Man Being Chased By Police Kills Couple In Crash

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Police say a husband and wife were killed when their car was hit by another vehicle that ran a red light during a police chase.

Police spokesman Lt. John Romero says officers began chasing a Prism driven by 27-year-old Jorge Alberto Molina of Culver City after it ran a red light around midnight Friday.

Family Of Kelvin and Demetria Dorsey In Anguish Over Couple’s Death, KNX 1070’s Ed Mertz Reports

Romero says Molina sped through another red light at the Florence and Crenshaw Boulevard in South Los Angeles and struck a car carrying 50-year-old Demetria Dorsey and her husband, 54-year-old Kelvin Dorsey.

The Los Angeles couple, who had been going home from a New Year’s party, were killed.

Police accused Molina of driving under the influence of alcohol and he was booked on two counts of murder.

Romero says it’s not clear if he was aware police were after him.

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  • Kau Phaart

    Wow, what an arse of desk officer: “just random people” maybe his tax-dollar funded paycheck should have “just random numbers” (less than $20). I’ll bet he’s obese with a GED, too!! worthless, just worthless LAPD…these people DIED!!!!

    • Felice Judkins

      you are right Kau, these weren’t just random people… they had parents, children, siblings and host of family and friends who have been impacted and will miss them dearly…I am one of those friends and this is a very sad day…. LAPD was chasing a suspect who allegedly robbed someone of $48… My friend and her husband are dead because of $48.00 and the police not knowing when to back off of a chase through the streets…. No these weren’t random people… they were loved and will be missed.

    • Karen-LA

      Wow. Your comment is a doozy. The police did not kill these unfortunate victims. Place the blame where it is due – on the perpetrator who, while evading police, caused a major accident which killed 2 people.

    • scholastica8

      What should the desk officer have said? That’s a difficult statement to try to figure out how to word. Should he have called them “innocent bystanders”? But they were not bystanders. Innocent victims? Innocent motorists? Unlucky motorists? The truth is that they were a couple out driving on New Years Eve… maybe going out… maybe going home….. & they were in the wrong place at the wrong moment. Had they been stopped by a red light anywhere along their route… or had they made made an extra green anywhere along their route. They would not have been in the intersection. RIP

      • Josh Butts

        Yeah, at all the variables that a person can go thru in a day (traffic lights, lengths of goodbyes, speed from here to there) and somehow they end up getting t-boned. Just a second difference they could have been clipped from the front of back and lived. RIP!

  • Ty Ax

    Damn i was wondering why Florence and crenshaw were blocked off at 2 am this morning.
    R.I.P. couple, Happy New year.

  • Peter

    Was the perpetrator nabbed or not, and if so, what’s the charge, vehicular manslaughter?

    The desk officer could perhaps have been bore articulate….

  • leroybrown

    They are random. Who else would be in that part of town. Don’t blame the Police for someone fleeing the scene.

    • Not newsworthy

      What do u know u comeent on everything like a parrot “leroybrown”

  • Max

    Stoopid LAPD!

    • craig

      Hey Max,
      Learn to spell. It is Stupid.

      • Max

        I spelled it like that on purpose ya dumb azz!!!!

  • Kauisanidiot

    Kau – Yea dont actually blame the PERSON WHO FLED AND KILLED THE INNOCENT PEOPLE. Yea blame the cop who was doing his job. Wow you are an idiot.

  • Bill

    these high risk pursuits are just not worth it, this is not uncommon

    • craig

      So if they are not worth it, and the policy is to not pursue.
      Then every criminal will know that all he has to do is run and he will get away, because the cops won’t chase him.
      That does not work either.

  • Rob

    I don’t even live in California but I see it’s unfortunate YOU weren’t one of the random people killed. What a bunch of losers your state has.



    • Felice Judkins

      “Meicy” we grew up together and you will be missed dearly.. My thoughts and prayers are with your family. Very sad day. R.I.P.

  • Richard in Castaic

    “said a South Traffic desk officer, who would not give his name” It’s alarming when our own public servants refuse to identify themselves. This points to a culture of secrecy in our own police departments.

    • mister s

      Of course he didn’t give his name. If one little bit of information turned out to be a mistake, his own supervisors would throw him under the bus so they can save themselves from whatever questioning or investigation may follow. The anonymous officer was just protecting himself from his own people. I would have done the same.

  • Ms. Creme

    This was definately a tradgey for the families of the decesed individuals. Please pray for them. And that the the individual that killed them will be caught and get their just due. It is sad that some people report half stories and leave us to wonder what actually happening instead of telling the whole story.

  • shabba dowd

    number 1, the cops need to BACK OFF of chases in areas where innocent lives are in jeopardy. one innocent death, yes, even a SINGLE INNOCENT DEATH is not worth it. NOT WORTH IT. PERIOD.

    number 2, these cops – who are often mentally deranged individuals in their own right – need to either be better screened before hiring, better trained, or some other solution needs to be found for such reckless behavior.

    bottom line, LAPD has significant blame here. don’t believe it? ASK THE FAMILIES OF THE DECEASED.

  • John

    I’ve said it before I’ll say it again….

    The LAPD is totally out-of-control.
    The most dangerous police dept in
    No accountability.
    No supervision.

    • Thevoiceofreason

      Then why don’t you move?….

  • Perry Yoshida

    LAPD you did your job and keep doing it. Blame the criminals NOT THE POLICE.
    What are going to do next blame society since the killer of the couple was a loser. TAKE A LOOK AT MEXICO THAT WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU LET LITTLE CRIMES GO UNPUNISHED. You don’t like the LAPD go to Mexico or Africa whichever suits you best.

    • 2958

      Why should we go there! When its the same here LOSER….

    • Just Me

      And you can go back to Japan.

      Balance is needed, extreme balance. Innocent people were killed, taken from their families. Could not the LAPD see that other lives were now in danger? Very sad indeed.

    • Shabba

      Translation: “I am one of these worthless excuses for an ‘officer’ that everyone is talking about, and now my ego has been bruised.”

      Well, perhaps you need to step up and start leading your colleagues by example. In other words, a little more thoughtfulness – a LOT less meatheadedness. Pronto.

  • deej

    ok #1- Kau, don’t be an idiot…..the desk officer was referring to their “role” in the incident, not their “importance.

    #2- Yes the LAPD and EVERY police department needs to reexamine their pursuit policies. Is it really worth the lives of innocent people to chase a bad guy??

    #3- It is first and foremost the blame of the bad guy running from the police and secondly the fault of the administration of the LAPD that allows their officers to chase people….

  • Ralph

    ThE LAPD does have it’s problem but don’t blame the whole department.Besides who would you called if you needed help.

    • 2958

      Ghost busters!!!!!!

  • josue

    he was not just a random person, he was a good friend and coworker. we will miss you dorsey. from ur second family s.a.c.u (airport police)

  • Shabba

    Police ranks could be cut in half, easily. Much better quality of life for all, much improved budgets for the municipalities, a lot less feeding into contrived, destructive industries.

  • Darlene Dean

    Mr. and Mrs. Kelvin Dorsey, you will be greatly missed by your US Postal family. May comfort your family during this time.

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  • Juanita Wash

    KD, you will forever be my brother. I will miss you and Demetria. I am thankful for the lifetime of memories that we shared. Tell Jerry I said hi.

    Your Sister,
    Juanita Wash



  • tnkr

    I am on both sides of the spectrum. I have a brother who is an police officer and also worked with the person that was killed in this horrific accident!!! If the police were chasing someone that had just done some harm to your family would you not want them to be caught?! But then again I feel great sadness for the family of the deceased couple, as I see how it has affected my brother!! The one to blame it the drunken individual (or whatever he was) that hit this vehicle that killed this wonderful couple. No one else!!!!! May God give their family strength and peace.

    • DRC318

      I saw that accident on my way home. My heart goes out to the family. May God bless you all with his peace and comfort during your time of sorrow.

  • J.Walker

    Kelvin and Demtria we’re going to miss you both. Player it was a great pleasure knowing you both. your Lawa brother Walker.

  • RBE

    I was there, it was a horrific accident. LA Fire Dept did a fantastic job with a really tough extrication, using the jaws of life, etc. It took them 30 minutes to get her out of the car. She passed away at the hospital a few hours later. The driver who was fleeing police appeared to have minor injuries.

    • Don Shag Marshall

      of course the drunk never gets hurt! They should have executed him on the spot!

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