Model, College Football Standout Fatally Shot During Struggle With LAPD Officers

PLAYA VISTA (CBS/AP) — Los Angeles police say an officer shot and killed a male model and former college football standout during a struggle after he stripped naked and caused an early morning disturbance in the Playa Vista area.

Police Cmdr. Andew Smith tells the Los Angeles Times that reports of a naked man yelling incoherently sent officers to the scene around 3:30 a.m.

Friday night, the man was identified as a 25-year-old male model and college football standout named Reginald Doucet.

Smith says two officers calmed the man down and talked him into putting on his boxer shorts, but he ran off when they tried to detain him.

A scuffle ensued and Smith says one officer shot the man twice. He was pronounced dead at a hospital.

The officers were treated for minor injuries. Doucet reportedly punched both in the head.

LAPD says the officer who fired the fatal shot was a black officer who had been on the force about 17 months.

Police tell City News Service that two more officers received minor injuries when their patrol car crashed into a sign and parked cars en route to the scene.

Officials said Doucet first got into an altercation with the cab driver who brought him home from a night of partying in Hollywood.

In addition to modeling, Doucet starred with the Middle Tennessee State University football team.

According to LA Weekly, Doucet was recently featured as “Eye Candy” for Essence Magazine’s Web site.

Friends told reporters Doucet loved to party and loved the nightlife but was never violent.

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  • Mikey

    Sounds like another remake of “Police Acadamy”.

    • Patrick

      I hope you were kidding. Sounds like you are a Monday Morning Quarterback…who is not funny either. Shoot first ask questions later? Rush to judgment? You need a better hobby.

    • stuart


      but police officer do not have any reason to shoot him dea…
      so brutal

  • JM

    They crashed into a sign… AND parked cars… ON THE WAY to the scene? Sounds like LAPD is as much a liability to the publics safety as drunk drivers…

    • Patrick

      Yet, you would be the first to all 911. Hypocrite.

  • Mark Anthony DiBello

    How many times do we have to read of LA police murdering someone? These cops have little or no Christian conscience.

    As for the wreck; that’s not a surprise, either. Cops are always rushing to the scene of a crime so they can kill someone.

    • Patrick

      …or save your ass. Mark, you are applying a double standard. I guarantee you would be the first person to comment about slow response time if it were you that was in trouble.

    • Nameless Person

      People like you always bring out a good laugh… Ahhhh~~~ Thanks!

      Since this story is in it’s earliest form, don’t assume that the police intended to kill this person.

      My brother-in-law is a LAPD officer. He tells us stories about being on patrol that would make your heart sink. I’m glad that he had the ability to defend himself. And if that mean shooting a suspect, then I’m all for it. He is a very good cop and thinks with a “Christian conscience”. So don’t assume all cops are “trigger happy”.

      This is a sad story all around. A person is dead; his family is in mourning. And you have 4 officers who have been injuried. Not a good night for anyone involved.

      • nishabd

        A killer is a killer with or with out badge and for the “Christian conscience”. remember the You should not kill.

      • Diane Craig

        A well balanced comment. My work has me assigned to various police stations around L.A. County. LAPD by and large has been the most helpful and responsive. It hurts to think that an entire force can be painted as killers because of certain isolated incidents. Until you have walked the walk with the police and seen them in day to day crisis situations, you will never understand the judgment calls and sometimes mistakes that happen. EVERYONE makes mistakes. In this day and age of video and aggressive law suits, I don’t think any law enforcement agent is waking up in the morning saying…”I feel like shooting and killing someone today.” I am black and I KNOW the history “my people” have with the police. I still believe in law enforcement and think when all the facts are in, you will find that this young man had ingested something. Probably had something slipped in his drink at that Hollywood club he was enjoying. This then contributed to his erratic behavior and subsequent demise. I feel sorry for his child, his family and for the officers involved. We all suffer when something like this occurs.

    • Jboy

      “How many times do we have to read of LA police murdering someone?”


      ” These cops have little or no Christian conscience.”

      Who said they had to be Christian?

      “Cops are always rushing to the scene of a crime so they can kill someone.”

      Thats not a very Christain thing to say now is it?

    • Karen

      I completely agree with you. Why in the world are the police KILLING everyone? I think these officers should be fired.

  • GH

    Mark, you are so naive. Who are you going to call when your house gets broken into? G-D? Good luck with that.

  • elaine sekerman

    You have no idea of the specifics of this incident. Pre-judging is not christian-like either, kemosabe.

  • Brucerm.

    Hey Mikey! Here’s to ’em…

  • pyromarket

    What happened to tazer guns

    • mike

      Not all cops carry them, they are not effective if the guy had grabbed one of the officer’s guns, if the man was choking one of the officers, that is deadly force….I can go on an on, do not buy into a stupid headline.

      You fight with the cops this might happen. Serves him right.

      • Diane Craig

        I don’t know if “serves him right is the correct comment” but I agree with the rest of your statement. There is a real possibility that someone slipped something in this man’s drink to cause his erratic behavior.

  • Dave

    LoL……..So rushing to prevent a crime or catch a suspect is wrong? What an idiot.

    Mark, I hope they break into your house while you and your family are sleeping. And
    when you call for help, I hope the cops take their sweet ass time to get to you. And
    when they arrive, in no rush of course, hopefully the burglars have take your stuff and maybe haven’t hurt your family.

  • Brucerm.

    Hey…. Forget about it.

  • Ben

    I live in that building and I believe that the taxi in question is a derelict vehicle — looks as if a homeless person lived in it or at least someone mentally unstable. I think the news folks may have misinterpreted events. I’ve seen that taxi parked in front of my building for at least the past two weeks.

  • Gino

    I blame the idiots who keep tangling with police. Hello, when police come to talk to you or arrest you comply with their orders and you won’t get shot. Pretty simple for most of us but unfortunately we have some really dumb people in this world. I don’t understand why people keep blaming the police other than your a moron who doesn’t have much common sense.

  • John

    The man was on PCP, they never “calmed him down” and he broke one of the officers jaw while reaching for the other’s gun. But they sure as hell don’t mention that do they.

    • Chris

      How did you hear about this?

      I live in the building and none of the cops I spoke with provided any details like that. I’m interested to know where you found this out.

      • Diane Craig

        He probably has friends in the department or possibly works there. The news media does NOT have all the answers.

    • Karen

      I ask the same question as Chris. It seems to me that if it were true, the news would have reported it. As it stands now, it seems the copy have killed yet another person for no good reason. The man was naked so he DID NOT have a weapon.

  • CW in L.A.

    God just might save your ass when you die. But it is the police that will save your ass when you are alive. So you can stand in judgement all you want, It just shows how narrow and simple minded you are.. I hope that you never need the police, and just maybe when they come they will just shoot you and this will be all over and you can have god help you.


    How can you SHOOT an UNARMED NAKED Man?

    Looks like the 2 Officers & the LAPD have a lot of Explaining to do..

    2 Cops at the Scene shooting an UNARMED NAKED Man!!

    Sounds like some trouble brewing ahead..

  • JD

    So after all their training, non-lethal weapons they end up shooting a naked man and getting beat up? How out of shape are these officers? Should we call the FBI in to help them as we have with our homicide detectives?

    How about we put them all through a non-union training course and sew which ones fail, the ones that don’t meet the weight limit, exercise requirements, etc.

    I’m tired of hearing the police are the less fortunate, they should have just had their swat come out to help.

  • GC1008

    I’m tired of LAPD officers being blamed by people who don’t even wait for the facts to come in. It appears there was already an initial confrontation with the cab driver. A lot of people think a man in underwear isn’t a threat, but an agitated individual with no clothes or just underwear outside in the middle of winter can also be an indication that a person is on drugs. PCP can make a person hot so they shed their clothes. In addition to that, they don’t feel pain like a normal person so it can take numerous big men to control them and still at great risk to themselves. Or maybe the man wasn’t on drugs. The point is, be responsible. Wait for the facts. Don’t pre-judge. And keep in mind that the men and women of the LAPD put their lives on the line every day and still have to answer to an ignorant public.

    • Karen

      I am tired of the cops killing people for no good reason. How in the world did you guys find out that the guy was on PCP. I can not imagine that the Tiffany Network (CBS) would not put that information in the story if true.

  • Are We Really Peace Officers?

    Fire ’em BAD COPS, let ’em get low pay $10/hour jobs instead of shooting Homeless People or Unarmed Naked man in this case.

    Shooting a Naked Man, what would be the Cops defense in Court? That the Unarmed Naked man suddenly pulled out a homemade shank from his Anal Cavity?

    Pretty Whack Job to shoot an Unarmed Naked man don’t you think?

    it’s get even worse if the Public found out they shot him in the back as the Naked man outran the Cops.

    There is NO EXPLAINATION in Court for Shooting Unarmed Naked man/woman.

  • Mark Anthony DiBello

    Let me tell you what happens at 3:30 AM in Los Angeles…. There is partying, sex, crime, or even the homeless looking for a place to sleep… This is the time for the police to “protect and serve.” It is not the time to murder.

    And just as with the public, there is an accent on evil. Still, there is NEVER a reason to murder.

    How on earth do a posse of cops have any godly right to murder one naked man is beyond me. I am angry at the police and people who think murder is ever justified–it is not. God said so, not me.

    I pray for peace, love and forgiveness to and for those who knew this man and to the city of LA and the world. God bless and forgive all of us.

    • MDM

      Wow..very nicely said Mark Anthony D. thank u. i concur.

  • krg

    You people crack me up. Do you really think a naked man causing a disturbance at 3:30 AM was NOT somehow out of control? He probably tried to take one cops gun (as they said a scuffle ensued) and the other shot him to prevent a cop ending up dead. Really people, get your facts before you go all “I know what happened! Bad cop! Bad cop!”.

    It would be so nice if they had a list of the people who complain. Then when you need them they can say “nope, gotta go help someone else”.

    • Ted


  • MDM

    Cops suck. Married, and divorced one. Bad news all the way around.


    i know this man, reginald doucet jr. he was my friend, dis dad dated my mom, he was a father of a 2 yr old little girl, he played pro football for middle tennessee, and he modled, he was a very loving,outgoing,and funny person. i cant believe he is qone. i hope his family drowns the LA police with law suits. he didnt deserve this. and his younger brother alexander doucet witnessed his brother being shot to death. i cant come to terms with this. R.I.P LiL REGGiE !

  • alex coley

    um NO he wasnt on pcp, he was my friend. he wasnt on any drugs so yall can keep making up rumors or mind your own bussniess, he is dead we r mourning and u keep saying stuff, how does that make u look stfu and i know the real story cuz im a friend n family so none of what yall r saying is true so SHUT UP ! have some respcet !

    • ted

      You have got to be kidding! Wasn’t on drugs?!?!?!?! So your friend strips down and runs around like this just for fun?

  • Joel Lanuza

    Wow That is Crazy I was right there Waiting for the Bus 3 hours before this Incident



  • ted

    For all of those who believe a naked man poses no threat to police officers, follow this link…

    Here’s preview…”Deputy Richard Herzog was shot and killed with his own service weapon, after responding to a call at 1700 hours involving a naked man creating a disturbance in the roadway…”

    • ginny25

      Good example Ted. This example is one of many that happen every day in this country. But it seems the automatic reaction today is to blame the officer. Next time any of these complainers need help maybe they should call a friend instead and see what that gets them.

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