LONG BEACH (AP) — Long Beach police are seeking two men who they say shot and killed a liquor store clerk during an attempted robbery.

Police Sgt. Rico Fernandez said in a statement Sunday that Phouma Sor was shot at P&B Liquor Jr. Market.

Fernandez says officers received a call of shots fired Saturday night and they arrived to find the 53-year-old Cambodian immigrant with a gunshot wound.

Sor was taken to a hospital where he was declared dead.

Fernandez says the initial investigation has found that two men entered the store with the intent to rob it, and one of them shot Sor. It is not clear if any money was taken.

No arrests have been made and no suspects named.

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Comments (14)
  1. john says:

    latino men: is that a surprise. if caught thier whole families should be executed

    1. Stephanie says:

      That’s not right only because someone made a stupid decision shouldn’t mean they should all pay the price. That’s a stariotype and races comment.

  2. Trailer Trash says:

    All white trash like John don’t belong in America

    1. Jeff says:

      Stfu you illegal border hopper. White men built this country. You mexicans have destroyed your own country, we’re not going to let you do the same to America.

  3. Disturbed says:

    What’s more important here is the fact that an innocent person lost her life. This was probably someone’s mother, wife, or grandmother. Race shouldn’t matter. What matters is that the people responsible are caught.

    1. Josh Butts says:

      Isn’t the victim a Male? That what it sounds like on the video.

  4. sandman29 says:

    Regular street thugs or gang members? Didn’t specify but I’ll bet it was the latter. People need to write, call, email and get a petition started to enact legislation to declare any member of a criminal gang, ie.. street, biker, racist and any others as URBAN TERRORISTS for what they really are. We need to declare war on urban terrorists as it is these individuals that are responsible for the majority of violent crime, drugs, prostitution etc.. Make it a Class 1 Felony to be a member. Lets get our newly re-elected officials to organize a “safe street” initiative as well. You can complain about it all you want but the complacent individuals that live in these areas that sit back and allow it to continue need to get off their duffs and do something pro-active. ONLY YOU CAN PREVENT GANG VIOLENCE.

  5. THE MAN says:

    Maybe they’ll find their safe haven in MEXICO…… Psyche.

  6. cindogg says:

    I knew the perps were either hispanic or black!

    1. Josh Butts says:

      In LB it would be either one or the other. You don’t hear white people doing that in LB.

  7. THE MAN says:

    Josh Butts you’re right, White people are too busy killing innocent people in ARIZONA.

  8. Keo says:

    My name is Vista Keo and my Dad is Sor Phouma, who was shot to death last night on his job in the liquor store in Long Beach. My family needs financial help! Please contact me! voneekazi@yahoo.com

  9. Den says:

    I just hope the L.B.P.D. catches those cowardly Mexicans before those lazy bums do it again

  10. Stephanie says:

    It’s sad how this happend, I go to this store all the time my bestfriend lives by there and the guy was super nice always smiling, it’s not right that people are being races and saying immature comment, like only cause he was Mexican doesn’t mean everyone is like that. I know if it was the other way around they wouldn’t be saying the same thing. I hope people actually take this as a wake up call!

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