LA County Child Abuse Investigator Suspected Of Sexual Assault

Family services worker held on $75,000 bail

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Police say a Los Angeles County child abuse investigator has been arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting the mother of a child he was assigned to assess.

Yadulla Eddie Lorghaba, a Department of Children and Family Services employee, was arrested Wednesday and was being held on $75,000 bail.

The Los Angeles Times reports the mother was being investigated after she was arrested for alleged shoplifting in September.

The woman told Lorghaba she would do anything to keep her child with her. She told investigators that’s when Lorghaba allegedly took her into a room and sexually assaulted her.

Police found Lorghaba’s DNA in saliva on the woman’s bra.

Lorghaba has worked for the county for 12 years.

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  • Kimo


  • OttoBot

    Sounds like this is not the first time
    Nor the only investigator that needs investigating

  • 4kids

    Doesnt suprise me, this office is filled with scandal, they need to clean house.

    This story will be covered up too, just how the affairs between the supervisors and their employees are.


  • oj simpsom

    The woman told Lorghaba she would do anything to keep her child with her. Arrest her for solicitation nobody walk away untouched.

  • HolywoodSaint

    Hey !!…I thought that worked only at the car lot if a hot chick wanted a great price on a new car!

  • Reymandril

    Child’s mother fault, because what she told to the agent, “I do whatever to keep my child”.
    Agent fault, because felt on duty responsibilities and professionalism!!!

  • swhitS

    A bad mother will not say “I will do anything to keep my child”.
    These case workers have power and will and can say and do anything to exercise that power.

  • Henry Pascale

    Look at the people u have working for LA, County…prosecute him and make him an example and at least 10yrs. in Jail. Then will see how many investigators take advantage of there job responsibility..

  • Dee Dee

    DCFS is no joke they will take your kid for a year or adoption. dont argue in the same house or spank too hard! or u will c for yourself! I dont blame her.

  • SoupCanKiller

    How are the children?

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