(CBS) — Linda Fogg Phillips, author of “Facebook For Parents” and “Top 25 Things Parents Ask About Facebook” stopped by KCAL9 on Wednesday to talk about the impact the popular social network has had on children.

Phillips offers her insights on questions such as “Why do kids like Facebook so much?” and
“How does Facebook change how kids communicate?”

For more info, click here to visit Phillips’ website.

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  1. Jason Koeppe says:

    This is such a timely book and I couldn’t agree more that sometimes as parents we abdicate too much of our responsibility to others and it’s important to remember that even with a web monitoring service and good kids, parents need to understand the basics of social media if they really want to help their kids. Cyberbullying and other online dangers are just as real as a physical danger, but in the world of social media, many parents aren’t knowledgeable enough to be able to understand, let alone help, should a negative situation arise. And while Facebook is indeed important, there are many other social media sties and parents owe it to themselves and their kids to be social media savvy. IntelliCorp InTouch offers a free online video series, Social Media for Parents In Plain English (http://www.intellicorpintouch.com/social-networking-for-parents.aspx). It’s worth the time and effort to gain a basic understanding of social media so you can “walk the talk” if and when it becomes necessary.

    Jason Koeppe
    IntelliCorp InTouch

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