LOS ANGELES (CBS2) — In a special that aired Sunday, Investigative Reporter David Goldstein reviewed the year’s biggest stories and what happened as a result of those investigations.

If you know of something that needs to be uncovered and exposed, please email David Goldstein directly at djgoldstein@cbs.com.

You can remain anonymous or leave an e-mail address or phone number and he will get back to you if the story is of interest.

Comments (5)
  1. Rob Ranallo says:

    David, I loved your story on police officers not getting tickets in the mail and the assemblyman trying to pas yet another bill to fix this. But how do they get their registration renewals now if not mailed sent to their address. Maybe we taxpayers are paying renewals??? They should be subject to same non-renewal terms as everyone elese. How do they get their drivers license renewals? Amazing only one person is assigned to retreiving $1.4M dollars…..need to let a contactor do this and it would be done in hours not years.

    1. D. Collins says:

      To Rob Ranallo:

      Registration fees for both personal vehicles and renewal of a driver license is sent to the home of police officers, and they pay for them. DMV still knows the address of the officers. The confidentiality of the officer’s home ends at the records check to protect them from hackers that may seek retaliation against an officer, or a member of their family by obtaining their home address.

  2. Lauren says:

    Your story on stop sign cameras is ridiculous. These parks, as you claim are not deserted (in your videos I see pedestrians and motorcycles.) I walk with my daughter at more than one of these parks and not only do people drive way too fast, they don’t stop! The signs are there! If you don’t want a ticket, take 2 seconds and stop for the stop sign!

  3. LOU says:

    David ,might want to look up Victorville, they have had the same city manager for 50 years,long drive to nowhere, thought i would mention it.

  4. Wayne Jason says:

    David, we are all wondering when an investigative reporter is going into Kevin Jewelers to bust them for their deceptive advertising. They advertise all over T.V. saying that ‘they pay 50% more for your gold’. They have nothing but complaints on the internet sites. When someone I know went in there with a gold ring that he was offered $400- for, they would not even meet the offer and definately would not pay $600-, or 50% more for it. When they are questioned, they say they pay 50% more than they did three years ago. This is deceptive advertising and is taking business away from legitimate jewelers. Someone needs to stop this.

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