glad the victim is ok – but i feel very sorry for the dog that ran off because he was scared and now has no idea where he is and cant find his way home…

    2. Angry Pointer? says:

      I watched the person on TV too. The cops blew it. They should have boxed the driver in or flattened his tires or shot him at that point.

      Their lack of good judgment will forever affect the life of an innocent victim.

      Perhaps if the person had tried to run a cop off the road or shot at them they would have brought out 350+ cops and stopped this guy.

    3. ANGRY!!! says:

      We watched it on TV too – did anyone notice but my husband and I that the police paid NO ATTENTION to the car that was hit after the crash was over!!! It was a good couple of minutes before anyone walked over to that car to see how that driver and/or passengers were doing! Imagine how scared that person must have been!!! AND it took several minutes for an ambulance to get to the scene….why so long??? I do not know what police department was in charge at the end, but whichever one it was they should be ashamed of what they did and what THEY CAUSED!!! Not stopping the car when they had the chance has resulted in the life of an innocent bystander being changed forever…..THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THAT!!!!!!!

      1. CarmaDogma says:

        Their first response was to address the threat. They went over and at one point early on I thought they were talking to someone but they walked away and then we got reports that the person was “unresponsive.” If your neck has been broken and you are paralyzed of course you will be unresponsive. I thought the person was a goner because even when fire rescue showed up everyone was walking around in circles not particularly sure what they should do. On the air news coverage ended before they got to the person.

      2. Fact Checker says:

        Yeah, the initial medical care for the innocent victim was really poor. This was a violent traffic collision with a person trapped. The cops were useless onscene, just like any medical aide situation they’re involved in. But LACoFD 154 should have had MANY more resources onscene quicker other than just a Medic Squad, Engine Company and Ambulance. Looking at it from above, it appeared the cops and firefighters saw signs of an obvious fatality, so I thought that’s why they didn’t do much. Even the TV News thought it was a fatality so they were staying wide and not showing the impact on a replay. After quick triage, they should be attending to the most serious patient first. The suspect was conscious and breathing, a lower priority to the Mazda driver. AT A MINIMUM, a firefighter should have tried to enter the vehicle, check vital signs, communicate with the patient and stabilize the drive’s neck. Many times I’ve been the one who’s had to enter and do just that. LA County knows they didn’t do their best on this one.

      3. Zerr Cute says:

        I noticed that too. There were several officers on scene. Why couldn’t anyone help that poor woman faster? When they finally did get to the car, it seemed like they assumed that she was dead and kind of pansied around until the ambulance arrived. The man who hit her should obviously shoulder the blame but there is absolutely no excuse for the police and their untimely response to her and the fact that they could have apprehended the suspect before things unfolded in the tragic way that they did.

      4. MadAsHell says:

        @ ANGRY, i couldnt have siad it better. i too was shocked that it took so long. and the news cast made it sound as if the person hit was dead. I am very glad the person/persons hit are alive, and hopefully pull through. I do however, feel very BAD for the dog that was not only probably hurt, but shocked, scared, and lost… now will more than likely be euthanized because the idiot decided to start a police chase with the poor thing in the car!!! this stupid selfish individual, reguarless of race ethnicity whatever, needs to rot in hell.

      5. walker says:

        I completely agree with you, on the time to get to that innocent person. Cops were not concerned

      6. Just another EMT says:

        @ANGRY!! – If you watch the video then u’ll see that the police officer went and looked into the window of the victim first. And even with doing that the only purpose that serves is to tell whoever is coordinating everything the condition of the patient and if there is more than one. The cops arent trained in medical treatment, their job is to make sure the suspect is apprehended and if he had a weapon that its taken away. As for the ambulance, they dont just show up immediately on scene, they werent part of the chase. Once there was a collision thn there was a need for an ambulance, at that point the call is given to the Fire Department which from there has to go to the Ambulance company dispatch which then has to wake up the crew and then they respond to the accident. They responded just fine for the accident.

      7. Just another EMT says:

        @ Fact Checker – The cops were not useless on scene, look at what i wrote above, the cops job is to apprehend the suspect and secure the scene so that it is safe for the fire department and the ambulance to show up and do their jobs. And it wasnt just Engine and Squad 154 there w/one ambulance, Engine 85 came with Squad 151 and a second ambulance. And so you know they WERE attending to the victim first, the first ambulance on scene and the firefighters were working on extricating the patient, obviously if they extricate they cant have somebody INSIDE the car while doing this, that is if someone can even get in anyway. The second ambulance were the ones assigned to the suspect. And @ Zerr Cute, this all is for you also.

      8. Just another EMT says:

        @MadAsHell – The news has no idea of what is going on, they are seeing the exact same thing you are watching, listening to them saying things about the patients condition is not the smartest thing to do. 1) They arent trained to do that 2) Theyre in a studio somewhere commenting on what they see from above, not right there next to the patient trying to help her.

      9. Just another EMT says:

        Now with all that said i do agree that the guy driving is a complete idiot and deserves his injuries, i just wish it woulda been a pole or something else he hit that wasnt a innocent person. Aside from that i posted all this because im tired of seeing the people who willingly put themselves out there for the community constantly being badgered for “what they should have done” or “what they could have done” and their best efforts made out to nothing. No, what could have been done is what WAS done. If you think you could do any better of a job then be my guest, grab a uniform and we’ll see how you do.

      10. Lateshow1 says:

        The persons neck was broken …you can touch them ….if she became paralyzed the cops are on film and the city would have to pay millions of dollars …..think it through

      11. Brian says:

        First of all “ANGRY,” the police have to make sure the suspect is contained to continue to save the other driver and their own lives! If they rush to assist the innocent driver first, the other guy could come out with a gun and kill them all. We know he STILL wants to get a way, right!!! Agencies have policies they have to follow and it all comes down to civil liablity. If the 9th circuit would back the good guys and say no more suing from the bad guys, go ahead and shoot at the fleeing felon and start backing the play of the good guys, maybe the police can do the job they should. Policys are based on liability. Ya, I agree… lets ram the guy that’s doing 90 or lets shoot the guy as he turns a corner. The liability will come in when the police shoot at the guy and instead of hitting the 7″ wide target (His Head) at 90 mph, the bullet hits a kid on the street corner. The kids and parents are going to sue. Or the police ram the 90 mph vehcile and send the now, “out of control bullet” into a restaurant of people. You think they won’t sue? The police have policies and they will do everything “They Can” to take care of the situation. I think a good job for you, “ANGRY” person, is start with YOUR legislature and make fleeing from police an instant felony with a mandatory 50 years to life sentence on top of the other crime they committed. Then start legislation on charging these people with attempted homicide when they hit a car or person. This ALONE will start making people think twice about running. They only get away about 7% of the time. Angry, don’t worry, you arn’t the only “Angry” out there. You can find other Angry’s to help you.

      12. Big Red says:

        The police caused it?? Are you kidding me.

        The drive should stand trial for attempted murder. He should not be called a “suspect”. What happened is clearly on video. Fast track him to hard time then post it pubically.

        These criminals who think it fun to lead police on a high speed chase because they know they are going to jail need to know that if one person gets hurt, even a scratch, they will do a “min max” term.

    4. Common Sense says:

      Don’t understand how the police became the bad guys here. As far as everyone’s input on movie tactics, most departments don’t allow them. By blocking the suspect, you are creating a crossfire situation if a shooting was to go down. Now the pit maneuver cannot be successfully done if the cars are traveling at a high rate of speed. Shooting out tire? This isn’t the wild west or a movie once again. Bottom line, all the officers are also putting themselves at risk trying to safely apprehend this animal. The real one to blame here is the suspect.

      1. Julian says:

        Why is it called common sense, if it is really not that common? Of course the idiot suspect is the main cause of this incident. That does not mean you can not hold the authorities to some accountability. They chased this person for over an hour through most of the San Gabriel Valley. The driver even stopped for over 5 minutes at one point. Block the vehicle! Crossfire situation? You knew this was possible when you signed up! Multiple police agencies were involved and they all failed. I too watched most of this pursuit on T.V. and was sad that the victim could of been me or a loved one. The police could of took control of the situation multiple times and avoided this. It is common sense!

    5. gnutt says:

      the police should have shot the assho.e when they had a chance!

      1. kill'em says:

        NICELY SAID gnutt…. save the taxpayers some bucks and get rid of this loser.. why let him sit in jail… just shoot his a.s.s. now.

    6. Jon says:

      The police should have used their vehicles to box the suspect in when he stopped for a brief moment. The cops on foot could have provided cover if it were necessary. Instead, they hid behind their squad cars and let the suspect drive off. I was watching this on the news and you knew something bad was going to happen once the suspect was given a second chance. The police are to “protect and serve” and I don’t mean their pensions. Protect and serve the innocent. When you wear the badge, you have to take some risks.
      The innocent driver that was broadsided has a fractured neck which could mean paralysis from the neck down. I hope not. This accident could have been prevented.

    7. Ardy says:

      I Agree, why not shoot out his tires when he was stopped!!! The police could have easily prevented this accident from happening, I saw it live on TV, and they could have prevented this, instead they backed out! What happened to the “protect” in “protect and serve?”

    8. moviebizman says:

      Finally someone mentions the most important factor here. (Thanks Clay) The police really messed up here. They had enough vehicles on the scene to blockade the midsized Passat when the idiot stopped. Instead the officers got behind their vehicles with guns drawn and allowed him to take off again. No excuse for not surrounding the vehicle when they had a chance to. (and I’ve read the replies of wanna be idiots who think they know police protocol. they are within their training to blockade the vehicle. If there was no unit in the front one could have passed the stopped Passat and u turned and blocked him head on while another unit taps the Passat from the rear essentially blocking the vehicle from further movement. I have a sibeling who is a military Lt. Colonel and has taken these same training tactic courses along side police, secret service, and FBI. They did not do what they should have done when the vehicle was stopped. This is why that lady (the victim) is now in the hospital.

    9. I was there says:

      The cops couldnt take this guy down right away, they had no idea if he was armed and dangerous or not or wat else he had in the car. I was there and i can tell you everything was done to help the victim of the other car, its unfortunate she was the one to get hit but im glad she’s doing well and going to pull thru.

  5. drew says:

    I watched this last night. The police chould have avoided this violent collision. They had him pulled over and had plenty of time to shoot out his tires. However, they backed off after they walked up what seemed to be causally becuase this guy acting really erratic inside.

    All I’m saying is that they had him pulled over and let him take off when he was not right in the head…

    1. Joe Bloggs says:

      I agree. This chase should have been terminated when the suspect. Just glad the innocent crash victim wasnt worse off.

  6. sherina says:

    Im so glad the victim is alive I saw it live and my heart was cryin out to the victim…..thank u lord for sparing this victims life…..police took to long to get to her aid and I didnt like that at all…..

  7. John says:

    Clay, I agree…I watched the chase on the news as it was happening. They had plenty of time to bring cars in infront of the driver and ensure he couldn’t take of again.
    It was so scary seeing the innocent person, just doing her own thing, get hit. I will pray for the speedy recover every night uttil I hear the innocent person is ok. Life is so precious.

  8. Alfredo says:

    Either way you look at it, no one died and that’s what is the most important. Yeah… Police should have done this and should have done that, but the most important thing was that one was killed.

    1. Brian Lynch says:

      While I’m sure the driver of the car that was hit is grateful that she’s still alive, I’m also sure that she would have preferred that the cops stopped this thing when they had a golden opportunity, instead of letting the guy drive away, crash into her, and break her neck along with a bunch of other bones. She may still be alive, but her life may have also taken a permanent change for the worse last night.

  9. NoBama says:

    All you Monday morning quarterbacks make me sick. You sit your fat a$$es on the couch and second guess the police from the comfort of your safe home! Put on a uniform an go do the job before you tell someone what they should or should not do in a stressful situation. Most of you can’t decide what shirt to wear, let alone what to do in a life or death situation. I would prefer you just shut up and keep watching life from your backside.

    1. Patrick says:

      Exactly! Stupid people. Too much x box. “shoot his tires out” Yeah right easy. Too much tv. Ain’t that easy kids.

      1. carrie w. says:

        Well I’m no expert cuz I have yet to go to a shooting range – but I know a little bit about physics and I’m almost certain depending on what “caliber” is used on what “type of tires” that the bullets might not shoot out the tire but probably bounce off of it.
        I could be wrong?

    2. dana says:

      This is well stated and I couldn’t agree more! These people have NO clue how hard it can be to be in a horrible situation like that!

      1. Julian says:

        I thought our local policeman were trained for such situations! When you sign up don’t you expect things like this to happen. Should we stop expecting our local authorities to serve and protect us. The idiot suspect is definitely at fault but law enforcement may also be held accountable.

      2. Jared says:

        They are TRAINED to be in those kind of situations! It’s their job for christ sake! Horrible situation?? PLEASE, The situation of driving behind someone with 4 spotlights on him??? And whoever said shoot his tires out ain’t that easy? yeah it is, when he was sitting there and a cop was standing 10 feet away, it’s easy. I’m a moderately experienced shooter and I can hit a 3 inch target from 20 feet. I guarantee you I could pop a tire from 10 feet, if you can’t, then you shouldn’t be allowed to carry a badge. Cops blew it big time on this one.

  10. Me says:

    If you would have seen this crash last night like I did you would have sworn the driver who was t-boned had been killed, it was horrific. The fact that no one was killed should not diminish the fact that this person’s lack of concern for anyone else constitutes attempted murder. I am all for police taking drastic measures to get these jackholes stopped. Since everyone knows through watching these pursuits that police agencies take a passive approach just lets everyone know that they can run until the wheels fall off. If someone were waving a gun around in public police would take a shot to stop them, but when it’s a car used as a weapon through traffic endangering others they sit and watch. What’s wrong with this world? Everyone is so worried about lawsuits and the rights of criminals they are paralyzed to take any action. Instead of thinking it could have been worse, the mind set of “think of the worse possible outcome” would serve us all better to both stop and put away selfish criminals such as this guy last night.

  11. cooper says:

    Glad to read that the victim survived, although a fractured neck and pelvis sounds serious. I hope there is some kind of follow-up on the police’s part so we can understand why they did not stop the suspect sooner when they had the chance.

  12. John says:

    Covina Police Department did a very sloppy job with this incident. Firstly, this pursuit had been on-going for about an hour before the suspect entered Covina Police Department’s jurisdiction. When the vehicle first stopped, it was the perfect opportunity to take the suspect out of the vehicle; but there was only one (ONE!) unit following the suspect… never have I seen this before! Moreover, the first police officer was within a few feet from the driver’s window; but then he backed off! Not until two to three minutes later did additional units arrive! Unbelievable! Nonetheless, I had a relative who was rear-ended a few years back in Covina. When Covina PD responded, the police officer claimed that a report wasn’t needed; however, my relative pressed him to write the report (the Covina PD officer did it with a bad/lazy attitude). In summation, Covina PD sucks!

    1. Dave says:

      I was watching it live… when the guy first stopped, within seconds there were 2 more cars, and about 30 seconds later, a 4th one rolled up.
      His drivers window was down… why they didn’t tase him and yank him out is beyond me… Also, why they just followed him even when it first started at 10 MPH… get in front of him and box him in! at that point, they had no suspicion that he was anything but a DUI…
      When he was stopped, the 1st officers had him covered… Cars 3 and 4 could have come around and pinned his car to the curb, and none of the damage would have been done… When I went thru the academy, we were taught how to STOP suspects, not how to follow them…

      1. NoBama says:

        So John, your psychic and can tell the dirt-bag in the car was unarmed? Are you willing to walk up to his window and tase him? I think might have gone to the academy, but never finished or worked the streets. Otherwise, you would not be able to write such drivel, you’d be carried by six.

  13. Sam says:

    Carrie – racist. With all the uproar over police shootings…this should have been one of those.

  14. surfbum says:

    Shoot out the tires?! You people watch too much TV. Cops aren’t trained to “shoot out the tires” or block in a fleeing vehicle with their own cars. Maybe you think they should be, but those actions bring about all sorts of other dangers that probably don’t even occur to you. Leave police tactics to the police (you know — the people actually DOING the job you only watch on TV and movies), and don’t bring Hollywood fantasy into your opinions.

    1. Brian Lynch says:

      Well perhaps they should be trained to do more in these car chases than follow at a safe distance and let the driver’s actions dictate when it ends? So that way the rest of us don’t have to worry about getting killed by a guy speeding through the streets and ignoring red lights? Because, as this case shows, that’s certainly a danger caused by the police taking a completely passive approach.

    2. Clay in OC says:

      The car was stopped, it should have ended there. As far as the comments about armchair quarterbacking, I would like to hear your side of this situation if that was a family member of yours getting T-boned by this piece of garbage.

    3. lapuente girl says:

      thank god someone with a brain in there head. everyone is so quick to blame the police and not the suspect. what the hell is wrong with people. but to you kudos my friend you are 100% correct

  15. Vanessa L.A. says:

    Wow! I’m so HAPPY that the victim survived. I watched this on t.v. last night and I really thought someone had died. What an idiot, he was really struggling and did not want to get out of the car. He was for sure on drugs it took about 4 police officers to get him out of the car. Glad the victim is o.k. banged up but alive. God Bless you all who were involved except the crazy guy on drugs.

  16. David R. says:

    Why the police did not shoot out tires when the dude stopped during the chase is simply amazing, This accident was caused by the police and hope the victim sues the illiterate pursuing officers, Protect & Serve is not their motto, as is only painted on their vehicles for your viewing pleasure. CBS/KCAL did not continually update the viewers on where this chase was taking place. Like going to the chopper for the location more often would have been nice. Listening to the reporters was very annoying and may have made the victim aware of her surroundings.

    1. krg says:

      Actually the stations did a good job of saying exactly what streets they were on but I doubt the woman in the car was listening to KCAL while driving down the street. The spotlights from the helicopters might have given her a clue but since the street seemed to have a lot of trees she may not have seen it, or realized what was happening.

      I also found it interesting that this nutjob signaled every turn he was making.

    2. Dawn says:

      I too watched it unfold. It seemed there were at least 2 times that this chase could have been stopped when he pulled over. I know they can’t shoot out the tires. They can only use their guns if their life is in imminent danger as in self-defense. But couldn’t they have blocked him in with all of those police cars?
      Because he broke the law, this poor woman has a shattered pelvis and fractured neck and her life will never be the same!. When they stopped him and he pulled over he was moving around in the car like a crazy person. He should go to jail for life! He is a threat to society! He was definitely intoxicated on something as erratically as he was driving.

  17. punisher says:

    All of you criticizing police tactics don’t know anything about officer safety and or department policies. you are likewise unaware of the fact that officers are prevented from acting in a certain capacity because pricks like you attempt to sue them for everything. shoot out the tires? Really? Then what happens if the ricochet hits a bystander? The officer gets sued for negligence and loses his job. this profession requires quick thinking unlike most of your jobs. next time you type or open your mouth criticize the criminal not the people you call on to save your ass.

  18. cooper says:

    It seems that the victim survived. But what is the extent of the injuries? Fractured neck, I hope the victim is not paralyzed. And who is going to pay for her surgery and likely months of rehabilitation?
    I do not see why it is so hard to shoot out the tires. The cop is five feet away from the tire. Or why not have a spike strip in the trunk of your vehicle that you could deploy easily.
    Hopefully out of this comes some type of adjustments to police policy regarding high speed chases.

  19. chaner says:

    does fractured neck means the person isnt paralyzed ?

  20. Elia says:

    The Victim is the Cousin of a good friend of mine…She has been transported to UCLA and now in ICU. 😦

    1. shawna says:

      i send my sympathy for your cousin . How is she doing ? and for all the other comments about the police and the idoit . they should of stoped the chase along time ago when he was stopped in the middle of the road and they didn’t. Not sure what was going through there mind at the time cause all this could of been avoided .. oh and i like how the news states that the only thing that is facing this idiot is FELONY INVADING . to me there should be alot more charges

    2. chaner says:

      Can u please tel us if she’s gonna be ok. Hoping she’s not paralyzed.

    3. Dawn Penque-Artinger says:

      Oh I thought it was USC Medical Center or so they said. My daughter (was taken to USC) was nearly killed in a crash with a DUI Driver in Feb 2010 suffering a ruptured spleen, lacerated liver, ruptured bladder, two skull fractures and 3 fractured facial bones and two ankles.

  21. stacey says:

    I watched this crash and it was horrible! so happy no one died. however I see a dog run out of the mans car I wounder what happend to that poor puppy having to deal with all that stress of the chase and then the crash?

    1. Liizy says:

      My friend has him he’s with a happy family. Thank God. We called the police thinking it was the female victim but it was his. The police officersaid to take him to the pound or keep him because the guy will be in jail for a long time.

      1. Mark says:

        Im glad nobody died also. It was very disturbing to watch. As for the dog, I was stunned when it came out from the guys car, It just ran so fast out of there. I was like whoa! Poor doggy.

      2. Scott says:

        Liizy, Channel 2 was reporting tonight that the dog is going to be turned over to the pound…
        Please say this isn’t the case and that your friend is going to keep him…the poor dog’s been traumatized enough going through that horrific crash…

      3. Liizy says:

        I’m so upset the police took him away from us last night at 8:30pm because supposedly the family was looking for him. As of 5 minutes ago he is still at the human society and has not been picked up. I cannot believe they wont give him back to us. We are calling everyday to try and get him back if he doesnt get picked up.

    2. Mari says:

      Scott….yes that is the case Im so sad because I was the friend who was going to keep him….we will know today if I could go pick him up from the humane society because the family has not claimed him ;(

  22. DSJ says:

    Why question the police? Just like many of you; I saw the whole thing unfold. On TV Unfortunately, it’s easy to say, “shoot the tires.” There are rules of engagement, although the officer felt he was in danger, it didn’t warrant to fire any shots. During the time that the perp was stopped, the danger that was more toward himself; he was acting erratically inside his vehicle. The job of the police is to ensure that they minimize the injury or death during difficult situations. The accident involving that innocent driver is definitely upsetting. I pray that the innocent driver recovers. As for the perp, lock him up; throw away the keys; throw away the lube.

    1. Brian Lynch says:

      Allowing somebody to speed through residential streets, ignoring traffic signals, for an hour is not “ensuring that they minimize the injury or death during difficult situations”. If anyone should be injured or killed in this situation, it should be the guy the cops are chasing, not some poor schmuck who is just minding her own business and trying to get home.

  23. DFlo says:

    I don’t understand why law enforcement did not blocked, put a bullet through those tires either. I hope those officers who got out of the car and ran to the vehicle also get spoken to, getting out of the car and running to the vehicle with no protection was really stupid!

  24. l carrigan says:

    The problem with this country is evident right here on these few posts. The person fleeing police is 100% at fault. not the cops.STOP IT.. Next some idiot will say the lady who got T-Boned shouldn’t have been out so late. some of you mke me SICK.

    1. Brian Lynch says:

      The job of the cops is to stop situations like this ASAP, so the risk to public safety is minimized. They didn’t do that and deserve the criticism that they’re getting. Criticizing the police doesn’t mean we’re absolving the guy they were chasing of any wrongdoing, it’s pretty obvious that he’s at fault too.

  25. cooper says: is reporting that the victim has “minor injuries”. Doesn’t sound like it from what we read here. They have a picture of the suspect and he appears to be a Latino man in his 40’s.
    I want to hear some kind of public response from the police department regarding how they handled this chase.

  26. DSJ says:

    When the round leaves the chamber of the gun, it’s on it’s own. Block the car? Then the guy is surrounded by cops. What happens to cross fires when shootings happen?

  27. Smart Patrick says:

    I am actually ecstatic at this news. When I went to bed last night, they said the other driver was non-responsive and there was not a sense of urgency to get him out, which led me to believe that he was dead.
    To wake up today and hear that he is alive is great news. Granted, a broken pelvis and fractured neck are horribly painful, but they are also treatable and can be recovered from. And considering the force of that collision, I am surprised he did not sustain more severe internal injuries. My prayers and wishes for a speedy recovery for this innocent victim…and a long and painful incarceration for the idiot suspect

  28. Katt says:

    I saw this live last night and did not sleep well wondering what happen to the victim or victims. I prayed so hard that God would keep them here with us and let them go home to their familys. I am so happy to wake to hear that they are still with us and I pray that they have a full and complete recovery from this. God bless them!!!!

  29. josh says:

    Why are people complaining about it took a couple minutes for an ambulance to get there. Of course it took a couple minutes!! They didn’t know when/where/how it would end. The ambulance has to drive to the scene, you know… they got there as fast as they could!

  30. so sad for police says:

    Hello GUY’S WAKE UP!!! no police Die They just do the job ONLY, ONLY PROTECH WHAT THAT MEAN for police???? they just carry the gun around the street tell all you people shut up I’m cowboy. Something happen they playing hide and sit. They not do anything, they just wait for that woman come out took over they job to get kill and than the come out I AM THE LAW I COMING TO PEACE@#$%*&^%$#@. People what you saw last night is making joke and shoot big hollywood movie abot the law!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. dana says:

      what does this even mean?

    2. krg says:

      Can you learn english before you post again? Or at least get off the drugs because the gibberish you posted makes no sense and made my brain hurt. Thanks.

      1. sad for police says:

        KRG you need W40 clean your BRAIN BEFORE WAKE UP!!!!!!

  31. copsuck says:

    shame on u, cops!!! u could have stop this, dumb dumb!!!

    1. NoBama says:

      copsuck- Remember the next time YOU need help don’t call the police. Maybe the driver of the fleeing car will be available to help you.

      1. Heartsick and Angry says:

        NoBama, what is your malfunction?? Each and every one of your posts are completely ignorant. It is clear to most of us that the police did not act appropriately and failed to end this horrific pursuit when they had the chance. Now, granted, the laws prevent them from doing what they probably wanted to do (shoot the suspect) but then Civil Liberty Union reps and ignorant people would cry “police brutality” and “racism”. So, laws were implemented to protect against that. But it is clear that this police pursuit should have ended LONG before it did and the police, restricted by outdated laws, did nothing. And now an innocent woman has had her life changed, possibly forever. You are an idiot NoBama. Even your moniker gives away your stupidity.

  32. Alois St.Martin says:

    They need to take these pursuit guys out quick. where Does all that City Money Go ….

  33. AJ says:

    All you that are comdemning the actions of the Police in this situation; I have question for you. If they did what your suggesting and killed the suspect, would you say that it was justified because of the possibility of what might haapen?
    All of our prayers should go out to the person who is in the hospital as a result of this PERSON’s actions and not the cops. He could have not run at all. That was his choice!
    If the police had done what you are suggesting that could have resulted in an officer being hurt or killed. If the hurt or killed the suspect they could have been sued! Do us all a favor, don’t second guess the people who have the traing!

    1. Brian Lynch says:

      I’d say the cops would have been justified in killing the suspect. That’s the risk you take when you’re threatening public safety and ignoring the cops who are trying to stop you. They should be more concerned about an innocent bystander being killed than about being sued.

      1. la puente girl says:

        yeah right now you say it would have been justified but what if it was your brother or cousin or uncle then would it have been justified. i am not saying that he is innocent cause i thought the same thing about shooting him but then following that would come lawsuit after lawsuit and who has to pay for it we do.

  34. Irma Grace says:

    My heart goes out to the young woman. I am so glad she is alive this morning after seeing the mess unfold last night. Everyone is pointing fingers, but we were not there to see what was really going on when the car stopped for a bit. I do agree though, that the victim could have received more attention while trapped in her car. At least comfort her. That was sad to see… i think we all need to say a little prayer right now while she is undergoing the trauma. 🙂

  35. Esss says:

    Wow ….once again the police are damned if they do, damned if they don’t. It is always easy to criticize the way they do their job. But never easy to do their job. They respond no matter what the situation. Ever if it is bank robbers armed with bullet proof vest amd automatic weapons. And still face lawsuits because someone feels it was handled wrong some way some how. And as for the puppy are you Serious?

    1. Esss says:

      P.S Bottom line……..Thanks

    2. Liizy says:

      I know i feel bad for the puppy that lived that. Its insensitive.

    3. cw says:

      seriously! damned if they do damned if they don’t.

      They couldn’t move the victim who was unresponsive anyways…. that’s what the EMT’s are for and why they were called. Blame them for not getting there faster.. not the police

  36. THOMAS says:


    1. David Cooley says:

      you been watching too many movies…
      if you shoot the tires, the bullet doesn’t stop… it ricochets off the street and who knows where it goes.
      That is why there are stop sticks… They also had tasers they could have nailed him with and yanked him from the car…
      Unfortunately, with this countries pansy-ass Politically Correct” movement, cops now follow suspects until they run out of gas, give up, or hurt someone in a crash… When I went thru the acadamy, cops weren’t a bunch of wusses… if there was a chase, we would box a suspect in and slow him with the rear end of the car in front… We’d run him off the road, or whatever it took to stop the suspect form A. getting away, and B. hurting anyone else…

      1. la puente girl says:

        yes every police office has tazers and other things but for a simple stop like they thought it was dosent mean they have their tazers out. and havent you guys ever heard of EXCESSIVE FORCE cause thats what the would have been suited for if they would have ised them

    2. l carrigan says:

      dude,your cap key is locked,, or does that mean your yelling and are right and everyone else is wrong? also try reading the above comments. thanks.

  37. Eric Roque says:

    My hearth goes for the victim of the crash…. The worst thing about this issue is that the stupid was driver most likely did suffer any injuries.
    I do agree that the police and fire department show too calm after the crash. I’m not sure if I had watch too many action movies but I was expecting to see more action toward helping the victim… Also the moment you run from the police you are a felon regardless of race.

  38. sad for police says:

    We don’t police or anyone die . but the police not doing the job right to protech people outside the street. The story end up the woman use her own car to stop get T-BONE did you see at tv last night ? If police’s take action and think faster I don’t is happen like what we saw in this corntry U.S.A.

    1. Agh! says:

      If you are illiterate and ignorant, please spare our eyes and do not post.

      People who think cops are wrong, at fault, etc…..are usually criminals waiting for a moment like this to persuade others into hating them too. Pathetic.

      1. sad for police says:

        You just illiterate and IGNORANT this is true what people saw at the tv. Did u see it or not IGNORANT AGH!

  39. Mary says:

    Covina Police did a very sloppy job. They had many opportunities to pit him. Why did they do nothing? What a shame that a young woman has to pay for limited police

  40. Michelle says:

    I watched this chase live and was horrified at watching that innocent woman drive unwittingly into the path of the suspect. I send my wishes to the victim for a speedy recovery and hope that Karma visits the driver of the other car. Now for the rest of you…. while I agree that this situation could have been handled better by law enforcement, let’s not forget that they are 1) human & 2) at the mercy of their jurisdiction’s protocol. Police officers & sheriff’s deputies are trained to do what is in the best interest of public safety in these situations. They are not trained (nor would it be wise) to go around shooting out tires or putting themselves in the potential crossfire to stop a crazed lunatic from harming others. They are however trained to act appropriately & follow protocol at all times. So while all of us sit at home and judge them, think about the most difficult judgment call you made at work today….maybe…changing the toner cartridge in the copier, trying to keep your cool with an irate customer, over salting the fries…? Let’s all try to remember that they are out there everyday faced with the worst our communities have to offer and they are the first ones YOU will call when you need help, so cut them some slack. Oh, and for those of you who are advocating that they should have shot the suspect when he stopped, what would your reaction have been when some money grubbing attorney files a wrongful death lawsuit and the community gets to shell out a multimillion dollar settlement? I am guessing you’d all be chastising the law enforcement agencies then too…they can’t win. Last night’s unfortunate chain of events are truly tragic, but the disdain for the law enforcement who are out there putting their lives on the line every single day is a tragedy as well.

    1. l carrigan says:

      I agree Michelle. Next it will be Volkswagens fault for making a car that can do 60 MPH.Or Mazda .Oh yeah, the company that made the light, they should have known to make it red for the poor lady, then none of this would’ve happened. I am no big fan of cops, but do respect the tough job they do. I wouldn’t want it, so stop criticizing the guys.Please. Oversalted fries….good one.

  41. ERIC909 says:


  42. la puente girl says:

    everyone is quick to blame the cops and be angry at them instead of the person they should be mad at. what is up with this world. the police are trained to stop vehicles with the least amount of damage possible. your sympathy should be out to the victim instead of playing the blame game. cause you critize the police now but when you need them then you are all of a sudden grateful for them. you cant have it both ways. i saw it on tv too and it was horrible. but i pray for the victim and hope she gets better real soon. but as of everyone say they should have shot the tires out thats for tv guys bullits can go in all directions and hit other things. spike strips couldnt have been set out cause the driver was everywhere in every city. they couldnt possibily tell where he was gonna go next. so stop blaming the cops and just pray for the innocent victim and hope she makes a full and speedy recovery.

  43. Matt says:

    Yes, it’s easy for us non-law-enforcement folk to call shots from our living room while watching this on TV. I was guilty of it last night; when they had him stopped, I was yelling at the TV to just blow his a$$ away. Perhaps that was extreme…but, by that point, they had to realize what they had on their hands here – a criminal with no regard for anything or anyone, using his car as a deadly weapon. So, when he voluntarily came to a stop, and did not comply, I think they should have done whatever necessary at that point to stop him.
    I think this is a perfect example of the police being P-Whipped by society. They can barely go about their job without accusations of racial profiling, brutality, etc. They’re probably walking around on eggshells, especially with something like this that was being televised for everyone to see.
    I was shocked to learn this morning that the driver of the Mazda survived. I wish her a speedy recovery.

  44. Sue says:

    This iwas a horrible accident. There is one other victim that hardly anybody is following up on though, and that is the dog. Has anybody found him/her. She looked so scared. I hope she is okay. I hope the humane society or animal control find her and give her a check up.

    1. Liizy says:

      He’s ok Sue. My friend has him.

      1. tagrag says:

        Liizy are you sure its the same dog???

      2. Liizy says:

        Tagrag yes it is the same dog someone saw the dog getting out of the car. The dog was alone all night because we didnt find him until 7am this morning. No one has contacted the animal shelter for information on the dog.

    2. Liizy says:

      The cop is picking up the dog and taking him back to the suspects family 😦

      1. tagrag says:

        thats so unfortunate….they put that dog in harms way they dont deserve to have him back….where did u find him???

      2. Liizy says:

        He was roming around our apartments and my neightbor took him. But I’m so upset the police took him away from us last night at 8:30pm because supposedly the family was looking for him. As of 5 minutes ago he is still at the human society and has not been picked up. I cannot believe they wont give him back to us. We are calling everyday to try and get him back if he doesnt get picked up.

      3. Liizy says:

        He still has not been picked up 😦

  45. ObserverJE says:

    There is lot of discussion about how the Cops could have done more, like shoot out his tires etc. What if one of those bullets hit the gas tank,managed to ricochet back to them or hit the man or his dog accidently? Then there would be a discussion about “wreckless” cops and lawsuits and the like against which ever cop was responsible. When there is a deranged lunatic making wild gestures, I think it is safe to say that the vast majority of people in that situation would back away as opposed to start firing bullets. Over the years there have been dozens of discussions around alternative vehicle immobilizers, we should ask how come the state or any police angency haven’t invested in any of that? These guys should be equipted with at minium some type of device that would fire a spike strip under the car to immobilize it – especially in a situation like this where the guy had actually stopped the car.

    1. Liizy says:

      I agree with you Now that I found out that there was a dog in the car I’m glad they didnt do anything until they were sure no one (maybe even a child could have been in the car) was in the car or he was armed.

  46. diane says:

    Why didn’t the police take action and shoot out the tires? They had the criminal stopped in his car. Very sad that people are hurt due to this foolish man who wasn’t stopped. The fire department and the police were slow to respond to the innocent victims in the car that was hit. Poor television, showing violence happening as we watch, before going to bed. I am a psychologist who deals with trauma.

    1. krg says:

      Poor television for showing it? Ever heard of the off button? Or did your remote come without one?

  47. Ruth says:

    Clay in OC had it right. Once the police stopped this vermin on the street, they should have taken control of him right then and there, whatever means necessary. They failed to do that.

    There are two issues to consider in this situation. First ,the high-speed pursuits that take place on our city streets or freeways. They are simply accidents waiting to happen, and almot always end tragically. Follwing these idiots for miles on end until they injure or kill someone is just not working!

    These criminals shoudl be taken down, at whatever cost. Why is it police will take down a suspect holding a gun or a knife, but NOT a person driving a 3,500 lb. deadly weapon?? These people are criminals, and they should be punished the same way as someone pointing a gun at police.

    Second, the actions of the Police Departments are at question here. Pasadena PD was the lead agency in this pursuit. But when they got to Covina, and Covina PD had an officer trained in the pit-manuever, they did not allow Covina to take this action. Was their ego more important than public safety??

    By allowing this criminal to get away, the Police Departments are ALSO culpable in the critial outcome of this situation. Legal action should be taken against the police for their INACTION. I hope this injured woman and her family make the police realize they failed in their job in this case – protect the public.

    I am not a liberal, nor a car-carrying ACLU member (no offense to people of that thinking). My political views tend to be conservative and I am very muich crime-control philisophically. I tend to agree with police action most of the time. It is a job that is dangerous and often-times thankless.

    But when the police do something wrong, they should be held accountable. In this case, there is culpability on the part of the police department or departments involved.

  48. CarmaDogma says:

    So I guess throwing a spike strip in front of the rear tires when they were stopped “just in case he decided to bolt” was completely out of the realm of possibilities.

    1. Fan of Prince the Pup says:

      Yeah, I was HOPING that the police would at least TRY to toss something under the car when he stopped to prevent him from going again, but I don’t really know what a “spike strip” looks like or how they are deployed…imagine they must be pretty nasty to be effective…

  49. Vikki says:

    So glad to hear that the innocent victim survived. Its a shame that she has to suffer for the stupidity of another person. Hope she gets better and doesn’t have any permanent problems.

  50. Eddie says:

    Wow, I saw the whole thing last night and I am absolutely shocked. They had a chance to stop the punk at least twice but they just let him going. I heard the Pasadena Police had a chance but they had to back off as they were entering another city in which they have no jurisdiction. Anyway, what took so long to get the victim of the crash some attention? Send two or three cops to get the bad guys and send the rest to at least try and assist the victims! Don’t just stand there and shine your stupid flashlights into the car. And why were the Paramedics and Fire Department just standing around for like 5-10 minutes before they started doing anything? That’s why I thought the victim was deceased. It was a really horrifying thing to watch on TV last night. I can’t get it out of my head. I hope the girl is okay. Poor dog too, I was scared he was gonna get hit by a car or something.

  51. Neep-jack says:

    Heip the poor girl who was hit,FIRSTt Let the suspect or should I say the guilty driver in the car latter we all saw him putting everyone in danger. This all could of been prevented if the cops shoot out his tires when he was stopped earlier. Why wait until he ruins the young girl who followed the rules and laws, now she is injured for life. I hope she sues the police and the reckless driver idiot for all they have. I think cops should forget that the news is filming and go all out to stop idiots who put so many in harms way. Let cops do their job.

  52. julia and mark says:

    this was very scary… we are shocked that the poor girl survived, very blessed.. from the looks of the crash we thought there was no hope at all for her… we hope she recovers well and, yes the chase should have ended sooner with the pit menouver when the police had there open chances… and as for the suspect… well may he pay in hell for this cruel act!!!

  53. gia says:

    The ongoing debate about how the police should have handled this incident wil not resolve the obvious saftey issue no one has addressed. I was wondering if there was a way to implement an emergency manual override system to control the traffic signals during a residential high speed pursuit. If the traffic signals were manually switched to red as the pursit continued there may have been a chance that the cross traffic could have been controlled and this tragic accident could have been avoided. There are so many things that can’t be controlled during these pursuits. But if the flow of cross traffic can be controlled it may give the suspect, the police officers and the innocent public a fighting chance when these events occur. I’m just trying to offer some sort of alternative solution to a very difficult problem that effects all of us.

  54. Police Are Cowards Nowadays!!! says:

    Watched the entire pursuit and have to say that those cops are bunch of Cowards!!! Cops had many chances to stop this pursuit before it got started and during the whole pursuit. They just let the suspect keep driving & blowing past DOZENS of STOP SIGNS & RED LIGHTS. There ain’t nothing good gonna come out of this pursuit if he kept running DOZENS OF STOP SIGNS & RED LIGHTS NOH?? The cops who initiated this pursuit also had chances to drag the man out of his car but they were too chicken. The victim should SUE the POLICE for letting this pursuit continue the way and manner that it did, “BLOWING PAST DOZENS OF STOP SIGNS AND RED LIGHTS”, and yet cops just follow the suspect’s car like nothing bad will happen.

    Hello!! He just ran past DOZENS of STOP SIGNS & RED LIGHTS!!!!!!!!! Hit him or do something idiots!!! This chase should’ve ended sooner.

  55. Running Stop Signs & Red Lights says:

    Police in pursuit basically let the suspect do whatever he wants to do despite running many Stop Signs & Red LIghts. Good thing nobody died in the chase, the cops in pursuit & their watch commanders that night should be held responsible for this accident, for letting it go for so long. There’s definitely some explaining to do..

  56. John L says:

    The sad thing is some judge will only give this guy a couple years when every red light he ran should be an attempted murder count, to bad he didn’t hit a baseball player or goverment official he might do real time.

  57. Liizy says:

    Poor dog How could he do that. I’m glad no one got hurt and Im glad the puppy is safe.

    1. Sue says:

      Did you hear that the puppy is safe??? Please let me know. I am worried.

      1. Liizy says:

        Yes it is

      2. Sue says:

        How do you know? Last I read, they said the dog had not been seen. Hope you are right.

      3. Liizy says:

        Sue unfortunately the dog is going back to the family that thought it was ok to almost get him killed. Not that it was the families fault because of that guy doing an insensitive act but i am so sad right now that the cops are giving him back 😦

  58. C says:

    WRONG!!! The suspects, especially these kind which usually are CA native Methicans, are always the 1’s that deserve to DIE!! trigger happy cops shoulda shote em!!!!!!!!!

  59. lame says:

    Why would someone question why the officers went directly to the suspect and the not victim? Any intelligent person would know exactly why they did that… its always people trying to put law enforcement in a bad light.

    1. carrie w. says:

      why so suspect could get away again?? Besides that’s Medics job anyhow – whom they call right away. And they did check on the victim best way they know how. I know it didn’t look like they did but they did. You should have been listening to the police scanners then you might actually something doesn’t /didn’t because they kept talking while the gal in the helicopter was TRYING to listen to the scanner but she couldn’t hear it. Plus I’m sure she doesn’t know all the 10/11 codes anyhow.

  60. Donald says:

    First of all, police are trained not to use their guns unless they are in a life or death situation! At the time, this was not! Secondly, after the collision, they had to eliminate the threat! The suspect was considered armed and dangerous so, an obivious threat! Thirdly, in a situation like that, you are not to try an move an injured person to risk further injury or even death until trained medical personnel arrive to take care of the victim.

    Bottom line is this, somebody will criticize this issue either way it ended. Whether they shot him, shot the tires out which would have probably incited him to do something stupid and get shot anyway and then find out he was not armed, allowed him to run and end up in a collision which he did. No matter what happened, he was the one that created this event that caused the injuries and mayhem, AND YOU PEOPLE WANT TO BLAME THE COPS?!?!?!

    Most of you are just as ignorant as the idiot that started all this!

  61. jeff says:

    As far as everyone asking why people are bringing up the fact that the offender is Mexican. It’s not racism if it’s true. When are people going to wake up and do something to stop the rape of America? What’s it going to take?

  62. mikes1lakerfan says:

    I watched this chase unfold last night and honestly think law enforcement (Police or CHP) could have prevented the accident. There was an opportunity to isolate the suspect vehicle & perhaps have a standoff as oppose to letting the suspect have a clear path in front of them when the suspect’s car had come to a complete stop earlier in the pursuit. I feel that law enforcement agencies should re-evaluate some of their policies regarding chases and be a more aggressive during a pursuit when opportunity presents itself.

  63. Linda says:

    Where is the compassion in this? I could not sleep last night worrying about the victim this nut hit. Shortly before the crash, I thought why is the police allowing this to go so long and why is there not police protecting the blind side of people who cannot see what’s coming cross them? There was not enough protection on the front end. When learning the victim was alive I was relieved. We have a tendency to protect people based on racial bias. Who cares why he was running; he was wrong and placed many lives in danger and yes I am a person of color who is discrimnated by most- an African American female who teaches diversity. We all have to take responsibility for our actions; all of us.

  64. Bill Clark says:

    That “accident” could have been avoided in my humble opinion.
    I’m no “Mental Giant”, nor a “rocket scientist”, but please tell me, where is Broderick Crawford, of the “Higway Patrol” when you need him. The perfect time to have stopped him was when he stopped and 8 to 10 patrol cars stopped in BACK of him, had 1 or 2 driven in front of him, or at least shoot a tire or two out from under him I think it would have ended there.

    1. carrie w. says:

      Broderick Crawford!! I love it! I was going to ask to talk to him if I ever get pulled over by the Highway Patrol – but I don’t think they’d get it. …
      I’ve been watching that show now that I have this really channel called THIS – (i still have just the antenna with the Digital Box converter)

  65. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know what happened to the little white dog that jumped out of the suspect’s car when it finally stopped? Under the police lights and helicopter noise it ran down the street in a panic.

    1. Liizy says:

      He is out of harm

      1. Liizy says:

        he is going back to the family I dont agree the dog could have died and they did not care

      2. tagrag says:

        hes going back to what family???

      3. Liizy says:

        To the dogs family. The guy is going to jail for a longggg time but the cop contacted the family and he is picking him up right now and taking him to the family (guys/ suspects) family

  66. pj says:

    I pray for the innocent victim of such a horrific crash. There must be a better way to stop these violent chases and not put lives at risk. This was truly a sad and unnecessary crash. A lot of opportunity to have stopped this chase before someone was so seriously injured.

    1. Dawn Penque-Artinger says:

      Exactly and bingo… there needs to be a way to shoot the tires out with a non-lethal something! These guys have to be stopped! I too pray for the victim.

      PJ… are you Adam’s Dad?


  67. Mike says:

    Any updates on the victim?

  68. Kenneth Dodd says:

    We now have technology to make this horrific, outright disgusting accident from ever hppening again. The technology is called Electromagnetic Pulse Cannon. It’s been innovated and its ready for use NOW! Get behind this product and tell people we don’t have to put up with this nonsense any more. I’m sick of these idiotic chases. The nation’s #1 chase center needs the Electromagnetic Pulse Cannon on its Police helicopters – not later but now.

  69. Liizy says:

    The dog is going back to the family. I am so sad right now that the cop is doing that. Apparently its ok to also kill someone and an animal that poor doggy was so scared. NOT OK!

    1. tagrag says:

      I agree 100%!!!!!!!

    2. Sue says:

      You keep talking about how you know the dog is safe and going back to the family. I want to know how you know this? No one seems to be reporting this, so how to you know.

      1. Liizy says:

        Sue I posted we had the dog thats how I knew it was safe. But the police took him from us and took it to the human society for the suspects family to pick him up. As of right now the doggy is still there and thats why I am so upset that they took him from us and now he’s at the human society. NOT FAIR

    3. Scott says:

      Can you put an adoption reservation on him for when he clears a holding period?

      The shelters usually do that by holding an animal that they pick up to give the owner the first right of refusal, but if they’re not claimed within a certain timeframe, then whoever has expressed an interest can take them home…
      I saw him “Prince” on KTTV’s 10PM news tonight…he’s ADORABLE….but he looks FRIGHTENED…I thought he was a bigger dog from the crash video, but he’s a Beagle/Chihuahua mix…VERY, VERY cute and sweet looking….

      1. Liizy says:

        They do not have a holding period because the cops are involved. We’ve been calling everyday and he is still there and they are waiting on the suspects decision for the doggy. It makes me so sad they are doing that. He has been through enough. 😦

  70. gdog07 says:

    Some of these people are so ignorant. Why would you want to box him in not knowing if he posseses a gun. Which brings up the issue of crossfire. Think about it people. Then shoot the tires out are you kidding. Stop watching fictional cop movies. Remember bullets break into fragments and can hit an innocent bystander. If anything be mad at the piece of #### for failing to yield. Good job Pasadena PD and I hope the victim recovers.

  71. Dave R. says:

    I generally am a big time supporter of law enforcement. I watched this pursuit live and I am EXTREMELY disappointed in the actions (or lack of) of the officers involved. “Protect & Serve” should be replaced with stay back at a safe distance and be there in mass to report on the carnage. Can’t blame the officers, obviously they were being directed to be do what they did. Many opportubnities were missed to stop this terrible tragedy before it happened.

  72. nino says:

    I am in NC and I watched this chase on TV as I have west coast feed on Direct TV. I was sick when I saw this crash. I can tell you that just because this person lived through the crash does not mean they will be whole. My nephew was involved in the exact same kind of accident and he is not whole by any stretch of the imagination. These type of injuries are the same kind a shaken baby has. At first you wait to see how much brain swelling there is, then you look for brain bleeds, then the neruo strorms begin, the list is long and very very ugly. Did i mention brain stem shearing from the violent left to right movement of the head. We are 5 years in and he still can not talk, walks with assistance, has violent outbursts for no reason. For all of you who are not familiar with a neck and head injury be thankful. Pray hard for this family. As for the P.O.S driver that caused the accident in the first place they should have shot his a** when they had the chance. Maby they can find him a job wiping the butts of people with these type injuries as that to is a side effect of head injury.

  73. Sue says:

    A broken neck could mean she’s paralyzed for life from the neck down. The man had a dog with him. What happened to the dog? The dog is probably the reason he was flailing at the first stop and why the officers backed off — not knowing what the man was doing at the time or if he was in an altered state of mind. Altogether, this was a tragedy for all involved, including the officers. It wasn’t a racial issue. It was a mix of fear and possible mind-altering substances at the wheel.

    1. Carrie W. says:

      Yeah that poor dog was so scared – he didn’t want to get into trouble either so he took off and said ” I’m out of here” MAN’S best friend even didn’t want the police to get him (the dog) into trouble.
      Poor thing probably had to pee. I hope he peed on the suspect’s lap before he got out of the car.

  74. Jo says:

    Hahaha! @ Carrie—your post was the funniest thing I read today. As a proud Latina, I am not offended by Carrie’s “Methican” comment, I find it comical. People really need to put on their Preparation H when dealing with their “racial” sensitivities. This political correctness is insane! So big whoop, she said the driver was Methican, chances are good that He is–why take offence to that! What I find sad is the plethora of ignorant comments made about law enforcement and equally sad is that people are hung up on one word, instead of discussing the fact that a person’s life was saved purely by the grace of God. So what’s next? I am going to be called a Bible beater for saying the “G” word? People, the race card and political correctedness is highly over-rated! Carrie—you made this proud Latina girl laugh–whether you like Methicans or not, I don’t care, your comment was funny!

    1. Carrie W. says:

      Thank you Jo!! I do care otherwise why I come back to read the new comments.

  75. Dlo says:

    Lt. Rodney Wallace sounds ignorant when interviewed on the news. He doesn’t know how to do a police officers job. These posts are right when they say officers had plenty of opportunity to stop the suspect. I would sue Pasadena police if I were the victim. They gave the suspect more rights than they gave her. Terrible.

  76. john says:

    I could not believe how poorly the police handled the incident from start to finish. This guy was driving a “bomb” and they allowed him to continue despite many opportunities to take him out. Then they acted like they did not care about the vicim. I was outraged.

  77. carrie w. says:

    you don’t think I was praying for the victim the whole time ?? I watched this whole pursuit – I was praying there would be no victim – but the pursuit ended as soon as I went to use the bathroom. I hit the record button though.
    Just so you know – I was distraught all night long – because in my gut I felt that the victim had not survived and I was praying that God would prove me wrong. I’m glad God did cause I didn’t sleep until way after the 4:30 am news.
    So excuse me for having a slight however twisted small sense of humor all though I wasn’t really kidding about the meth because I watched the whole thing including the fist stop (the suspect) and his actions which told me the dude just be on meth. I hate to admit it but I know a little too much about the subject. I won’t touch it though.

  78. Danny says:

    I’m glad to her the girl survived. If you guys look closely you can see he opens the door and lets the dog out of his car. I wonder what became of it.

  79. camilo angarita says:

    hola si que facil es decir que se pudra en la carcel!!! como no es su familiar pues vale huevo!!!!! claro como siempre no ven los errores de la policia ….y a todos los que dicen que se pudra en la carcel o que se valla al infierno son unos hps respeten juzguense primero ustedes mi hermano edgar no es ningun criminal………y soy hermano del conductor a mucha honraaaaaaa

    1. Sparky says:

      GO figure! Why not trying to respond and participate in English, you know, the language which is supposed to be spoken in the USA! You should probably go and visit the methican in jail, you two could converse and carry on about what will happen to him, if anything, while the taxpayers foot the bill! Just another example of people who come to this country and take advantage of our goodwill and freedom. I’m a Canadian born taxpayer and I love the United States. I speak English, not French and not Native tongue.

    2. Liizzy says:

      hola camilo. Recojieron el perrito?

  80. Diddy Beats says:

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