LA CANADA FLINTRIDGE (AP) — A portion of forest road damaged from storms that hit Southern California will reopen after a year of repairs.

The California Department of Transportation said Monday that a roughly 3-mile stretch of Angeles Crest Highway will open Tuesday.

The damage was caused by runoff from hillsides burned by the 2009 Station Fire that scorched 250 square miles in the San Gabriel Mountains.

In all, the department spent $16.5 million to repair 10 miles of the highway.

Officials had to delay reopening a stretch of the highway east of La Canada Flintridge because heavy December rain caused rockslides.

They expect to open the rest of the highway next month when crews finish removing loose rocks in the area.

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Comments (8)
  1. Tony Shimizu says:

    Road to Mount Wilson open now?

  2. 1stresponse says:

    16.5 million to repair a road that serves no real purpose. Our smart tax dollars at work again! Who makes these decisions???

    1. jhon doe says:

      Human emotions such as happiness joy and a sense of wounder, these are the emotions that spring when you travel that great American Hwy. I think it’s worth every last dollar!!!!

  3. drkrmdd says:

    Actually, Angeles Nat’l Forest is one of the busiest, if not the busiest, Nat’l Forest in the country, with Hwy 2 being the main entry. Anybody who has driven that road knows that it’s used, and well used by commuters and outdoor enthusiasts. If anything, I would have liked to have seen more money spent so that the job could have been done more quickly.

  4. stefan says:

    A very well spent 16.5 million and what a difficult job it must be! I’m amazed it didn’t cost more. That road is one of the greatest roads in the world – and also a useful one.

  5. RobG says:

    I’m sure “1stresponse” is another whacko greenie who would prefer the road, and all roads like it, remain closed to prevent us “humans” from “harming” the land.

  6. Jeff says:

    I think 1stresponse sounds more like a whacko teabagger myself, RobG – just like you.

  7. suzie says:

    Ok, it’s about time Cal Trans.
    Thanks for the supporters of this marvelous highway.
    Commerce will surely be enchaned by the reopenning of Hwy 2.
    Thanks too to the “libby wackos” for showing off their a-holes.

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