FOUNTAIN VALLEY (CBS) —  Authorities said that a 1-year-old girl who fell into a backyard Koi pond Saturday remains hospitalized today.

The accident in the 16400 block of Rosewood Street was reported about 12:50 p.m., Fountain Valley police Lt. Jim McNeff told the Orange County Register.

“The baby was not breathing,” he said. “The house was full of folks. It was one of those moments when the dad thought the mom was watching and the mom thought the dad was watching.”

The girl was reported to be breathing when she arrived at Fountain Valley Regional Hospital.

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Comments (8)
  1. Diane Wyld says:

    Keep an eye on your children at all times

  2. Natalie says:

    It’s really easy to say something like that. Accidents happen even to the most overly protective and cautious of parents. Rather than judge their so-called ‘inability’ to parent, let’s focus on sending positive thoughts towards her healing and recovery.

  3. GC1008 says:

    TEACH CHILDREN TO FLOAT! At the swim club where I use to work they taugh infants to float. If they fell in the water they woulld roll themselves over, put their hands behind their heads and float until someone came to rescue them on until they bumped into a solid object and they would roll back over and grab on. A one year old can do this. It has saved lives. Even a good swimmer can get tired and drown, but everyope can be taught to float. TEACH YOUR CHILDREN TO FLOAT AND DON’T KEEP PUTTING IT OFF!

  4. David sILBER says:

    Why investigate as a crime-see police yellow tape in photo. Most likely it was an accident due to someone not paying enough attention. This is not a matter for a CSI unit YET.

  5. Nicolas Cruz says:

    Yes house full of Folks!! Well may the child will be permanently have brain damage ! I hope a report to Child Protection will follow up on these folks. Some of this kids are my wife students in Special Education! Way to go parents! Go back to the flat screen now or texts!

    1. CarmaDogma says:

      Parents who have lost their children to such tragedy will tell you it happened in mere seconds, sometimes to deal with some other crisis that required their immediate attention. Sometimes lack of supervision can play a part but to immediately spout off blame onto the parents tells me you have never been a parent yourself. This is why we need back-up safety measures in place – layers of protection.

  6. CarmaDogma says:

    Glad this didn’t end in tragedy. Anyone with a pool, spa, fountain or pond should consider layers of protection where young children may be at risk. Occasionally the activists will scream for mandatory fencing or covers but you can’t cover a koi pond and some configurations cannot be adequately enclosed. The layers can also include some type of barrier such as a net, door alarms or chimes to alert you, and they now have alarms that will sound if there is water displacement. But the very first and the very last line of protection needs to be adult supervision no matter what safety precautions you put in place.

  7. popweasel says:

    i bet these are latinos.and the older ones are in the house drinking beer & watching a soccer game. and there are so many other anchor babies running around they didnt know one was missing.

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