LOS ANGELES (AP) — Months after Los Angeles ran a majority of medical marijuana dispensaries out of town by passing strict regulations, the ubiquitous shops are cropping up again.

A judge recently scratched key portions of the ordinance city officials spent years crafting and noted a large number of collectives could reopen. Attorney David Welch, who represents some of the shuttered clinics that sued the city, says nearly 60 have decided to open in recent months.

Despite passing the ordinance in January, Los Angeles appears to be no closer to figuring out how to regulate the clinics. About 180 collectives applied to remain open after hundreds were forced to close, but only about 40 met all the ordinance’s criteria.

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Comments (5)

    Oh come on already…..Let them stay open….Would you prefer a drug dealer on every corner??? Less crime…And the Drs. are regulated as well as the dispenseries…I am a cancer survivor, with out the dispenseries selling me pot…I would be hooked on pain pills, such as oxi codien, or vicoden, so I ask …Is that any better….I WILL ANSER THAT QUESTION…

  2. alan hart says:

    How many liquor stores are there in Los Angeles? How does the city regulate them?

  3. Pot Smoker of America says:

    keep dispenseries open please

  4. Not newsworthy says:

    Let the people have access to their medicine, the people voiced their vote in 1996. Let people be in charge of their own lives and decisions.

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