RIVERSIDE (CBS) —  Officials are looking for the person, or persons, responsible for abusing and torturing a 4-year-old cat found Friday with her face duct taped.
The cat, who apparently is also a recent mom, was found inside a clothes dryer at a Riverside apartment complex.

The feline was discovered early Friday morning in a laundry room at a building in the 3000 block of Watkins Drive, near UC Riverside, according to Riverside County Department of Animal Services spokesman John Welsh.

He said a resident opened a dryer and found the gray tabby inside with duct tape over part of her face.

It’s unclear whether the cat was in the dryer while it was running, but the feline’s injuries indicated she was, said Animal Services Sgt. Jason Sanders.

“This is an act of a coward,” Sanders said. “Who would do something like this to a defenseless animal?”

The cat suffered a punctured left eye and fractured tooth, according to Welsh.

Animal Services veterinary technician Eileen Sanders said the tabby is able to drink and eat.

“I can’t imagine what this poor thing must have felt going through that ordeal,” Sanders said. “Whoever did this is going to move up and harm other animals, or maybe people.”

She feared the mommy cat’s kittens were starving — “if they haven’t already been tortured.”

Welsh said Animal Services personnel looked around the apartment complex, but couldn’t find any trace of the kitties.

He said a kitten was found in the area a few hours later. Animal control officers weren’t sure whether it belonged to the injured feline, but when the two were introduced, “the little kitty cuddled right up.”

Animal control officers encouraged anyone who might be able to help with the investigation to call (951) 358-7387.

The cat is not available for adoption yet because of its condition.

Welsh said anyone interested in adopting her in the future should e-mail the shelter at shelterinfo@rivcocha.org.

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Comments (39)
  1. 2958 says:

    Give me 5 minutes with the MF….lets see if they like it……

    1. D Garcia says:

      I want her, and the baby, my two girls and two cats and dog, would love to welcome them into our home, however I live in Michigan. Bless these two and may someone with a BIG heart give them an awesome FURever home! Please take good care of them!

  2. Vikingprin says:

    Sounds like the work of a future serial killer.

    1. Tara says:

      Agreed. The people who did this should have the same thing done to them. Period! This is unacceptable disgusting and the people who did this should be caught thrown in jail for life!!!!

  3. david says:

    sign me up for the next 5 minutes.

  4. Soggoth says:

    Future serial killer(s) at work.

  5. Will says:

    duct tape the person who did this to a jet engine….see how they feel…..

  6. GC1008 says:

    I believe in using the judicial system and following the law, but this is beyond sick. Put me in line right behind 2958 and David for my 5 minutes.. If they find him some judge will probably give him probation.

    1. D Garcia says:

      I am after you, unless we wanna team up and do away with them altogether!!!

  7. Candy says:

    Who would do something so cruel to an innocent cat?

  8. Jennifer C says:

    Sick, sad world……………….

  9. john says:

    how could this happen and no one know who did this. It freaks me out.

  10. VFlame says:

    The person(s) shall surely reap their Karma somewhere down their road.

  11. Cherie Bennett Seiler says:

    Why? That is what I want to know. Why?

  12. Raffy says:

    it is time to make this kind of abuse a FELONY. These criminals start with animals and move on to kids. It is time to put these kind of people away so they cannot hurt more animals or someones family member

  13. Val says:

    What the heck is wrong with people!!!???? I love cats! I would love to take care of her and her babies. Poor thing, she needs some love and TLC as do her babies I’m sure. Shame on whoever did that!

  14. oeter says:

    Someone should duct tape the face of the mother of the person who did it and sock her in the gut

  15. Tommy says:

    this is just sick. I hope they find this sick person. that should be 10years hard time. and keep there eyes duct taped for the whole sentence. thats good.

  16. josie says:

    just makes me angry. very angry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that a human can do such a cowardly thing to a beautiful and precious animal that didn’t do a dam thing to anybody. shame shame.

  17. Bear says:

    Just as should happen to fellow torturer Michael Vick, these creeps should be sentenced to a LIFETIME of work at an animal shelter at minimum wage–no 3-day jail time, fines, or muted apologies will ever undo what they did.

  18. stacy browner says:

    I am just so upset that someone would do such a thing.

  19. coda says:

    Do you have info on the person who did this? E-mail me at codachase1@yahoo.com

  20. Weihan says:

    The laws need to be changed so that these types of crimes are punished with imprisonment for a minimum of 10 years!
    In such cases of cruelty, animal rights organizations should start putting bounty fees on the perpetrators so that the culprits will never be able to sleep in peace again!
    CATCH THIS MONSTER! Maybe a good assignment for the black dragons.

  21. M says:

    I think it is a good bet the person that did this lives in this apartment complex
    Highlander Park Apartments in Riverside. I just saw this story on the 10 a clock news and
    I am outraged and sick to my stomach that the person that did this is going free.
    Accordingly to the Manager of the Highlander Apartments this happened 4 other times !!!
    that they have found cats in the dryer.
    Why are not the Police over at this apartment complex investigating this ( CRIME) if it
    keep happening? If the Police are not doing anything about this maybe we as citizens can
    Let’s get ASPCA and PETA , Humane society involved in this and go over to this Highlander Apartment complex
    see if we can flush out this sick pathetic lowlife that did this to this poor cat
    and yes sign me up for 5 min alone with this creep as well.
    If Anny one what so stand up and do something about this please contact me and
    Maybe we can give a voice and justice for all the innocent animals.

    1. Laura Aguilar says:

      I would TOTALLY voice this!!! I want them to meet the same demise they had in mind for this poor litlle girl and hr kittens!!!!!

  22. Chris says:

    you know whats really sad about this??? is that when they do catch this MF…he will only be slapped with a $100 fine and maybe “some” community service!! That is PIG EYED justice for you! Too bad becoming a vigilante is illegal…..

  23. Ron Nestor says:

    Outrageous! Just days after the San Diego story about someone cutting off a dog’s ears! I say Felony too!

  24. Alexander Kent says:

    On Saturday, December 4, 2010
    Kitten Rescue is holding its 4th Annual

  25. Robert S. says:

    Oh, come now! Moderation? Think China!

  26. M.Reid says:

    Im disgusted. Some pathetic idiot livin in that trashy appt complex who hates his/her life has nothing better to do

  27. ivonne says:

    add me to the list but I want at least 10 minutes with the perp…….

  28. carol says:

    Why can’t they catch the idiot if this is the 4th time in the same apartment complex? I am so horrified. I just want a blowtorch, some duct tape and a baseball bat and a few minutes alone with this creep.

    1. Laura Aguilar says:

      I second that!!!

  29. Laura Aguilar says:

    We live in Riverside….and it makes me SICK to know that we live in the same city that this horrific act took place!!! I am a mamma to 3 beautiful kitty girls and I couldnt imagine what they could have done to deserve this!!!! I hope to adopt Snuggles or one of her kittens!! And I hope that they find who did this and prosecute them to the fullest!!! If you dont like kitties fine, but walk away….dont torture them!!!! An animal of any kind NEVER deserves this kind of treatment!!!! Words cant explain the rest of how I feel, but I know I am not alone!!!!! She is a BEAUTIFUL kitty girl!!! If we dont get her I hope she goes to the best home ever!!! WE LOVE YOU SNUGGLES!!!!

  30. Cat says:

    I hope they catch this JERK and stick him in the dryer. He should be put in prison for life and that’s that.

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