MCFARLAND, Calif. (AP) — The Kern County Fire Department says major flooding in California’s San Joaquin Valley is forcing evacuation of 2,000 residents of the farming community of McFarland.

The evacuation was called at late morning Monday after days of record-setting rain in California.

Fire spokesman Sean Collins estimates between 400 and 500 homes are in danger of flooding.

The source of the flooding is not clear but may be from overflowing irrigation canals that supply water to farms.

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Comments (2)
  1. Barbara Dycus says:

    Its been years but we used to go camping at Kern river with the whole family.

  2. Jeff Mauser of Kernville says:

    It isn’t the Kern river. Mcfarland is in the central valley at least 75 miles from the Kern. The Kern isn’t flooding, yet but many of the streams in the Kern River Valley are. Go to KVSUN.COM for more info

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