Information, Tickets For The Big Dog Bowl

REDLANDS (CBS) — 20 teams from 6 states, what else but the Big Dog Bowl…?

It’s the third annual Big Dog Bowl and teams are coming from as far as Florida and Texas.

Rap superstar Snoop Dog (natch!) coaches a local team.

The kids participating range from 6 to 15 and it’s more than just a game.

For more on the game, information or tickets, click on the following link: http://www.DALIST.ORG

  • Patrick

    We need some game coverage information for the parents who could not make the trip in Pittsburgh.

    We got a team of 11 year old’s out there. Go West Allegheny.

    This is Great that Snoop Dogg Does this for the little guys.

  • Takina Brown

    my boys ob and shakell on the news getting ready for the big dogg bowl

  • justin

    Let’s go BEll gardens!!! XD

    • LEENA


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