SANTA MONICA (CBS) — For an authentic Japanese experience without the pricey plane ticket, take a trip to Ozumo in Santa Monica.

This Japanese hotspot maybe a Bay Area transplant but its Southern California cool. With its warm and inviting atmosphere, it’s a perfect place for sake and wine.

The food is simple and clean. Mouth-watering sushi and sashimi. And try out the robata grill..these hot coals grill veggies and meats to perfection.

Ozumo means “big sumo” in Japanese, but you wont be paying big prices. Guest are encouraged to share and try several items. Ozumo is part of the dining deck at the new Santa Monica Place.

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  1. Marc Piery says:

    1) The comment above is spam.
    2) The news story said to follow the link: Seen On TV for more information on this restaurant. Unfortunately, what I found here is EXACTLY what was on the broadcast news. Dine on a dime? How would I know? No menus. No prices. Just a story about the restaurants opening and some examples of the food served. The written article above appears to be a transcript of the broadcast report. It seems that if a news station refers the viewer to its website for additional information, there should, in fact, be additional information. Not just a reiteration of what was in the initial story. It is akin to repeating the first paragraph of a newspaper article over and over again. Disappointing.

    1. Zuda Krench says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Just about every newscast and program with a website uses the same phrase “…for more information”, actually you are lucky if you are able to get the transcript of what was reported because often you can’t even find that. Now many of the sites are not even posting text but rather just a video of the segment because the producers or web masters have decided that most of us are too stupid or too lazy to read.
      As far as “more information” – good luck with that – it almost never happens. The problem is that the hosts of these shows or the news people, the one’s who tell us to check the websites, have never bothered to go onto the websites for their own shows to see if what they are telling is is accurate. When you go to the websites it is often like going on a treasure hunt to find what you are looking for because the sites try to cram so much on to them randomly that it is hard to find what we are looking for. Then often when we see the feature or the report the information isn’t yet posted so we look for something that isn’t there. Really irritating.

  2. Marc Piery says:

    Despite a lack of information on prices at this establishment, if one goes to the review by Yi Z’s Review on the link below, one can get an idea of Ozumo’s prices. I hope that this can help others looking to truly “Dine on a Dime.”

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