STUDIO CITY (CBS) — The new faces of CBS News’ “The Early Show” visited CBS2 Tuesday morning.

The show’s new morning anchor team will be Chris Wragge and Erica Hill, who have worked together anchoring CBS’ Saturday-morning show.

Wragge worked in sports, including a stint as a sideline reporter at events for NBC, until he made the jump to news in 2006. Beside his weekend job at CBS, he had been anchoring local news broadcasts at the network’s New York affiliate, a job he’ll give up to go national.

Hill, who came to CBS from CNN, briefly filled in for Maggie Rodriguez last year when she was on maternity leave.

Jeff Glor, anchor of Saturday’s “CBS Evening News” and a reporter on “The Early Show,” will take over the news reader job on the morning show, CBS said. Marysol Castro, formerly of ABC’s “Good Morning America” weekend edition, will do the weather.

The new team will start on Jan. 3. It marks the second big change to a morning team in a year, after ABC installed George Stephanopoulos as a co-anchor with Robin Roberts and added news reader JuJu Chang.

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Comments (64)
  1. Gramma Rocks says:

    I love Harry Smith, which is why I’ve continued to watch the show through all the changes over the years. I don’t care for Erica Hill or Jeff Glor at all, so I’m done, CBS.

    1. Connie Thomas says:

      I TOTALLY agree. NO Harry Smith……I am DONE. Sad……

    2. Kaye Wieand says:

      I also agree, without Harry and Maggie I will no longer watch the Early show!

    3. Allan Goldstein says:

      This is So Viacom. They took the Rock out of NY when they pulled the Plug from 92.3 K Rock. Howard Went to Sirius. They Took CBS FM and gave us Jack (me off) radio. They finally brought back CBS FM and changed it forever. They took away WNEW 102.7FM. I mean this is typical CBS. They have been known to shoot themselves in the foot before. I don’t know why your surprised. Les Moonves maybe behind this.

      1. Marc P says:

        Wow !! Allan I read your comment and never realized that they were behind WNEW and taking them off the air and also KROCK 92.3.It’s funny because in work people had on 92.3 on to listen to Stern and then listen to work.They never should have let Stern go.I bet the revenue they are bringing in now isn’t even close to what it was when Stern was on.So this move now doesn’t shock me as much, it pretty much proves a point that when Viacom makes a decision it doesn’t appear to be thought out.So with the new crew in I won’t be watching CBS I will be watching Matt and Meredith.I can’t watch ABC,too boring.GREAT MOVE VIACOM you now have let NBC run away with ratings.

    4. Mike Jones says:

      I totallly agree with you Gramma.No Harry,No Maggie and No Dave no Me.Watching this new show is like watching local programming or college tv.

  2. bill says:

    All from other channels and same old boring bull

  3. Mr & Mrs Greg Leforestier says:

    What is CBS thinking? The current anchors on The Early Show, especially Harry Smith, has been what’s keeping us tuned to CBS. Why do the powers that be feel the need to fix something that isn’t broken?

    1. Carol Henson says:

      I have watched The Early Show for years, loved Harry, Maggie, and Dave, I absoulutly cannot stand the new crew! They stink! I have tried to watch it, but after about 5 minutes of that guy that took Harry’s place I turn it off, I can’t stand him, he has the personallity of a rock, so bring Harry, Maggie and Dave back!, looks like you have lost alot more viewers than just me!

  4. Vonda Roedel says:

    Unbelieveable…can’t believe you are doing this. The only reason I watch The Early Show was because of Harry, Dave and Maggie. This is a big mistake. The group made a very professional appearance and keep me upbeat. The new crew acts like they do not know what they are doing and are very boring. Comes across as “okay, here at work, then home”. No humor, etc. Sadly to say, I will not be watching the Early Show ater they take over. Please bring them back!

    1. Lori says:

      I’m so with you!! I love the 3 of them. Wont be the same “Early Show”.

  5. Ray Wargo says:

    Where is Harry going?

  6. Jeanie Cole says:

    You are loosing the best news people around I will not be watching any more.good luck with team

  7. leroybrown says:

    Harry going to Bangkok

  8. Aggie McClelland says:

    We have watched the early show for many many years and love Harry Smith.
    Harry, Maggie and Dave Price are the only reason we have continued to watch this show. What happened to everyone? Where are they going now?
    Sorry, but we probably will be changing channels

  9. sarah browder says:

    I have to say, I am amazed, you would change a winning team, especially Harry Smith, whose honest and when needed compassionate interviewing, have been a trust worthy and honest staple. I would stand Harry against George any day of the week. Yours was the only morning show, I have watched for years, but I guess, I will be giving Matt a shot.

  10. lisachaloupka says:

    where is Harry and Dave going? Their about the only reason I watched the show!!! Good luck CBS your going to need it when you lose alot of your morning viewers!

    1. Barbara says:

      I agree…I only watched CBS because of Harry and Dave, and Maggie. They were like setting down with friends each morning. I do not like this…Where are they now? Your have lost a loyal watcher. Good bye CBS

  11. Neneth says:

    I love the new team, they have charisma especially Chris and Erica, they are the winning team. If the previous team were great how come they are the lowest of all the morning show? The new team will beat them all, they will be the #1 morning show mark my word

  12. Sandy Eszes says:

    Shocked is all I can say. Harry Smith, Maggie Rodriguez and Dave Price are the best there is, & to remove them is one of the biggest mistakes you’ve made. They are the main reason I get up early in the more. Jeff Glor would have been a great addition permanently with them. Hill & Wragge speak too fast & it is very difficult to follow & keep up with what they are saying;. Diid it every occur to you that it’s not the people, but the way the news is presented? Get creative and come up with something new that the competitors don’t do. Stop making the same mistakes over and over again.

  13. carolyn edmisten says:

    it is a mistakes to take harry smith of early show I don’t like erica hill I do like chris harry and maggie made a good team I will have to go to another news .

  14. yashewa says:

    Their not getting the ratings they want, If the people who enjoyed maggie and Harry would have told their friends and got more involved with keeping them significant in the eyes of the public they probably wouldn’t be on their way out! Look how one fan keeps their favorite local anchor significant!

  15. Rita Falzarano says:

    I stopped watching both the Today Show and Good Morning America about
    a year ago and now only watch The Early Show, it has been a breath of fresh
    air. I have enjoyed watching Harry, Maggie, Dave and the rest of the team. Now
    I am not sure if it will be worth my time.

    I hope you know what you are doing. I probably won’t be watching too much
    early morning TV from now on,it seems like a waist of my valuable time.

  16. Marv and Jean Nashville viewers says:

    We watch the CBS Early Show just because of Dave, Maggie and Harry. We will be watching Matt Lauer after Jan. 1. What a big mistake to take these 3 off the show. Why haven’t we heard anything about Maggie? This morning was Dave’s last time on the show. We are very sad. We do not enjoy listening to Erica. BRING THESE 3 BACK. Dave’s humor makes even the weather portion interesting.
    Marv and Jean

  17. Carlos N says:

    The CBS Early Show is all about Harry, Maggie and Dave, With out them There is no CBS Early Show, Just another show. I will be watching something else. and good luck to Harry,maggie and dave.

  18. Bob says:

    The early show without Harry and Dave is like a BLT without bacon and tomato,you lost my and many others interest.I will now switch my morning lineup.

  19. karen says:

    ok i didnt see the show thursday or friday of last week, what is going on. where is david price, maggie, and harry. the show is not the same, and i dont like these NEW FACES, as you put it. why dont you leave the show alone. i look forward to watching david, and the rest of the cast, but not now. so i guess i will jus thave to pick between abc and nbc, which ever one doesnt have katy on it.

  20. John says:


    This will be a Christmas that Harry, Maggie, and Dave will always remember. If you plan to release someone, why not wait a couple of weeks before doing what you feel needs to be done. The dismissal of the ones who came up with this should be the first dismissed.

  21. Amie Lingenfelter says:

    I will miss Harry Dave and Maggie on the morning show,I like how Dave did the weather .You guys good luck on new Jobs .

  22. fern in okla says:

    i watched early show because of HARRY and DAVE now i will be watching the reruns of OLD tv shows in the morning, thanks to the idiots of cbs……………

  23. Patricia Cox says:

    CBS is thinking like all big corporations. They’re looking at the WRONG numbers. The ONLY reason that the Early Show worked at all is because of Harry Smith, and Dave Price. They hit gold with Harry and silver with Dave. I don’t miss Maggie because she was always so mean in her shots, especially to Dave Price. So if there was a real problem, it could have been that. However, having said that, they were still the best morning team on TV. You guys were totally stupid and made the biggest mistake that you could have made. The show now is a snore and I won’t watch it anymore. Now watch your numbers!!!

  24. Darlene in New England says:

    Total Shock. Why won’t CBS release some sort of a statement? I am hoping that they will turn up on another broadcast. I am switching back to NBC, CBS news will not be the same.

  25. Dave Hunt says:

    I’m late to find out about the change in crew and I have to say I’m stunned that you are getting rid of Harry and Maggie. The only positive is the addition of Marysol Castro! I thought her leaving ABC was the beginning of the end for their weekend show…and it was. Starting Jan 3rd, I see me switching back and forth between NBC for the news and CBS for the weather each morning!

  26. PEGGY BOLICK says:


  27. Jill M. says:

    Dave Price was the reason I watched the Early show. Missed a few mornings and he is gone. Why such a big sudden change? I will be shopping around for a new morning show.

  28. ray says:

    If these new people are from the Sat. morning show then count me out. I am very disappointed with what is happening to the early show, I did not like ABC or NBC especially Matt Lauer. I guess I’ll just watch local news cause there is no longer a decent national news program to watch! Horrible, horrible decision.

  29. THORA SHEPARD says:


  30. Marie says:

    I cannot believe they are changing the whole team, they all are so good together, please let me know where they are going. I agree with everyone else, I will not be watching the Early Show anymore

  31. Leigh says:

    Out with the old in with the new. Sorry but I will now be watching the Early Show because of this change. The new crew is much easier on the eyes.

  32. MRS. PAZI says:


  33. Melissa Ethridge says:

    I love Dave Price!!!! I miss him and now as of today have switched to Good Morning America..Due to CBS taking away Maggie, Harry, and my beloved Dave Price!

  34. ram says:

    Totally bad choice of CBS to remove a very nice trio. I will miss the three of them. Dave Price was a hoot. Good luck to all of them. I guess I will watch the Today show.

  35. Amy says:

    Will miss Harry…excellent reporter. Glad to see Maggie and Dave exit The Early Show.

  36. Kassie says:

    Dear CBS – I was reading on another forum and found out about this change. There is a vast majority of people who are migrating from Early Show to GMA and Today. Sorry for you, but I am one of them. Perhaps you can find these forums and see what the majority of us have said about this change. Byebye.

  37. Kassie says:

    I forgot to ask you CBS, if you are trying to reach a different audience. From just half hour of watching this new team, I miss the professionalism of the more experienced mature team. Perhaps you should look at the content of what you broadcast and not the staff – I watched Early Show exclusively until you did not hold my attention with most of your stories. Having said that, when Harry or Maggie worked on a report of did their anchoring I admired it. You may said give the new team a chance but I never watched the Sat. early show because I did not like the style of those anchors who are now on the weekday morning show. Sorry again I am migrating to another show.

  38. Michelle says:

    Yeah they suck… Bring back Harry, Maggie, and Dave please!!!!

  39. Barb says:

    I also enjoyed watching the early show with Harry, Maggie, and Dave. I have tried watchng with the new anchors and am disapointed. I will be watching another channel or nothing in the morning. I Wish luck to Harry, Maggie, and Dave. They will be missed.

  40. c kerr says:

    His steady, calm professionalism, balanced viewpoint, gentle humor and pleasant demeanor gave Harry Smith an aura of trustworthiness we haven’t seen since Walter Cronkite. What a error, replacing him and the whole interesting Early Show crew with these comparatively featureless, cookie cutter anchors.

    I’m so done with the Early Show!

  41. Britt says:

    I do not like this new cast. Erica is okay but the rest of them seem conceted and boring. They are not real people. I want Dave, Maggie and Harry back. I feel like CBS didnt even prepare us for the change. I woke up one day and these people had taken there place. Nothing personal to them but they do not have the chemistry. They seem like the conceted kids from highschool that eveyone hated.

  42. Alice South says:

    I AM SO DISAPPOINTED IN THE CHANGE. I could trust Harry and Dave. Maggie never worked for me, but this new team doesn’t work for me ither. Will be trying to find out where Harry and Dave have gone and follow them. Why didn’t CBS make an announcement? Not very respectful for the faithful followers of THE EARLY SHOW.

  43. elle jenkins says:

    I really miss Harry Smith and Dave Price…. Maggie was no loss. Jeff Glor is a little too pretty for my liking so the saving grace here is Erica Hill….I wish that you had just replaced Maggie and left the rest alone….I don’t think you are going to have much success with this crew….

  44. CHRISSY says:

    Hate the Early Show now will not watch any more. I do not like the new people bring BACK hARRY dAVE AND MAGGIE.

  45. Joanne Hughes says:

    I stopped watching Good Morning America because I was sick of Obama being shoved at me by the anchors. I turned to the Early Show and became addicted to it. I loved Harry Smith most of all, but the whole crew was great. I watched it today for the first and only time since the new group arrived. Other than the Ted Williams story, all I heard was blah blah blah. If I want boredom, I will stare at the walls.

    If CBS was looking for personality, they sure DID NOT FIND IT. Bad mistake.

  46. wade morrison says:

    Don’t. The new crew they seem to like their job and it shows the last crew seemed to have fun and made me want to watch it and they made feel at home with The. Show.

  47. TJ Bridges says:

    I agree w/ so many of the others. No Harry, No Maggie and NO DAVE! OMG, then I guess there’s NO me watching. I like the new crew ok but its like Wade said… H, M & D made it fun and had heart and made me want to watch and I felt “at home”. Like a great plate of comfort food. Dave was absolutely the best at his job and everybody loves Harry! And when Maggie and Julie talked about their kids and home life, well, it made them REAL! Maggie and Dave and Harry were like a family to each other and to us at home. Guess I’m going to go watch Robin at Good Morning America. She’s easy to love too. But I’d really rather have H, M & D back!

  48. Lulu James says:

    I absolutely hate the new team! Horrible change. I will be switching to NBC for my early morning news. I am 35 and not impressed at all by the “younger” anchors that replaced Harry’s team. The new anchors are terrible. Harry, Dave, and Maggie were the best. Stupid CBS.

  49. Donna Cullam says:

    We have given fair viewing time and tried to accept the new anchors CBS hired. FAILURE…… no go…. why you EVER thought this would be an acceptable replacement for the best Early Show team ever, we can not figure out. You failed and it will cost you many viewers, us included ! No Harry, Dave & Maggie???? BUH BYE CBS Early Show, we are moving on to another channel – can’t stand Wragge, like Jeff, but one out of three????? not good enuff ! You really dropped the ball …….

  50. ana says:

    This is horrible. The new cast is so bad. No spark whatsoever. Marysol is especially terrible. The men are not interesting. I cannot watch it anymore.

  51. I do not like the new crew they are like robots and it is soooo boring.dave did alot for you guys and chariety harry was a good ole boy everybody could relate too.i quit watching your show i am now watching matt and merridith atleast they have a personallity.also why would you run survivor on the same time as american idol thats just cruel.

  52. bonnie moses says:

    where did Dave go?????

  53. Julie King says:

    I gave the new staff of the Early Show a few months to adjust to them and now have begun watching the morning news on another network. The new crew doesn’t suit my taste in anchors, Erica Hill especially makes the interviews, cooking segements unbearable to watch. Harry Smith was great on the cooking segments and Dave Price a refreshing breath of air each morning. I loved his weather reporting, special travel segments and his interaction with the outside crowd. I never write to complain but I actually am a CBS gal and was upset to change networks. Bring back Harry and Dave and I would return!!!!

    1. Lupe Pimentel says:

      I agree 100%…I also wouldn’t take time from my busy day to vent about these issues but truthfully I think the new CBS director dropped the ball with the such a sudden change and such a WRONG change. I enjoyed waking up in the mornings and seeing/hearing the facts of the world from a reliable and professional anchor like Harry Smith. It was Harry’s charisma and Dave Price’s humor that drew my attention to the show for almost 10 years. Maggie was a gread addition as well and added some fresh talent. Sadly, I can’t say the same for the new crew. I lost interest in the show and because of I now wake up to a new morning show, I’ve become a fan of other shows on the same channel. I wish Harry, Dave & Maggie much success with their future assignments since they deserve the best!!!

  54. Lung Mesothelioma says:

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