Rated R: Unexpected Vanity License Plates

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This came to mind, because of a news story about the Virginia DMV revoking the personal plate, below.

 licenseplate Rated R: Unexpected Vanity License Plates

The letters, combined with the specialty (“Kids First”) plate, made  state bureaucrats conclude the owner was advocating cannibalism, or something else. Licence revoked.

The web is full of similar examples of questionable taste, but I chose to play safe. So then…

3598595802 81d3a537c9 Rated R: Unexpected Vanity License Plates

funny2520license2520plate Rated R: Unexpected Vanity License Plates

 Rated R: Unexpected Vanity License Plates

 Rated R: Unexpected Vanity License Plates

It’s incomprehensible to me that a) states have no consistency in deciding what is or isn’t appropriate on license plates, and b) that states actually employ people to check. Kids, cover your eyes: there’s also the simple 370H55V, displayed upside down. How long did it take him/her to figure out that one?


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  1. Alex says:

    What’s crazy to me is that it wasn’t revoked until years later. See the original post, plus some questions answered by the owner here:


    Personally, my favorite vanity plates always turn up on Tesla Roadsters, the electric sports cars whose owners’ seem to have a good sense of humor. A google image search has lots of results:


    Some of the best include “LOL OIL” “RCHRGBL” and “CU OPEC”

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