LOS ANGELES (AP) — Toyota has agreed to settle a class action lawsuit over headlights in its 2006 and 2009 Prius models that shut off without warning.

The Los Angeles Times reports on its website Wednesday that a Los Angeles federal judge gave preliminary approval of the settlement last week. Toyota said in a statement that it was pleased with the outcome.

There was no dollar figure attached to the settlement, but under terms of the deal Toyota agreed to reimburse eligible Prius owners for the costs of fixing their headlight systems.

Attorneys estimate that as many as 320,000 Prius owners may be covered by the settlement. They will also get their warranties for headlight problems extended to five years or 50,000 miles, rather than the standard three years or 36,000 miles.

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  1. Kirsten says:

    Finally! A few months ago, I was driving my 2007 Prius with my baby daughter on an unlit and very curvy highway, when suddenly the lights went out. It scared me half to death! It put our lives in danger. Thanks to my quick thinking, I turned on the blinkers and slowed down, using thier lights to guide me. I saw where I*was..I near;ly hit a wall of rock! When I told Toyota, they were very unhelpful, and offfered to charge me 700.00 for a replacement. I refused. Now, I have recourse for this dangerous problem. I haven’t driven at night since, but soon i hope I can.

  2. shel says:

    It is criminal to have a light that costs over 100 dollars, before installation. I am told by independent mechanics it is over an hour to change the bulb. BAD engineering! I have change 2 and the driver’s side is goign out again.

  3. Sandra Fankhauser says:

    I had a 2004 Prius that had the same problem. The dealer told me that the bulbs had to be replaced. After replacing the bulbs I found that the control modules were the problem. The dealer gave me a replacement cost of $ 1900. I bought the moduled , bulbs and had them replaced for $ 1200. I have proof from the dealers computer that I had this problem. Can I collect from this suit?

    1. Katherine says:

      The lawsuit is only for 2006-2009 models. Here is the web address with the details: http://www.girardgibbs.com/prius.asp

  4. Katherine Flansburg says:

    Awesome! I got my lawsuit paperwork in the mail right after I paid over 600 dollars to have the lights repaired. I was driving from College Station to Austin one night and the lights just went out. It was horrible. There was no place to stop safely. I had to drive for over an hour, way under the speed limit, until I could get to a safe place with people and street lights. The lights shut off without warning 4 times that night. This really should have been ironed out years ago. My Prius is an ’06. The lawsuit paperwork I received in the mail said payouts might start happening in August. Looking forward to it. That Toyota Dealer Service bill was NOT cheap.

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