LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Seven Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies have been relieved of duty pending an investigation into an alleged brawl at a Christmas party, officials said Wednesday.

The party, held Friday at the Quiet Cannon banquet hall in Montebello, was for deputies who work at Men’s Central Jail.

KNX 1070’s Bill Cooper reports

Whitmore says the party was being held for deputies who work at the Men’s Central Jail in downtown Los Angeles and only deputies were involved in the brawl.

He says two deputies were treated at the scene for mild or moderate injuries.

A source told CBS2/KCAL9’s Serene Branson that all the deputies were drunk and the altercation began when one of them began “talking trash, asking why it takes so long to escort inmates into the visitor’s area.”

The source also said some of the deputies involved sport tattoos that identify them as being from different parts of the jail.

“All of that will be contained in this investigation, and that very well may be true,” Whitmore said. “Is there a culture that’s endemic to this? Perhaps there is. Is it going to stop? Yes. It’s going to stop.”

Montebello Police say officers responded to a 911 call at the restaurant. In a statement, the department said a man who identified himself as a sheriff’s department captain told the officers at the door that everything was fine and that they would handle it.

Two deputies went to Montebello Police Department to file a report, but the sheriff’s department will handle those reports.

“This is going to be done sooner rather than later,” said Whitmore. “(Sheriff Lee Baca) wants to get to the bottom of this immediately.”

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Comments (73)
  1. krg says:

    relieved WITH pay? So what exactly is the punishment or consequence in that? Basically they are getting a paid vacation. Nice.

    1. decline says:

      Innocent until proven guilty, then the disapline will be handed out. Only after the investigation is complete.

  2. CA562DUDE says:

    How is NO ONE UNER ARREST !!!!! If these were reg people def somebody would have been locked up.

  3. Allen says:

    that is unacceptable…suspended with PAY cmon…They should have been arrested and fired. Plain and simple.

  4. Briguy says:

    Why is it that cops are always suspended WITH PAY? I agree, krg, it is a paid vacation for breaking the law. To top it off, someone is probably being paid overtime to cover their shifts!

    1. Wendy Weinbaum says:

      The cops get paid, even when charged with CRIMES, because all cops belong to UNIONS! Break the effing UNIONS and let the cops stand trial at their own expense, like normal people! As a Jewess in the US, I say it is time for all REAL Americans to put our 2nd Amendment FIRST! America wasn’t won with a registered gun.

      1. Ranger Rob says:

        That’s 1,000% exactly correct.

    2. Coptalk says:

      They are suspended with pay until the investigation is complete, then they are punished. Before those protections were in place, a person knew that all they had to do was complain about a cop and they would be suspended without pay… then once proven innocent, they got their money back..

      They will get in trouble… Just will take some time.

      1. Keith in Seattle says:

        Right, tell that to the guy that got his head stomped by Seattle PD. He got nothing, the cop got paid and went back to work. You must be a cop.

    3. Dave says:

      Hey, why do you always think jail guards are cops?

  5. jip`` says:

    They will make any thug a Sheriff these days. Have you seen these guys recently? OMG. Breath on the mirror, OK, your a Sheriff now.

  6. Ron G says:

    This is what you get when you give a bunch of G.E.D. thugs a badge.

    1. ES says:

      So sad but yet so true.

  7. whats up says:

    They can’t even play nice with each other and when a guy goes Þo jail and they beat him up they are like “no we didn’t do that I don’t know why his eye is black and blue” come on people abuse in the police force is happening

    1. Wrongfully Arrested says:

      Yeah, I stood up for my brother getting pounded and I was arrested and beatin up by San Dimas Sherriffs. They were slamming my brother on the ground because they believed he was involved in a incident down the street from my house (they did not even arrive to the original crime scene, they just saw him leaving my house and assumed he was a criminal because he was hispanic) – He was not arrested, but I was because I yelled at the cops beating him up (I did not even hit them, I wish I did though the way they put a pounding on me) – what could I do? They slammed me on their hood and arrested me for “delaying a police investigation” – what police investigation was going on around my house? the scene of the crime is down the street! – Anyway – I tried getting information from the detective who was handling my investigation and he was not cooperative at all – here he is trying to convince me that I was interfering in a investigation and he says “I was lucky” that my brother wasn’t arrested – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Awtn1OujvEA
      here’s another video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ROe3lMZUe_k
      In this last video, I tell him about the officer who visited me in my cell when I was arrested and sided with me – he said it doesn’t matter because he won’t testify for me….. That’s great. And he didn’t either – I saw the officer on another occasion (officer downs) and he said he would “do what’s right” – obviously the coward did not. – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AE9TG4AOKZc

      The Detective is Detective Guerrero
      The arresting officer who slammed me on the hood and talked mess the whole way to the station was Deputy Gathier.
      The Coward officer who should have done the right thing and testify and answer the questions asked truthfully, instead of saying “the incident was so long ago, I don’t remember much…” was officer Downs or Bowns. I’m not sure of the pronunciation.

      1. T. L. VOROSA says:

        wow, nice spin doctor…I know who you are and if anyone wants to look you up they can see your and your brothers extensive criminal and gang history. So, don’t play like you are innocent and tell the whole story as to why your mouth violent brother got pinched.

  8. D says:

    Ron dont hate on them…im sorry thy make more than you with all of your education…have fun on your short vacation guys you deserve it.

    1. jim says:

      im sorry thy make , wow, I’m sorry “thy” illiterate.

  9. LAPD says:

    Paid Vacation!! Super nice. I wish my department would give us a Christmas bonus like that.

  10. Cheung Wu Fang says:

    Relieved of duty with pay!
    That great man
    Where do we sign up

  11. Richard in Castaic says:

    Why is everybody acting so surprised? Police are above the law. Imagine if they will knock each other around, how much brutality can the public expect from these guys. A citizen fighting in a club would have been arrested.

  12. CHP IS #1 says:


  13. Josh Butts says:

    They were probably bumping bellies like sumo wrestlers. Out of all the departments (CHP, LAPD, ect.) I have never seen any officers who are more out of shape. I have seen a lot of fat Sheriff Officers. I’ve seen fat sheriff officers on motorcycles thinking how does that bike stay up? I’m out here in the valley and that is what I see.

  14. Wahoo Fish Taco says:

    Makes you wonder how safe you’re with people of authority.. People who are suppose to serve & protect aren’t what they seem to be..

    Reminds me of a story my LAPD friends told me a few years ago when ON-DUTY LA SHERIFF DEPUTIES got into it with ON-DUTY CALIFORNIA HIGHWAY PATROL OFFICERS.. UGLY incident but of course the usual POLICE Cover-up..

  15. The Truth. says:

    Charge them all with FELONY ASSAULT and fire them.

    1. Mike says:

      I’m a deputy, and i totally agree with you.

  16. Here they are folks…the cast of the new Three Stooges movie!

  17. supermonkey says:

    Mixicoons Cops ????
    So Shocked…..

  18. Baca face says:

    “F” all the Los Angeles county sheriffs, especially the ones located on 3rd street in East Los Angeles.

  19. THE MAN says:

    This should be listed under the ENTERTAINMENT section, rather than the NEWS section. What a joke.

  20. David says:

    Boys will be boys. Verbal counselling, back to work!

    1. KleeMiester Reynolds says:

      Wrong GAY Deputy dave johnson the biggest racist gay criminal and wannabee deputy.

    2. Farfanugen says:

      Dave johnson a bald racist clown deputy. U will end up in prison soon enough and fired from the Lasd.

  21. True Alibi says:

    CONSPIRACY. If you and I in this situation, we already booked and set bail.

  22. Al says:

    The problem with these deps is they cannot “separate the two” What I mean is…When you work in an environment such as the one in mens central you have to be tough. You are around murderers, mex mafia, bloods, crips that will take your life without a second thought. A buddy told me about an inmate who beat himself up and exclaimed he fell off his bunk, just so he can be transferred to a less secure area in the jail. He did this so he can get a better opportunity to kill a dep. This inmate is a lifer and is he is a “nobody” in prison, so he gets another charge for an opportunity to come back to jail and kill a dep, with the blessing of the higher ups. He hid a shiv the size of my forearm up his butt. Needless to say the plan was spoiled.
    You have to have a heart of steal, but in terms of these deps it has corrupted their thought process. Rather than see your brother in the same house they confine themselves to a floor where the mentality is “we are tougher than the rest” and in a sense they are and are not. They wear the same patch and I’ve seen courage in tiny female officers in a shootout where the big tough male officers sought cover and didn’t come out. They get this pack mentality like the ones you see in wolves. And their pack is on the floor they work on. Their loyalty is to that floor, not the department. Sort of like a platoon who fights a battle. The “war” is the big picture and the nation for which you fight and with what cause is your cause. As for separating the two, I understand you do what you have to do, if it means saving a life but know when not to hate. Don’t hate your brother, because when you’re all grown up and outta that jail, chances are your pack will not be working together. Lasd is a big dept. and a small one. So small that that one you beat up on… your lives might depend on him one day. The enemies are out there, not your brother on a different floor. Be tough when you have to be, being strong when facing an enemy, and show love to your brethren and the civilians who depend on us. Be cognizant of where you are and know (because you get tons of practice in jails), who your enemies truly are. Lesson learned. They brought shame to a good house.

    1. Chuck Curry says:

      Funny how our soldiers can manage people who want to kill them without resorting to petty dishonorable personal behavior on a grand scale.

  23. Mark Matis says:

    Damn the filthy maggot pigs to hell for what they’ve done to this country!

    1. Mike says:

      Good one buddy….Why don’t uoy grow up, and then maybe you can get off parole.

  24. Connie says:

    The ultimate punishment for taxpayer paid workers, suspended with pay or as we in the private sector say, paid vacation.

  25. Bunch of Corrupt Cops says:

    LoL. Bunch of corrupt Cops. The LA Sheriff’s Captain should be FIRED for refusing outside investigations by other Law Enforcement Agencies.

    Montebello Police & LAPD who responded to the Fight were turned away by the LA Sheriff’s Captain at the door saying, “they will handle this internally”.

  26. bobby says:

    Were adult beverages being served to a bunch of children here or was this a dispute about pay and pension cuts to reduce LA ‘s $350 million budget shortfall??

  27. taxpayer says:

    That’s what happens when you see police job advertisement billboards in the ghetto. Perfect timing for a paid holiday vacation.

  28. vagent says:

    The Union will protect them. What we need is more Public Employee Unions!

  29. Chuck Curry says:

    Stop supporting the Police Unions that have created this situation if you don;t like it. In other words, stop voting for Democrats. I left CA last year. Finally sick of the BS. The cops are a bigger threat to the average person than criminals. They ARE criminals. Every time a camera turns up, their reports are determined to be false. What happened to HONOR? Get out of CA if you know what’s good for you, otherwise, you get what you vote for!

  30. street_cop says:

    Next, the pigs will file for medical retirement with disability. Let’s get some street justice first.

  31. Aunt Bee says:

    “No matter how cynical you become, it’s never enough to keep up.” ~ Lily Tomlin


  32. NOT FROM HOSED UP L.A. California, thank God says:

    MMM. when you get arrested you don’t lose your job…why should a cop lose his automatically. You don’t get suspended with out pay when you get arrested, why should a cop. The other reason the honest cops are hard to find in L.A. is they hire them from the general population like they do everywhere else. Remember, all you whiners are part of the general population and the cops are often indistinguishable from you civilians when it comes to ethics and honesty. It’s a case of your own bad apples getting uniforms and guns…you all deserve it.

    1. PCN2485 says:

      If I got into a fight with a person I worked with I would be fired.

    2. JDSGV says:

      Because cops should be held to a hire standard.

  33. Jeff Smith says:

    Remember citizens: “If you’re not cop, you’re little people”

  34. Cordova says:

    Even the best of men crack when dealing with the worst of men. These men and women have terribly stressful jobs, to criticize them when they snap shows that you don’t fully understand what they do.

    1. aaa says:

      cordova that is a bunch of bull. my friend works for the sherifs department and it seems like getting into brawls is his hobby. him and his sherif buddies are always looking to get into it with someone because they think they are above everyone

  35. Captain Incredulous says:

    I wonder how many of these deputies drove on our streets and freeways drunk on their way home from this little melee?

    1. Sgt.Smartpants says:

      hey capt Incredulous..even if they were caught DUI no one would of known..They would of let them go with a warning.

      1. 1st Lt. NumbNuts says:

        They would have been allowed to go home unless they got into a major accident. Then they would have been given a ride home with a warning.

  36. Darcy says:

    I wonder why the sheriff wants to handle it? It just doesn’t seem right that the sheriff judges there own

  37. Jimbob says:

    This sounds like an episode of Reno 911…

  38. longjohnsilver says:

    Why didn’t they just use some Marijuana? I GUARANTEE they wouldn’t have had a fight! I hope you “no on Pot” types see the total hypocracy here! Cops are thugs (not all, but definitely SOME!). Also, how many cops drove home drunk?? Can you say DUI? New reality series: “CRIMINALS WITH BADGES”

    1. Dave says:

      Jail guards are not cops.

  39. Gary M says:

    Baca must go. He condones this type of behaviour.
    These are gang members in uniform.
    The news media needs to investigate.
    Don’t let it be swept under the rug.

  40. Gary M says:

    If they beat up on each other off-duty, what do you think they do to the inmates when they are on-duty.
    I love Whitmore as a spokesperson. He would not know an honest answer during an interview if it sat on his face.
    Baca must go!!!

  41. Honest Member of Society says:

    Stop complaining. When bad things happen to you idiots typing like you are so tough you still call 911. These idiot cops that act like kids do not represent all cops, just like idiot criminal gangsters do not represent the entire black and Hispanic race,,,,or do they. Think about you response to my comment East L.A. and Compton before you prove me right!!!!!

  42. Jason Billings says:

    Work Holiday parties suck, end of story.

  43. JDSGV says:

    Ha, gang members in khaki, flashing tats and gang signs, “east side of the jail, homie!”

    And I’m sure they all took cabs home instead of driving drunk (yeah right).

  44. JDSGV says:

    Congrats, LASD, your disgraceful incident has been picked up by Drudge, so now it’s an international story. Way to represent LA law enforcement and the S-G-V, LOL.

  45. BgJff says:

    This spoke volumes to me:

    “The source also said some of the deputies involved sport tattoos that identify them as being from different parts of the jail.”

    They are no different from the thugs they lock up, and may be worse.

  46. Anne Ominous says:

    Why don’t the reporters ask why a tattooed gang is allowed in the sheriff’s department. Also, if harming a police officer is an enhanced crime, shouldn’t that apply to everyone, not just to citizens?
    California Justice is passed out, face down in the street.

  47. Gary M says:

    Gang members in uniform.
    Baca must go!!!!

  48. boshindig says:

    I just would like to know what has actually happen? Usually when situations of this nature happen, it becomes hush hush?

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