MONROVIA (KNX 1070) — The cancellation of the musical “Rent” at Monrovia High School could have a lasting impact as the long-time drama teacher may resign.

[ Drama Teacher Marc Segal Talks With KNX 1070’s John Brooks

District officials halted production of the Pulitzer Prize-winning play because they feared its mature themes could alienate some students and parents. Now, they say, all parents and students must approve of the content of any proposed production before it can go forward.

Marc Segal, the 22-year theater teacher, told the online Web site, Monrovia Patch, that he will likely resign when his daughter graduates because those types of restrictions will make it impossible to put on good theatre.

This Monrovia father says censorship doesn’t work.

“If we’re not honest about what our world really is and that’s what ‘Rent’ deals with. It talks about AIDS and it talks about love between homosexuals and stuff like that… that’s part of our world,” Segal added.

Comments (7)
  1. david says:

    Thank you, Marc Segal, for taking a courageous stand in the face of puritanical nonsense.

    The suppression on information is a greater danger to the youth than “Rent.” The censors should be ashamed.

  2. Marcus says:

    Every single student and parent must approve each production for fear that someone might be offended? Will the curriculum also undergo such scrutiny? Might as well close down the district.

  3. Richard in Castaic says:

    At 22, Marc Segal is little more than a child him self. I don’t even want to speculate how such a young man can apparently have a daughter that attends the same high school. Segal forgets that he is a city employee and that he cannot use tax payer funds to put on any production he chooses. It’s not censorship, it’s called good judgment. I suppose if he wished to start producing porn at this high school, we should just sit by and allow it. His childish take on this situation is actually quite alarming. He needs to grow up.

  4. Richard in Castaic says:

    Oh, I just noticed that he is not 22 years old, he has in fact been the drama teacher for 22 years. So my comments regarding his age are irrelevant. He is still a civil servant and given the current economy, he should pipe down and be thankful for such an easy job, considering that “drama teacher” is one rung lower on the intellectual scale than “P.E. teacher”.

    1. Lisa says:

      “easy job” HA! YOU don’t sound like a teacher, so how would you know?

  5. Richard in Castaic says:

    BTW, I live in my mom’s basement. Anyone want to come over and play D&D?

  6. Mimi in Arizona says:

    I believe Richard in Cataic is ignorant and does not deserve to be answered. He isn’t smart enough to wipe Mr. Segal’s shoes!!

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