LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A man suspected of repeatedly stealing copper wiring valued at $1 million may be hiding inside the downtown Los Angeles building he allegedly stole from, police said Thursday.

LAPD Captures Long-Sought-After Suspected Copper Thief, KNX 1070’s Bill Cooper Reports

Police began searching the 12-story building near Hill and Eighth streets at 11 a.m., Sgt. Mike Flynn of the Central Station said.

“We’re hoping to catch him,” Flynn said.

He said the building has been repeatedly stripped of copper wiring valued at around $1 million.

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Comments (9)
  1. RM says:

    Stupidity coupled w/ a life without Christ, breeds desperation.

    1. Astonished says:

      A crook by any other name. Or, if you must, a thief coupled with a life based on greed, breeds more greed. Man (as a species) makes their own decisions. Leave Christ out of this. There are plenty of people who are not religious who do not resort to this. And, for all you know, this person may be a church member!

      1. RM says:

        Astonished, are you holed-up in a building that’s surrounded by police? Just wondering…

    2. mister s says:

      So this Christ guy….. you think he could have loaned the moron some money? And where in the article does it mention the suspect doesn’t believe in Christ? Or are you trying to imply that believers in Christ don’t do wrong?

  2. RM says:

    “…greed breeds more greed…” You seem to know quite a bit about greed and NOTHING at all about christ.

    1. Astonished says:

      RM: See that’s where you would be wrong. I may know something about life, but your comments indicate that perhaps, just perhaps, you expect God to solve all your problems. Pick and choose from my comment all you like, I stand by it. Or haven’t you read about the Chrystal Cathedral Scandal lately? And no, I’m not hold up in any building. I actually go out and observe my fellow humans. . .

  3. CA562DUDE says:

    P.S. RM, Dont forget Churh People are the WORST -ONES, Two faced-liars, Dont forget about the “Bakers” HInt Hint !!!!

  4. James says:

    RM, you Jesus freaks look for any excuse to prosletyze. Go protest outside an abortion doctor’s house or picket another soldier’s funeral like you freaks are wont to do (yes, I spelled it correctly — look it up).

    1. rm says:

      James(bitter), party of one, your table is ready

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