NEWARK (AP) —  The body of a New Jersey flight attendant who suffered a fatal heart attack during an overseas flight on New Year’s Eve is being returned to the U.S.

The family of Emoly Balades says the 61-year-old Continental Airlines employee’s body will arrive early Thursday at Newark Liberty International Airport.

Balades was working on a flight from London to Newark when she was stricken. The aircraft was diverted and landed at Shannon, Ireland, where attempts to revive her were unsuccessful.

Balades grew up in Moorpark, Calif., and worked at a beauty salon before switching careers and becoming a flight attendant in her early 50s. She moved to Newark and worked mainly on international flights.

Services will be held Sunday in California.

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Comments (8)
  1. alan hart says:

    Hope the baggage handlers don’t loose her.

    1. david says:

      it is “lose,” idiot.

  2. LANA WOOD says:


  3. citizen says:

    alan have a hart will ya

  4. Ruben C says:

    Hope you sprout a brain one day and learn the difference between lose and loose A-hole.

  5. Homie says:

    hey Alan Hart….you are a ruthless fool….

  6. havesomerespect says:

    ruben-what is the difference between a lose and a loose A-hole? i can imagine what makes a loose A-hole but not sure what a lose one entails.

  7. Tim McGarry says:

    I missed all the haters????

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