Officials Halt Production Of ‘Rent’ At Monrovia HS

MONROVIA (KNX 1070) — The cancellation of the musical “Rent” at Monrovia High School could have a lasting impact as the long-time drama teacher may resign.

[ Drama Teacher Marc Segal Talks With KNX 1070’s John Brooks

District officials halted production of the Pulitzer Prize-winning play because they feared its mature themes could alienate some students and parents. Now, they say, all parents and students must approve of the content of any proposed production before it can go forward.

Marc Segal, the 22-year theater teacher, told the online Web site, Monrovia Patch, that he will likely resign when his daughter graduates because those types of restrictions will make it impossible to put on good theatre.

This Monrovia father says censorship doesn’t work.

“If we’re not honest about what our world really is and that’s what ‘Rent’ deals with. It talks about AIDS and it talks about love between homosexuals and stuff like that… that’s part of our world,” Segal added.


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