Police chief asks public for patience on investigation

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — LAPD Chief Charlie Beck says skeptics of the Beverly Hills police probe into the shooting death of movie publicist Ronni Chasen should be patient.

Beck says the case will make more sense once the full story is told.

KNX 1070’s Chris Sedens reports

Some Beverly Hills residents and friends of Chasen express doubts that Harold Martin Smith acted alone in shooting Chasen and that she was a victim of a random act of violence.

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Comments (12)
  1. Will says:

    Everyone interested in this story will have their speculations. If Beck and the BHPD think people are stupid enough to believe that asinine story they’re putting out, they need to brush up on their policing skills. Particularly fabricating stories and details.

    Random acts of violence generally don’t have tight military precision shot groups. Why would the guy leave his bike if that wasn’t his only mode of transportation and he supposedly acted alone? Why would he brag about waiting to be paid? Yea that’s not a hit. Everything they’re saying makes no sense.

  2. James Petri says:

    That’s right, when you can’t solve a high profile crime blame the black man, as usual. And in this case a dead black man no less. How about the cops trying on this old and famous concept (rephrased) for size; How can you trust the messenger’s message when there is a rush to judgment. Does it fit Or must you acquit?

    1. Char Siu says:

      Black a man its the right thing to do

  3. Onetome says:

    Are you serious? Let’s blame the black man! Now that took some thinking to come up with that argument. If you do not like how the police answer questions to the crime, then how about you do it. Random acts do not make sense most of the time. But I like the argument about blaming the first black guy. Way to go.

  4. the bok says:

    Why not wait and see before we engage our yaps. Patience is a virtue, and some lack both.

  5. john wayne says:

    Well of course they claim the case is closed and solved, this poor dead man isn’t around to tell his side. In a random act of robbery valuables would have been stolen. I guarantee the gun doesn’t even match the caliber from the shooting. They have to look sharp as in they closed this case only because the have no real clue as to what happened. So why be honest and show your ass when you can lie and look like hero’s . In no way am I discrediting law enforcement, but just tell the truth.

  6. Will says:

    Why not wait? We are waiting. The police should of waited before releasing any information. It’s kind of weird because they generally do. People wouldn’t even be commenting the way they are if they hadn’t released their complete and utter nonsense findings. Their findings are an insult to the victims’ family and friends. It’s also an insult to people’s intelligence.

    If Beck has to rush to the BHPD’s defense, there’s obviously something wrong going on.

  7. ojoboy says:

    I’m a black man, and I don’t think anyone is blaming the “black man” James Petri. Please do not jump into the Race Issue just yet. I havr faith in the the Justice system and the culprits will be brought to justice.

  8. CMolina says:

    It’s sad that some people (like James Petri) are turning this into something racial. The way this all went down, my husband predicted it was a hit a long time ago. The guy so happened to be bragging about gettng paid, the fact that she had connections to the mob… if the police don’t want to tarnish her glitzy Hollywood image (they’re likely being paid off to keep quiet) by admitting this was a hit, then there isn’t a damn thing anyone can do about it. Granted, why the mob would hire a guy like that is beyond me, but likely part of the overall cover-up on all sides.

  9. supicious says:

    the first thing they said was that the gun the guy used to kill himself was different than the gun used to kill Chasen…..revolver/semi-auto, the next thing they are saying was that the gun was the same gun….which is it?

  10. lmnewman says:

    Snowden is completely lame. Costa Mesa suffered his leadership briefly. Thought he’d do better at his “safe” job in Beverly Hills.

  11. Diane Wyld says:

    I do not believe the story and there is another story which has not been told.

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