LOS ANGELES (AP) — The federal government will loan Los Angeles $546 million to help build an 8 1/2-mile light rail line that would run from the Crenshaw district to a station near the airport.

California Sen. Barbara Boxer said she received the news Friday from U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.

The loan is the first federal commitment to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s effort to construct several transit projects in 10 rather than 30 years. It will cover more than a third of the costs of the estimated $1.4-billion Crenshaw/LAX Transit Corridor.

The mayor said the Crenshaw line will serve as a critical link to the Exposition and Green light-rail lines.

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Comments (15)
  1. Harley_Rider says:

    Seems like $31,000 per foot is a little bit of a high price.
    Who’s pockets are being lined Mr. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa????

  2. JJ says:

    We need jobs not a train

    1. Tom says:

      You are such an idiot do you think it is
      going to build itself? Think b4 you comment,
      next time you may not look so stupid, but
      you never really know!

  3. sc says:

    Idiot…who do you think builds the light rail? Magical fairies?

    1. Buck says:

      Unions build it. And in today’s world unions are good for a very small percent of us. So unless ur union already u got no work

  4. Jeff says:

    That’s why all jobs should be Union!

  5. LA says:

    why not a line from the east to the west. that’s what we all need. blah. another line to nowhere. if you can afford to fly, you can afford to take a train and bus to lax…or a taxi. it’s like no one cares where this thing ends up. everyone just take a look at our train lines back before it was bought out by the corporate interests… it happened then…it’s happening now. capitalism at it’s best.

  6. john says:

    Great news! I was amazed at how much nicer life was on the East Coast when I visited DC, Boston, and NYC this summer. You never had to worry about how long it was going to take to across town, you never had to worry about whether you’d get stuck in traffic, and you could actually relax because you didn’t have to drive.

    It felt amazing and liberating to have real options for getting around that didn’t involve driving! Kudos to Sen. Boxer for helping LA get this loan!

  7. IEFALCON says:

    THIS IS SO STUPID!, IT STILL DON’T GO TO THE DAMN AIRPORT! There is already a Station that just a few mins from the airport. Why can it go to the terminals like other airports. Waste of money!!!!!

  8. Ivon Alexander says:

    Whee did the money come from?

  9. rick says:

    hmmmm spending so much money on land that’s a sand-bed. It has proven (time and time again) to be unstable. Hillside collapses, tunnel cave- in(s).

    Comment about unions is dead on. They are monopolizing work, they are fat cats living large while their product (craftsmanship deteriorates), and they are ever-increasingly lazy.

    1st comment not so dumb. what if this was thought of by him, he had no need 2 say it, bcuz it was cmmn knwldge

    comment about back east is dead on. DC is the model efficient machine. well lubed and runs right…on time.

    What about those double-deck buses that span 1 or 2 car lanes and have a pass-through for cars ahead of them to pass underneath t and in between the bus? ov

  10. ralph says:

    I thought the city is broke?? This will only cover a third of the cost and where does the rest come from?? It seems that this would not benefit a large portion of the city. Maybe we should double our police force?? Oh, that right, I pay more in trash now so I can have the same amount of cops on the force. Thanks Mayor LOSER

  11. Eduardo Gutierrez says:

    I’ve been saying for years we should build a light rail system over the L.A. River. If a light rail system was in place over the L.A. River, I would be able to walk one mile from my house in the San Fernando Valley and make it to Long Beach without getting in a vehicle.

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