SANTA MONICA (AP) — Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer on Saturday stepped up the rhetoric against her Republican rival as she discounted the possibility that a wave of sentiment against Democrats and incumbents is chipping away at her lead.

“I don’t buy into any of these predictions,” she told reporters after a campaign event on the sand of Santa Monica Beach. “Let’s wait and see.”

A 28-year veteran of Capitol Hill, Boxer is battling to win her fourth term in a race against GOP challenger Carly Fiorina, the millionaire former chairwoman and chief executive of Hewlett-Packard.

A survey released Wednesday by the Public Policy Institute of California showed Boxer’s 7-point lead had shrunk to 5 points from September.

The national Democratic Party is pulling out all stops to boost Boxer.

President Barack Obama campaigned for the senator at a rally at the University of Southern California on Friday. Michelle Obama is slated to appear at another Boxer event in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Fiorina, meanwhile, pumped another $1 million of her personal fortune into her campaign for the final stretch. She has used a total of $6.5 million of her own cash.

Addressing a crowd of cheering supporters, Boxer said she remained confident that when voters compare her long record of protecting California’s environment and economy to Fiorina’s corporate resume of laying off workers and sending jobs over seas, they’ll vote for the incumbent.

“When the people vote, we will win,” she said.

Boxer highlighted her longheld opposition to new oil drilling off the California coast as one of the clear differences between her and Fiorina.

“My opponent says I’m an extreme environmentalist,” Boxer told the throng, many of whom were Sierra Club members. “I do admit I want extremely clean air. I do admit I want extremely clean drinking water.”

Fiorina, who has said she is in favor of letting Californians decide whether to allow increased oil drilling, said Boxer was a “hypocrite” because the senator held stock in energy companies, including Diamond Offshore Drilling, until she came under fire for it in 2000.

Fiorina spokeswoman Andrea Saul labeled Boxer a “career politician” who is “out of touch” from voters’ real concerns: jobs and wasteful government spending.

Boxer was accompanied on the podium by Santa Monica Mayor Bobby Shriver and actors Hector Elizondo, Valerie Harper, Dennis Haysbert and Melissa Fitzgerald.

“If it hadn’t been for Sen. Boxer, there’d be oil rigs right here,” Shriver said, gesturing at the Pacific Ocean.

Referring to Fiorina’s mocking Boxer’s hairdo as “so yesterday,” Boxer said Fiorina’s opposition to abortion and the assault weapon ban as really what was rooted in the past.

“That’s so yesterday,” she said in a mocking tone.

Fiorina has said she would not introduce a bill to overturn pro-choice laws, and would judge any proposed assault weapon ban on its merits while strengthening penalties for gun-related crime.

Boxer noted while her wealthy opponent has relied on $6.5 million of her own money to finance her campaign, Boxer has received grassroots donations as little as $5 and $10.

The Fiorina campaign said the candidate has received more than $4 million in online donations.

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Comments (15)
  1. FFL says:

    THe record is BOXER has NO RECORD except being one of the WORST far left radical socialists in the nation! She has introduced NO legislation of note in 28 years of office! WHAT A RECORD! DUMP this POS! Anyone who votes for her will rue the day when she is relegated to obscurity and we are saddled with her for SIX more grueling years!

  2. Beverly Portlock says:

    Yes, Barbara Boxer is just great! If it wasn’t for her help in saving the little fishies in the Delta, they could never have killed agriculture and employment in the San Jauquine Valley. What an accomplishment! Also, we need the oil off our coasts and drilling can be done in enviromentally safe way with modern technology. Without developing all our resources we are beholding to the Arabs or Venezuella and how long can that last?

  3. envengineer says:

    Boxer is far better than the other junk lady, who sent 30000 american jobs to India and China…..She will sell California to China or Bay Area to Bombay…

    1. HarryinLA says:

      Looky here another IDIOT. Please tell me one good thing boxer has ever done for the state of California. Just one……Yah you can’t do it. Boxer is an Oxygen Thief and needs to go much like MORONIC supporters like you.

    2. Moral Threat says:

      If businesses were not treated so poorly in CA and taxed to death, maybe more jobs would still be here.

  4. Hard working California says:

    If it weren’t for the unions requiring outrageous wages for unskilled labor(Jerry Brown) and the fees and state regulations(Brown and Boxer) these jobs could have stayed here but our politicians keep chasing industry out of our state and the two fresh faces know first hand. Give them a chance. We already know the harm Brown and Boxer will inflict.

  5. TAS says:



    1. HarryinLA says:

      You must be an IDIOT. Boxer is never accomplished a damn thing to better this state. It is morons like you that can’t see the forest for the trees and continue to put worthless politicians into office like boxer. Get a life MORON.

  6. committeeofone says:

    Here is another record she can run on… How MANY of our jobs have been LOST due to her incompetent, left-wing, pro-environment, anti-business agenda items?

  7. Rawlings H says:

    Babawa it’s time to retire

  8. HarryinLA says:

    Barbara Boxer is a TWIT and nothing more than an OXYGEN THIEF.

  9. Wiserinvestor says:

    Every drive from the high desert down to San Bernardino and look at the sky ? Well that’s what you’ll have alot more of if Fiorina and Meg are elected. Dirtier skies, polluted water and contaminated food. What a gift to leave our children. You twits have brains that are too small to see the big picture.

  10. Db says:

    Bouncing Barbara has had multiple chances to save 94,000 jobs in central California. Instead the far left wacko that she is, would rather save a 2 inch fish than jobs for the farmers. Do you think the recession in Cal could be over if we were able to restore 94,000 jobs?

  11. Param says:

    Any business or business person would spend personal money to make money. That would always be the basic principal of business including most of the charity organizations. Serving of people is an secondary issue. Just see the track record of present government, they are doing well and whatever they have achieved is more than 2 tenures of BUSH. At least they are not thinking of any expansive war or to invade a foreign country as diversion from internal crisis. They need more time…

  12. NBCDebbie says:

    Voting for Boxer because Fiorina is anti-democracy. She is the candidate the GOP chose to back (should have backed Campbell.) I don’t care how great a business woman Fiorina may be she is not a supporter of democracy by her own actions. To not vote is not forgivable. A 40% lifetime record is nothing in my book. Fiorina outsourcing 33,000 CA jobs to India, China and Russia makes me wonder why she chose to support those countries economies and not her own. I’m guessing its that 60% of her voting life she supported India, China, and Russia. Voting for Boxer to keep Fiorina the anti-democracy, anti-California getting a vote.

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