Melissa Rivers To Mom: Enough Plastic Surgery!

PASADENA (AP) — Melissa Rivers has a message for her mom: enough plastic surgery!

She said her 77-year-old mother’s surgical enhancements are a source of conflict.

Comic Joan Rivers said in a book she wrote two years ago, “Men Are Stupid … And They Like Big Boobs — A Woman’s Guide to Beauty Through Plastic Surgery,” that she’s had more than a dozen cosmetic surgeries.

“In my opinion, it’s like enough,” Melissa Rivers said. “Stop it. It is a source of conflict, it really is. It bothers me.”

The two women were at a news conference Friday to hype their upcoming WE network reality series, “Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?” The series premieres Jan. 25.

Rivers joked about her daughter’s concerns, but said it’s part of being in show business and doesn’t think there’s any such thing as too much.

“If you had a dollar for every stitch in the face of someone you interviewed, you wouldn’t be here,” she told reporters.

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  • The Joker

    She looks like the JOKER on Batman…SCARY!!!!

    • Jeffrey n

      You mean Melissa, Right?

    • Richard Chattaway

      I agree she is a joke.

    • StreekyD

      She IS a Joker…

  • Rod Garrett

    Easy Melissa, if it wasn’t for your Mom you would be “NOBODY”. Wait, you are nobody.

  • Maury

    She has unresolved issues. She is an insecure woman, has nothing to do with the show business line. What she needs is a good psychotherapist.

    • Jon

      The last thing anyone needs is a psychotherapist.

      • vinko

        no kidding

  • shle896

    It may not be politically correct to say so, but I think Joan looks awesome for pushing 80. Sure, it’s obvious she’s had surgery, but would looking like Barbara Bush be a better alternative?

    • ancient mariner

      Yes. What’s wrong with being comfortable in your own skin?

    • Ana Fugazi

      Better than looking like Michelle Obama!

      • White Cracker

        Ouch that hurts! You must be a White Devil!

    • E

      I agree

    • E

      I agree why not get the work done

    • Lamdog

      Sound like a lib. Once again taken for style over substance. My question to you. What anger in your heart to denigrate Mrs. Bush to try to prove your inane point?

    • Mary

      That was uncalled for – jj=ust grow old gracefully, just like Barbara Bush. She is a Jewel and not in the rough either – Genuine!

    • Danger

      I totally agree, she’s hot!

    • lala63

      uh … YES it would.

    • DTK

      It is called aging with grace and style. Barbara Bush is a classy woman and Joan Rivers is a plastic freak. Go Babs!!!!

      • CK

        No, Barbara Bush is the woman who made it a point to inform us all that she would never worry about dead soldiers as it would be a “waste of her beautiful mind”. I’ll take Joan and her Joker face over that woman. Nothing graceful or classy about it.

    • mooley

      barbera bush used to look like george washington,,know she looks older then him

  • Sam

    Yes, looking like Barbara Bush would be a considerably better alternative.

  • ChesterRiley

    Joan Rivers has become, literally, one of the ugliest women alive. Her face is so taut that her eyes are slanting and is it possible that she can smile????? Her daughter is right. Mom you’re a plastic junkie.

  • joe luke

    Johnny Carson was spot on about Joan. Her daughter is a nobody, always has been.

  • Kevin

    I think that Joan Rivers has done well with her appearance and plastic surgery over the years. However, she has reached the point where it is best to let nature take its course–anymore surgery would make her look grotesque.

    • Boll)

      She is grotesque and has a attitude to go with it. If I was her husband I would kill myself………………wait, he already did.

  • bellez

    Oh leave her alone..A few more surgery’s she will be a full fledged Mannaquin and wa-la…immortality..Melissa can keep her close forever then..LOL

  • Aunt Bee

    “Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever.”
    – Napoleon Bonaparte

  • Poppadaddio

    If she keeps getting facelifts, one of these days she’s going to get up from the operating table with a goatee.

    • SerfOfObama


    • cluelessinky

      Great comment, you made my morning!

      • BobD45

        Mine too! Best quip I have read in a long time. I am still laughing. But the picture it conjures is not so funny.

    • Miriam Hoffberg

      You made my day! I’m laughing so hard the tears are still running down my face!

  • James

    I would nail her

    • NewOrleansAnn

      With or without the goatee?

      • SerfOfObama

        …goatee…blindfold…self respect…?

  • J.Upton

    I love Joan Rivers and I think she is the funniest person alive. I love the way she looks. Yes it”s obvious she has had alot of work done. It’s her body let her alone, You go girl.

  • Dave Stoops

    I feel sorry that Joan never met a real man that could convince her that real love is not dependent on big boobs, tight butt, etc. Beauty is skin deep…..Real beauty is in the soul…………….Joan is very shallow and I pity her…………..

    • HollywoodSaint

      you have a great personality… have probably feel off the ugly tree hitting every branch on the way down………..there has to be somewhat of a physical attraction before discovering the beauty in ones soul….

    • Jetmag26

      She did have that man and he died and then this started. Let her do what she wants. If she were lying about it, it would be tragic but she’s open and honest and free to nip/tuck however she wants.

  • Linda

    Joan’s actually has found a very good surgeon. I’d like to know who he/she is. Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers and a few others I could name haven’t. Joan looks a lot better now than she did years ago before she got started on this hobby of hers.

    • Tom Crews

      JR’s surgeon is Gerry Anderson !

  • Boopsie

    I’d do her

  • Quay

    I hit both of em.

  • Chukkal

    Her face has become funnier than her routines……

  • korkord

    Joan just wants to be loved.

  • amplitude jones

    It may not bother any democrats beyond the daughter, but it bothers the effing H out of normal Americans.

    • Nancy

      What do Democrats have to do with it?

      • White Cracker

        Cause they are all ugly! F-Democrats!

  • Angry Dude

    Effin Mutants the both of them

  • Jim Koy

    With the possible exception of Gloria Allred and Lisa Bloom, Joan and Melissa Rivers are the sexiest mother-daughter act out there. God bless plastic surgery (and good genes, of course). Melissa has a long-life of looking-good ahead of her!

    • Niall

      Gloria Allred’s main problem (apart from her leftist legal work of course) is her schnoz. How’d she ever get it bent over to the right like that? With a decent nose job she wouldn’t look too bad.

    • Dan Palin

      Gloria Allred? The ambulance chasing Mutt-Socialist? Of yes shes a real beauty.

  • Pamela Hausauer

    Joan Rivers looks great!, she is really a piece of worK!, don,t worry about her, Mellissa, she will be just fine!

  • notjoan

    does anyone really care?

  • notjoan

    on second thought, that might be her face, but that isn’t her hair. Women her age have thin hair or no hair

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