Pete Sampras’ Trophies, Memorabilia Stolen From Public Storage Space

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Tennis star Pete Sampras says most of his trophies and other memorabilia were stolen from a West Los Angeles public storage facility.

The Los Angeles Times reported Tuesday that Sampras still has 13 of his 14 grand slam trophies.

But thieves took most of the hardware from his 64 tour title wins, two Davis Cups, an Olympic ring and six trophies for finishing world No. 1 in the year-end rankings from 1993 to 1998.

The theft happened three weeks ago. Sampras says he’s getting the word out in hopes somebody offers a lead.

Sampras retired in 2003 and said the loss is most upsetting because he would have liked to have shown the trophies to his children.

He says the loss “is like having the history of my tennis life taken away.”

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  • C. Taylor

    Wow! Pete did sleeveless before Rafa was even around!!! hahaha

    • Myer Goldstein

      Either OJ or George Bush did it. My guess is OJ did it to replace his trophies that he sold.

      • Malik

        Obama did it because he is against anything earned. Obama distributed the rings and trophies to ACORN lazy slobs in hopes of creatiing at least one job before he stutters his way through another TelePrompter talk.

    • mike w.

      i know, right? WOOF!

    • Daniel

      that is a 2009 Senior tournament, so no. Raga did it first!!!

  • will

    why would someone with the wealth Sampras must have keep his most treasured possessions in a public storage facility? Stupid, just stupid.

    • Anthony Perone

      Brilliant athlete….can’t care much about his trophies if he shoves them in PUBLIC STORAGE! Are you kidding me? If he treats them like that, he should return them all.

    • ed

      exactly my point. this is ridiculous. he should have had them in a secured facility. give me a break.

    • Richard Head

      Because he’s notorious for being cheap.

  • Edwin Joseph

    Not very smart to keep priceless mementos in a public storage facility. What a dumb thing to do for a man of Sampras’ means.

  • michael

    I find his saying the loss “is like having the history of my tennis life taken away.”
    a bit disingenous since the stuff was stored in a “public storage space”

  • Brent

    Idiot. Why did you leave it in public storage.

  • bv

    most likely some liberals or illegals stole them- that is usually the case!

  • dt

    Pete, we love you and all, and this is tragic, but come one? A Public Storage Facility?

  • pete used to be my idol

    who leaves their trophies in storage???? cant u afford a spare bedroom

  • shaggy

    What a dumb ass, putting them in a storage unit like so much clutter? They obviously did not mean too much to him.

  • Steve

    The trophy room in his house isn’t big enough to hold all of those?

    • cwxj415

      Maybe he isn’t so vain that he displays his hundreds of trophies all over his house.. Are you actually making excuses for the thief?

    • J. Gorman

      Steve??? People break into houses too.

    • DagnerMouse

      Why would that matter? Does he have a trophy room? Does he have a house? Does any of *that* matter? (Hint: no, it does not, and should not, the man had personal items in a storage unit [for whatever reasons, which are none of our concern] which were stolen. So the story is that a famous person was impacted by a public storage unit robbery.)

      Having said that, I’ll mark myself an hypocrite of sorts by noting that he probably kept them in the storage unit because the homeowner’s / renter’s insurance premiums were too high when they were at his residence. Evil filthy rich folk, trying to jack over the working class even more – how dare they use a public storage facility – they’re not the public!

  • JDub

    Question, why would you leave objects of value in a storage unit… an Olympic Ring might be better in a safety deposit box. Does Pete Sampras not have a above average sized house where they could have been stored on site… I have a lot of questions about this…

  • mark matijasevich

    They were so important to him he kept them in public storage.

  • Ozymandius

    These possessions were so vitally important that he stored them in a rent-a-garage? Either he’s a dope, or something is fishy about this whole deal.

  • Miles Monroe

    Then ya mighta done something more than leave them in a storage facility ya moron!

  • Trent

    Multi-millionair using public storage??… bet nothing was insured either… if sooo important why go the cheapo route? Cheap is as cheap does… do not feel sorry for poor Pete…

  • NotaSociailist

    unbelievable… who in the h.. ll would steal someone elses trophies. you can’t sale them… and that is not even a reason to steal them anyway..

  • Dude

    What is with comments today? So utterly demanding and insulting. It is as if everyone is on an airplane and demanding lobster dinners, coast to coast travel for $150.

    Samprass won a ton in his career…I don’t think there is enough room in anyone’s house for this stuff. Also, these trophies could have been stolen from his house just as easily as from storage.

  • jason

    I keep all of my valuable trophies in public storage too!

  • steve

    Or ANY room in his house! I can’t believe Pete Sampras needs to pull up to a Mini Storage place!

  • bung karno

    Why was his Olympic ring in mini-storage? Seems like an odd thing not to display at home, or on his hand…

    • Jeff m

      Lol, display the olympic ring on his hand? You serious? “I’m afraid of thieves so I wear this everywhere I go”

      I hate thieves so much, sometimes they steal things that you know have no real value. A thief stole my 7th grade yearbook when I was a kid after all my classmates had signed it. Made me so mad. That anger came back the other day when I was showing my kids my yearbooks, so I know how pete feels. Is some thieving loser going to show his kids what he stole from sampras ? Hate hate hate…

  • JustSayin

    from a West Los Angeles public storage facility….you must be joking. Comon man, you have $50 million dollars! Buy ANOTHER HOUSE to HOUSE all your $h1t.

  • Tim

    He should make sure that the owners of the storage facility are investigated thoroughly. I had my storage locker broken into and it was the owners.

    • ron

      I had the same thing happen to me and it was one of the workers at the storage place.

  • Chuck

    They were so near and dear he kept them in a public Storage?

  • anon

    He stored them in public storage? Hello?!

  • sue

    How low can a person go to steal another man’s prized trophy’s?
    They have no value except to Sampras. Pure evil ..stealing anything?
    Hope they arrest the jerk & send him away.

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