Decision reportedly coming in weeks

SAN DIEGO (CBS) — The trial of Jared Loughner, the man accused of shooting Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and others in Tucson, Arizona may be headed for the Southland.

KNX 1070’s John Brooks reports the extensive publicity surrounding the trial could be to blame for the move.

Sources for the Washington Post say court officials plan to move the case out of the state within several weeks.

The change of venue decision will be made by Arizona’s new chief federal judge.

San Diego would likely get the case in part because it’s one of the closest judicial districts to Arizona.

A San Diego- based federal judge, Larry A. Burns, was appointed last week to hear the case because Arizona judges recused themselves.

Loughner’s attorney, is also based in the area.

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Comments (10)
  1. Hope thatt this young kid spends in jail for the rest of his live. If it was me I wish that he got the injection but here in California don’t do it so he should spend in jail for the rest of his live. In a dark room in prison.

    1. GC1008 says:

      Norma, there is Capital Punishment in California.

  2. Disgusted says:

    Oh, we have death penalty for this devil possesed sychopath. Arizona don’t have death penalty and we must welcome him and put him to sleep quickly without wasting Californians tax-money please.

  3. Frank says:

    hey norma, put yourself in his shoes. Hm if you were to be born of an psychological illness (something you have obviously no decision over) and lacked the ability to make rational decisions and let’s say, happen to kill some people, would you find it reasonable for someone to point their finger in your face and make the arrogant remark of “hope you spend the rest of your life in prison”, would you find it reasonable? He may be held responsible for the shootings, but he’s still innocent until proven guilty so until the verdict is given, keep your fantasies of a dark prison room to yourself.

  4. steven german says:

    This guy will fit right in with the rest of californians

  5. Karla House says:

    Please don’t bring that mess here. We already have enough criminals already plus we don’t need the hype b.s.. You’ll need to take him somewhere else, How about Alaska?

  6. Steve Berger says:

    monsters like rabid dogs or men on a murderous killing spree need to be put to sleep forthwith .trial isnt necessary . whats that going to prove . people like these need to be executed .who cares what his mental condition was, is or wasn’t im sure if a cop or anyone else with a gun was there he would be dead by now.

  7. Mary Lange says:

    I think that he should get life in prison he will be lucky if he lives that long but he should not be allowed to any special things like tv or any kind of radio. i am really sad for his family and all the people that he hurt.

  8. satyadev christian says:

    It is a shame to see this mass murderer smiling to the world. he must be finished
    without any delay.he does not have any rights to leave on this earth with so many
    good people still living here.

  9. breezy says:

    Well all I can say ….is not welcome in California……You Killer you!!!!!!

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