Garcetti Calls Move ‘Necessary’ In Wake Of Gun-Related Incidents On LA School Campuses

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Los Angeles City Council President Eric Garcetti is asking the city attorney to look into prohibiting the “open carry” of unloaded guns, which is currently allowed by state law.

City News Service says Garcetti on Friday was seconded by six of his City Council colleagues on the motion, which he called necessary in the wake of recent shootings in Tucson and gun-related incidents on LA school campuses this week.

Garcetti says carrying even an unloaded handgun can be intimidating and threaten public safety.

Executive Director of Gun Owners of America Sam Paredes said such a ban is “contrary to state law” and said his group will “challenge it in every way we can.”

Democratic Assemblyman Anthony Portantino has introduced statewide legislation that would ban the carrying of unloaded and exposed handguns.

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Comments (16)
  1. Thomas Bleming says:

    “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

    (Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution)

  2. Robert S. says:

    Portantino is sadly mistaken. Good citizens that are packing are not the problem! No incidents have been reported against the “packers”……it is the career crimmenal that is the problem. Politicians are wastful, and useless!

  3. Robert says:

    Ignorance can be repaired through learning and education, but stupid is forever!

  4. Joel says:

    That’s great, take away the rights of law abiding citizen, while criminals run around free to carry what ever they want. SIMPLE allow more CCW w/mandatory background checks every 6mo. and also hand gun training… FYI: “Tucson and gun-related incidents on LA school campuses this week.” ALL incidents the gunmen illegally concealed the hand guns…

  5. Steve says:

    Right to Bear Arms. Gun don’t kill people, stupid people with guns kill people. They can’t take away our Second Amendment Right of the US Constitution. It’s not the good people shooting people, it’s the kids from broken homes who have no fathers or role models.

  6. alan hart says:

    Another knee jerk reaction to a non-problem. First, the supreme court has consistently thrown out stupid gun laws passed by groups that have no legal standing to pass gun laws. This will be just another defense that the city will have to pay for and will lose.

    1. GC1008 says:

      Knee jerk is right. Emphasis on Jerk. The 17-year-old needs to be tried as an adult and get the maximum sentence. Instead someone will feel sorry for him, he’ll be out in a year or two, if he goes to jail at all and a opportunistic politician will take another swipe at the 2nd Amendment.

  7. Yvonne Burke says:

    When has a person who has LEGALLY open carried ever committed a crime? Legal open carry means the gun is UNLOADED! The city council should concentrate on making Los Angeles more business friendly and kicking the status-quo unions out of LAUSD.

  8. Samuel Dogood says:

    When you pry my dead cold fingers from the trigger.

  9. Robert says:

    When was the last time an “unloaded” handgun killed someone? Now killed by someone texting or talking on a cell phone 1000’s. Pick your battles Garcetti. If you like your position, you should not mess with gun owners.

  10. Francisco says:

    Once again, leave it to the politicians that are either very ignorant or corrupt in wanting to look responsible in view of the public eye by attacking a gun law that doesn’t hurt anyone. Let me tell you Mr. Garcetti that crimes are committed by criminals with possession of handguns illegally. Don’t try to make yourself look like if you are helping anyone; You are not! Stop harassing the normal law abiding citizen and do your job! Why don’t you fire the principal of Gardena High for failing to execute security measures in that school and many of the other campuses not in compliance.

  11. Tony R. says:

    So how are we supposed to transport our weapons to legal shooting ranges? Law says you MUST carry in open and unloaded? So NOW they want us to carry it concealed? Only in California, they want to make legal citizens into criminals in a knee jerk reaction. Who elected thse idiots?

  12. old laws first says:

    Funny thing is, all the school shootings were done with LOADED and CONCEALED firearms…… what would this new BS law do? NOTHING

  13. truth says:

    Keep electing those idiots, we love the smart people who leave and head back east. soon it will be only you socialist morons left and you will implode 🙂

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