TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) — The man accused of carrying out the mass shooting in Tucson pleaded not guilty Monday to charges he tried to kill Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and two of her aides.

KNX 1070’s Kevin Tripp Reports

The plea by Jared Lee Loughner marked his second court appearance since he allegedly shot the congresswoman and 18 others at Giffords’ meet-and-greet event on Jan. 8 outside a grocery store in Tucson. Six people died, and 13 others were wounded.

Loughner faces federal charges of trying to assassinate Giffords and attempting to murder two of her aides. He will later face state charges dealing with other victims.

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Comments (8)
  1. Rudi says:

    As much as I’d like to see this guy fry, he may have a case. Although the premeditation of his acts and that he was cognizant of their illegality, may dilute the insanity case. Either way, as long as he is out of the public and can’t hurt anyone else. It’s all good.

  2. Fred says:

    This young man is a very sick individual. Based on what I have heard and read about him he appears to mentally ill or Insane, which I suppose is the same thing.
    There is little likelihood medical science can help him so he should be institutionalized as opposed to being executed. I know his parents were probably hoping beyond hope that he would snap out of his mental deterioration and I truly do not believe they ever thought he would do such a horrific crime.

  3. Daniel says:

    Why do they keep calling him a “suspect”? A lot of witnesses saw him do it! Plus they have video surveillance. I think the term “suspect” can safely be abandoned and he can be called the SHOOTER. He’s not a suspect, he’s a perpetrator.

  4. Aea2908 says:

    Daniel, he’s a suspect because “he’s innocent until proven guilty” by the court

  5. shannon says:

    Too many people want to blame their troubles on mental illness or “the system that failed them”. Give me a break. No one wants to take responsibility for their own actions.. always some one else’s fault but their own.

  6. Esss says:

    Eye witnesses, video tape, tackled with gun in hand, what ever would make anyone think he is guilty.

  7. shannon says:

    and today he entered a plea of NOT GUILTY…WTH!

    1. michael says:

      Thank you shannon. Responsible for our own actions? What a concept. But then what would the media, attorneys and penal institutions have to do? Go on unemployment I guess.

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