Man Gets Life In Prison For 1988 Torture-Murder

SANTA ANA (AP) — A Southern California man has been sentenced to life in prison for torturing and murdering a drug-dealing friend more than two decades ago.

Paul Smith, 50, of Long Beach, was sentenced Monday in Orange County.

Prosecutors said Smith stabbed Robert Haugen 18 times at Haugen’s Sunset Beach apartment in 1988, then tried to burn the body to cover his tracks. Torture allegations were added because Haugen was nearly decapitated in the attack.

Smith was arrested last year after DNA tests matched his blood with some found at the crime scene.

Prosecutors say he also pleaded guilty Monday to unsuccessfully plotting an assault on the lead detective in the murder case.

Smith’s attorney, Kory Mathewson, says Smith maintains he didn’t kill Haugen and will appeal the conviction.

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  • Lisa

    Just another senselss crime committed by white people. When will we learn people?!! Whites are nothing but ponzi scheming drug dealing killers.

    • Jeff

      Are you serious? Your comment has to be the dumbest comment i’ve ever read on this site, hands down. White people keep you black people alive, we make the world go around. Without us whites, America would be like Somalia. Every country inhabited by blacks is run down, no sewage, no clean water, and ravaged by rape and murder. The truth hurts, don’t it “sista”?

    • Sarah

      “A senseless crime committed by whites”…BWAHHAHAHAHA!! Are you trying to say that blacks don’t commit senseless crime? What planet do you live on? You’re either mentally handicapped, or literally the dumbest person in the world.

      • Beth

        Hay!, Stop buggerin at each other, whites and blacks have equal rights and we are all human with a different skin colour!!

  • WM Jones

    It’s a shame he was in this country in the first place. With better borders, this could have been prevented. Shame…

  • mister s

    So…. he says he didn’t do it, but he pleaded guilty to planning an assault on the lead detective. Good strategy to prove his innocence.

  • mightyzepp

    He lives in Long Beach, he”s not white

  • Denny

    Another lowlife clogging up our prisons instead of being executed.

  • Susie

    After reading these ignorant comments, excluding Mister’s, all of you should invest in getting a college education, and broaden your horizon.
    1. To blame things on the color of people’s skin is ridiculous!!!!
    2. There are great white people in this world!
    3. There are great black people in this world!
    4.There are great people in all races!
    5. Long Beach is a beautiful city! I was born there and I am white,blond and blue eyed
    5.I am not religous, but Thou shalt not kill is a good commandment! Life in prison is a worse punishment and it is cheaper!
    Also, Robert Haugen was a friend of mine! Dealing a little pot, does not make you just “A Drug Dealer” he was the nicest person I ever met!

  • sobernow

    why must you attack the poster, just realize we are all raised different in our lives and our thought process differs. Unfortunately we have not done a very good job in raising our younger generations. But how about that Technology, Go DNA!!!

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