LOS ANGELES (AP) — Los Angeles County has voted to ban stores from using single-use plastic bags.

KNX 1070’s Pete Demetriou Reports

County supervisors approved the measure Tuesday in hopes of preventing billions of bags from polluting neighborhoods and waterways.

The ordinance bans stores from giving customers single-use plastic bags and would require them to charge 10 cents for each paper bag beginning next year. The measure applies to unincorporated parts of the county and will directly affect an estimated 1.1 million people.

Supporters clapped and cheered the decision. Opponents, however, say they are concerned that jobs will be lost and residents in poorer neighborhoods will struggle with fees for paper and reusable bags.

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Comments (15)
  1. Steve says:

    What are dog owners going to do now? I have yet to see a reusable pick up poop bag and the bags they sell at Petco are way too small to pick up a Labrador deposit.

    1. PC says:

      PoopBags.com has regular and JUMBO sized!

  2. raven poe says:

    I do try to use canvas bags as much as possible but they can be annoying. Annoying to carry in the store and remember to bring in with you. Workers give you dirty looks and most suck at bagging with these. they seem to make bagging take longer. Some workers dont even know how to use them. I have had them try to charge me for the bag again, bag it in a plastic bag, bag everything in plastic then put in the canvas bag.
    I have a lot less plastic bags in my house than before. I use the ones I get for kitty poop. Thats another thing…..they make flushable litter which I bought just for the reason not to use plastic but in California they urge you NOT to flush feces because of water contamination. So what am I supposed to do with animal feces? I wont have plastic bags to toss it and cant flush it. I am actually using deodorizer and just putting a days or two worth in one bag before actually throwing it away.

    1. Nick says:

      I had some dumb store personnel do the same, I just tell them before they start bagging: ” hey, please use my own bag only, I do not want any new bags”.
      If they don’t, go ahead and let the manager know. It’s that easy.

      For your cat feces, well…there are other solutions out there.

  3. tyler durden says:

    i forgot…is this a free countries?

    1. Josh Butts says:

      No, this is a free country, not countries.

  4. anonimous says:

    Just crazy. I don’t know anyone who bags their own groceries in tote bags. Now what? Buy your own plastic will not solve the problem of too many bags.

    1. Nick says:

      What the hell does that mean? Just RE-USE your paper bags, what don’t you get about it? Is it really that difficult? How old are you, five?

  5. Casheirs Baggers Need To Think.... says:

    I always feel guilty with so much bags for a few things. So I started taking in a simple large Everest backpack, you can find them for about $10 at a cheapo gifts store…. and watch the cashier will bag the bag for you… which leads me to this:

    The major and mall store cashiers, baggers need to bag more responsibly too. How dare you DOUBLE bag my TOILET paper you …! Or separately bag stuff that could of been in ONE bag.

    The 99cent store has a really bad habit of polluting the world not only with its cheap junk but with too much unnecessary bags. People should be required to buy a couple of those cheap shopping bags. Its NOT that difficult to use them.

    Did you know that Ralphs rewards you with points to your member card thing for using your own bags? Like 5 points that add up and you can cash in… I mean we need incentives like that so people can develop a conscience.

    1. David says:

      No thanks…..last thing i want is Loss Prevention following me around the store because of the Backpack.

  6. Bag Lady says:

    What? No more plastic bags? Now what am I going to use to wipe my butt?

  7. Rebecca says:

    What about foods that drip like milk and meat. It stinks up and contaminates your reusable bag.

  8. queendodo says:

    “County supervisors approved the measure Tuesday in hopes of preventing billions of bags from polluting neighborhoods and waterways.’ I don’t see billions of bags polluting neighborhoods and waterways, and plastic bags have been around for many years. The government is just trying to intrude in and regulate every aspect of our lives, under the guise of saving the planet.

  9. Rich Rorex says:

    If you livein the desert you know how bad the problem is. We have bags blown into our trees, cactus, (ouch) and along our fences. If people would recycle the bags the problem would not have required this draconian response. People, you did it to yourselves! There may not be billions of bags blowing around but thereare definitely thousands of them.

  10. Nick says:

    THANK GOD they passed this. How much longer will we have to see our neighborhoods, environment and water littered with plastic bags? How much marine life do we need to kill with plastic bags?

    I am re-using the SAME PAPER BAGS for over 1 YEAR, there is NO problem with that.

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