BARSTOW (AP) — Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has declared a state of emergency in Barstow, where excessive levels of a chemical found in rocket fuel has left the water supply contaminated.


The governor issued the declaration Saturday afternoon, saying more than 40,000 customers of Golden State Water Company are without their normal safe drinking water supply, and many businesses including hotels and restaurants have been forced to close.

The declaration releases state resources otherwise unavailable to the city.

The company says it learned Thursday that water samples showed levels of perchlorate above the maximum contaminant level of six parts per billion, according to a statement posted on the city’s Web site.

Perchlorate has been shown to interfere with the uptake of iodide by the thyroid gland, which could lead to adverse effects on hormone levels. Boiling and filtering do not help.

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Comments (20)
  1. The water’s so bad in Barstow, it may contaminate meth.

    1. Musicman says:

      LMAO! Sadly it’s the effing truth though…

    2. Pops says:

      Our society relies to much on our federal and state government to protect us. Look at their record “Katrina”? For myself I believe in being prepared. I purchased World Grocer Canned Emergency Drinking Water with a 30+ year shelf life just incase of such governmental foul-ups. It comes in strong metal cans which can be stored away for just about any emergency. I say “BE SAFE – BE PREPARED!

  2. cougo says:

    Don’t drink the water and this IS rocket science.

  3. itsfm says:

    its probably something from ft. erwin. I bet baker is in worse shape.

  4. Buck says:

    I used to love out there a while back. Heck u get a good dose of all sorts stuff in each glass. If you fill a clear glass up you would watch setiment etc. Land at bottom. It’s the one place I know were u can see what ur drinking. When ever I go back I take bottles. I won’t even shower at my families place if I stay. It bad.

  5. hogger98 says:

    And BNSF is preparing to move 100 families from Bakersfield and eventually the Los Angeles road crew base to beautiful Barstow! Wow, we have already told the company that there is no housing, or services and the schools performace is less than desireable….. and drug arrests are out of control….now we will have to tell our kids “Dont drink the water!” GREAT IDEA BNSF….One more reason to fight BNSF all the way. KCAL please stay on this story. The folks that live there deserve clean water….and while you are at it KCAL, why don’t you ask the company why LOS ANGLES CREWS are part of the bigger picture for BNSF consolidation plan!

  6. mike says:

    perc is also used as a cleaning agent. They need to check with ft Irwin and the suronding areas to see who uses it

  7. Julia says:

    We were told, here on Ft. Irwin, that it has yet to reach us. We will see…

  8. dave hibb says:

    The city is handing out free bottle water, but depending are were residents pick up water they may get a case of 1 gallon water jugs, or 2 case of 500 mil bottles, or have to bring thier own container. Not enough for a medium size family for any length of time. Good thing it is cool this time of year. We were warned a year ago this month of bacteria levels (just within allowable levels) in the water. It’s like when Johnny Cash raised the glass of brown water in the Folsom prison concert.

  9. cheri says:

    are we going to be the next hinkley-lol

  10. Mensa says:

    I remember when Norton Air Force Base did that in San Bernardino. The last I heard a plum was headed towards the Metropolitan Water in L.A. Now we don’t hear anymore about It??? Doesn’t surprise me. Is it any wonder why cancers have increased, autism, and other psychological problems that affect our children, esp. the poor? So your post re: Fort Erwin is probably not far off the mark. Hmmm, I wonder what they’ll find around Edwards Air Force Base? I’m not far from a closed military base? I’m getting ready to leave this world due to age, You poor young people you’re going to have a lot of bad stuff to deal with all the way around. 😦

  11. nonnie says:

    Well, for those of us who aren’t meth heads or producers, who aren’t country bumpkins livin’ in a hokey-o desert rat town, who have the ability to spell and write grammatically correct…and live productive lives in this poisoned town, it’s been hard dealing with this situation and we are but a small window into what truly is going on in this country/world. I would highly recommend becoming educated on the history of the area you live in and what took place. It’s going to take a lot of squeaking to get the oil of attention to all the wheels of this crazy vehicle we all ride in.

  12. Guest says:

    You are ALL wrong!
    It is coming from the Yermo Depot, where only the government knows what they are stockpiling there.
    Good luck ever getting to the bottom of this… the government will cloak it in “Top Secret” and all the residents of Barstow will be up a creek.

    1. -K- says:

      yep, a perclorate creek…

  13. kellie says:

    I personally am a Barstow resident, and for those of you who think were some hicks, get your facts checked, before you speak up. Most of us who are not drug heads, live normal lives with normal families. My kids are being affected by this crisis and it’s sad how we cannot get any straight answers to our questions. My three boys had been drinking the local water for a very long time even with my husband and I telling them not to. Yes it is very true that if you were to fill a clear glass with the water you could just see a lot of stuff floating around, but ever since I was a child has been told that its nothing to worry about, well it looks as though they were wrong. I bet if we were to offer someone of important status a glass of water they would jump back from it. Were tax payers who deserve better for our children’s health.

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