WESTMINSTER (AP) — A driver whose falling computer sparked a crash that killed a 4-month-old girl in an Orange County crosswalk has been charged with vehicular manslaughter.

The Orange County Register says Robert Casares was charged with the misdemeanor on Thursday and faces up to a year in jail if convicted.

Prosecutors say Casares was driving across train tracks last September in Huntington Beach when the bumps made his laptop begin to slide out of its case on the passenger seat.

Prosecutors say he glanced down to secure the case and didn’t notice traffic had stopped. He hit a pickup, which hit an Australian family in a crosswalk. The baby, Ruby Gould, was hurled from her stroller and killed. The mother and an 11-year-old girl had broken bones.

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  1. D.Nevarez says:

    These drivers are crazy since when did a laptop or cell phone become more important than a life? I don’t recall in driver’s ed back in 84 being taught to drive while operating and or maintaining multiple devices. The laws need to be changed to increase tickets for cell infractions the state wants to raise revenue heres your chance!!!

    Well I hope that loser at least saved the LAPTOP god forbid he breaks it and has to buy a new one but oh well one girl dead that we can deal with HUH!

    Another tragic loss because of someone taking more importance on things that really don’t matter!

    1. Efrain says:

      Are you serious? You think he knew he was going to kill someone and decided to save his laptop instead of a life? It’s a very unfortunate event that his reaction was the laptop. Very, very, unfortunate event.

      1. BEN says:

        he did not intend to kill anyone/what a tradegy!!

    2. breezy says:

      I agree with afrin, I am sure he didnt realize what was going to happen, or he would not have attempted this. I feel it was just a reaction, a deadly reaction, but It was clearly an accident, if he would have been on the phone, or texting, or on his laptop during this, I would then understand blaming him. Yes he was being carless when he grabbed the laptop, but again I feel he just reacted to that situation, you really dont know how you would react till the time came.

    3. Gracie says:

      If you knew this man you would not be so judgmental and cruel. We’ve ALL had an instance where we’ve taken our eye off the road when driving. This was truly a horrible accident.

  2. warrk21 says:

    Please go to departedngone and Let The World Know that we have lost a Good Life.
    Departed N Gone

  3. KMiller says:

    What? Are you telling me you never look down while driving? It is not a safe move, but we all do it. Now if he was texting/iPoding or something and then hit them, yes that for sure is wrong. But, NO ONE drives with their eyes glued to the road. Can you tell me how you change the channel on your stereo or pick up your drink? You never eat food in your car? You never look down for those things???? It was an accident and I feel so bad for everyone involved.


    Faces up to 1 year for the death of a girl and injuring 2 others? Are you serious? 1 Dead, 2 others had broken bones for his Negligence and all he gets is up to 1 year in Jail? That’s it?
    That is a slap on the wrist and slap in the Face for the family of the deceased victim and the driver of the truck..

  5. Aea2908 says:

    I honestly don’t think the driver should be charged. It was obviously an accident. People have accidents all the time, this time unfortunately there was a baby that wasn’t strapped in properly by the parents. I think that if the driver is charged then the parents should also be charged for negligence. You can’t blame one and not the other.

  6. rj says:

    i was on the scene of this ACCIDENT it was totally the parents fault they saw the first impact and STILL went into the cross walk yes he was silly to look down at the laptop but as the other poster said WE ALL LOOK DOWN FOR ONE REASON OR ANOTHER no crime was commited here other then by the parents

    1. Aea2908 says:

      Totaly agree!!!

      1. Aea2908 says:

        Sorry. Totally!

  7. krg says:

    This is crazy. This was obviously an accident, not a crime. I’m sorry the family lost their child but I don’t think charging this guy is the answer. I think the word “accident” needs to be taken out of our vocabulary because it insinuates something that happened with no malice and no intention. If something is truly an “accident” as this sounds like, there shouldn’t be legal action but it seems our legal system does not allow them.

  8. Erick Ramirez says:

    I agree. Horrible accident, but still…an accident. I have a 7 month old son, and I would want to kill anyone who would ever do something like this to me or my family, but it would be from the heat of the moment and not logical obvoiusly, Just like when someone is about to get hit by a car, if they see it coming, the stimuli in their body alert them to react, just as it did for the driver reacting to his falling laptop, on a lower scale, but still. I do feel for the family of that 4 month old girl. Very sad. And also to whoever said it was the parents fault…no..

    1. Ed Rooney says:

      You have a 7 month old son? Cool, is he seeing anyone? I might want to meet him.

  9. Ed Rooney says:

    Anyone know if there are photos of the dead body anywhere? That would be SWEET!

    1. pat crow & Deb says:


  10. CATCH ME I'M FALLING says:

    Ooops, falling laptop..

    Some posters above need reading comprehension exercises. Where in the story said that the Australian family walk into the crosswalk when they heard/saw the accident? it said this Man attended to his falling laptop, his car struck another car which struck the Australian family already in the crosswalk.

    Some of the above posters are so Stupid, blaming the parents? The Australian family was already on the crosswalk..

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