HAWTHORNE (AP) — Los Angeles County sheriff’s homicide detectives say they are investigating the death of a 10-year-old girl who deputies found unresponsive at her home in Hawthorne.
Sheriff’s Lt. Liam Gallagher said in a statement that deputies answering a 911 call came to the home at about 7:20 Saturday morning and found the girl, who she was later pronounced dead at a hospital.

Gallagher says emergency room doctors indicated the girl may have been sexually assaulted.

He says preliminary findings from the coroner’s office are inconclusive and detectives are awaiting the results of an autopsy, but called the death “suspicious.”

Sheriff’s officials did not say who was in the house with the girl or release any other information on the death.

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  1. Sherlock Holmes says:

    If there was a step-father or mother’s boyfriend in the house, that’s who to talk to first

  2. Mrs. C. says:

    What a tragic situation. The death of a child is always a terrible thing, but when it is “suspicious,” it makes it even more senseless.

    The other recent child deaths have made big news, and the media seems to be looking for someone to blame. It appears the the Department of Children and Family Services has been taking an unfair beating in the news outlets for these deaths.

    As the largest child protective service agency in the United States and possibly the world, DCFS investigates and supervises the care of many, many thousands of children. Trish Plohn and her team of dedicated employees, from social workers to support staff, do an outstanding job of SAVING thousands of children’s lives on a daily basis. The system is not perfect, nor will it ever be. However, the success in assuring child safety and that every child has a safe and secure permanent home (preferably within the child’s own family) has been astronomical.

    It’s time for people and the media to give credit where credit is due, and to commend the DCFS staff for the fine job that they are doing, especially considering the recent increase in child abuse (due in part to the the economic downturn the the continued and increasing use of “hard” drugs), the limited and shrinking resources available to families, the widespread changes to the importance of family in society, the increasing rate of incarceration, and the increase in the legal requirements in the child welfare system.

    Keep up the good work DCFS!!!

  3. protect says:

    I am sick of reading sad stories likes this one, when will these mothers stand up a protect thier child.

  4. Jean Rhodes says:

    Why would you folks release any info. if you don’t have all of the
    info.? Now i have to go to sleep and try not to worry abt. this poor little
    kid!! I’m getting really fed up up with adults not taking care of their children!!
    Why the hell have them if you can’t protect them!!

  5. John the D says:

    I aways say or at least thik, I should wait in pasing judgement, the words used
    are “suspicious” and “may have been” lets wait and see what te outcome is…

  6. James says:

    Mrs. C, it’s nice that you feel so gung-ho about the work that DCFS does, but I’ll never forget the time that I (as a teacher) reported a case of possible abuse to them, about twelve years ago. The DCFS case worker told the parents that I was the one who had reported it, and the parents marched into the office and asked to talk to me. They denied that they had hit and bruised their son, and I told them it wasn’t my job to investigate, but that I had seen the bruise and their son told me his dad had hit him.

    By disclosing that I had reported the abuse, the idiotic DCFS caseworker could have placed me in serious danger. When I called to complain, the supervisor said, “Maybe it’s a cultural thing,” because the caseworker was Latino (Peruvian) and the parents were also Latino. You can compliment DCFS all you’d like, but my first experience w. this organization made me never want to deal with them again.

  7. RA says:

    What no one knows yet is that the child had Leukodystrophy, it will come out soon on the news. Not saying that the child was not taken advandage of by some “sicko”, but the child did have the illness mentioned above and the mother knew that her daughters years were numbered.

  8. Lexushoneybee says:

    I am responding to “Mrs. C.” Surely, you jest! (Or, are you a social worker employed at DCFS?) LA County DCFS is a toxic, broken system as the result of poor leadership and the failure to hold social workers accountable for competency based practice standards. DCFS is not keeping children safe and, in many cases, in creating even greater dangers for these children and families by their own practice failures. Time to clean house…get real leadership in the agency and fire those social workers and other “professionals” who are marginal workers or incompetent.

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