This Is Not A Traffic Incident You'd Want To Be Inolved In

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What is it about driving a truck in China? A few weeks ago, I posted a pic of a guy who went through a retaining wall, and almost over a cliff; but this one happened on a bridge, 330 feet up!

Look closely, not only is it upside down, but most of this truck actually is over the side. Orange News reports the truck stuck to the retaining wall because of one single wheel/tire, and a bit of damaged bodywork. Imagine being the rescue crew, trying to get to the driver. No, better still, imagine being the driver, who was rescued safely.

If anybody could find a way to get commuters around it, I have faith CBS2 News 4:30-7 a.m. traffic expert Whitney could. Maybe she’d call Sky2, so it could fly up to get to the scene of the crash. 

(Photo credit: Orange News)

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