AG-Elect Harris Touts Civil Rights, Environmental Goals In LA Stop

San Francisco DA to replace Jerry Brown

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Kamala Harris, the newly-elected Attorney General of California, took a victory lap on Tuesday with her first pit stop in Los Angeles.

After winning a tightly-contested race with Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley, the San Francisco D.A. now gets a chance to celebrate.

KNX 1070’s John Brooks reports

Harris says she is proud of her liberal beliefs — including a desire for civil rights, something Harris says she appreciates as the daughter of a Jamaican father and a mother from India.

The victory by Harris gives Democrats a sweep of all statewide offices in California, and a four-year term that could ultimately catapult Harris to the governor’s office, as the position of attorney general has been a stepping stone for four California governors.

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  • Mac

    Go get ’em Kamala!

  • David Martinez

    What about the vast increase in violent crimes? What about the vast increase in gangs from Central America and the Mexican drug cartels that have invade our state? What about the massive influx of violent crimials that we get from Mexico through illegal immigration?

    Shouldn’t THESE be the priorities of the newly-elect A.G.?

  • Mikey

    Free Wade Strickland, prosecuted for having consesual sex with his dog in the privacey of his underpass. “Its our time, were canine, our civil rights wont be denied”.

  • Doug M

    Great another liberal proud of her stand on civil rights and enviromentalism. I’m sure she will make a great crime fighter. He targets will probably be busniesses. More attacks on California’s private industry are sure to come. Gee where did our jobs go? Where is the balance in government?

  • Brad

    She’s a liberal puke that supports taxpayer benefits for illegal aliens.Supports amnesty for illegals and supported San Francisco’s sanctuary policy. Not to mention,no law enforcement agency backed her for A.G

  • Bruce Armstrong

    She was the final nail in the coffin of California. Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, Jerry Brown, Gavin Newsome and now an AG that did not have the support of any State law enforcement agencies. Looking at those names is all anyone needs to know about where California will be in four years.

  • whoCares

    I hear a lot of crying, did the ones crying above vote? It is a little late to cry. I am a registered democrat and I did not vote for her. That is the problem with this country, party loyalty, whether the person is worth a dam or not. I vote for the person I think is best for the country, state and the people regardless of what party.

  • dan

    between her and jerry, this could be the LAST flush for the california camode.


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  • Chuy Licorice

    I hope all you whiners are moving out of the great State of Mexifornia!


    • Saber 1

      Get ajob, pay your taxes and stop waiting for liberal trash to hand you benefits the minute you enter the USA. This Country is weak at the monent, come 2012 the gravy train is going to derail.


    Keep your wallets and liberty close everyone…

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