LOS ANGELES (AP) — Los Angeles County supervisors have voted to extend a program to have sheriff’s officials screen inmates’ immigration status.

The supervisors approved the proposal Tuesday after months of negotiations between the country’s biggest sheriff’s department and Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Dozens of law enforcement agencies across the country renewed similar programs with ICE last year with some changes.

Immigrant advocates have asked the county to end the program, which they say can lead to racial profiling and hurt community policing.

Several dozen people protested against the program outside the meeting.

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Comments (15)
  1. ROBB-E says:

    It’s only right to check
    Letting them drive off after a traffic violation is wrong- no license, no insurance
    Ex chief Gates vision was closer to Arizona law
    And I have no problem with that

  2. Calisto says:

    Do you just check inmates with Spanish surnames? That would be profiling
    To be fair you have to check everyone

    1. just an old babe says:

      Yeah, Calisto. I think they should check everyone. Not too very hard to do. After all, they have a captive audience.

      1. Calisto says:

        You would think that with the computer systems in place now
        It would be as simple as when then check in

    2. rjr357@aol.com says:

      You can tell by the smell

  3. just an old babe says:

    I think the argument that the argument that enforcing immigration laws can lead to racial profiling and hurt community policing is pretty weak. Anything can and usually will happen. We’ll deal with that. But to ask cops who are sworn to enforce the law to look the other way in case it might lead to something politically incorrect really wrong. Either it’s legal or it’s not..

  4. BJW says:

    I agree with ROBB-E 150%
    Something must be done. Why should we get jacked for all who don’t want or don’t feel they need to follow rules?
    At least it’s a start since we will also be feeding and clothing them.

    1. ROBB-E says:

      Hey BJW
      Thank you!!!!

  5. ron shr says:

    lol mexicans on tv protesting , saying it will make them not report crimes .. lol there the ones doing the crimes . they stick up for there own .

    1. still dreaming says:

      you are great.

  6. Bert Chadwick says:

    Any excuse is good to hide discrimination and racism!

  7. Lunduner says:

    We tried everything, failed
    Maybe an open border with MX would work
    Stimulate the economy
    Keep the factories in the US at running capacity with low wages
    Making goods at a lower cost
    I’m for that
    Just as long as they, their spouse, their children
    are unable to become Citizens

  8. sandman29 says:

    All should be screened, the ones that are found to be here Illegally need to be deported back to their home countries. I don’t care what color or ethnic background they come from , white,yellow, brown , black, green or red. The question that needs to be answered is that once deported, how are you going to KEEP THEM FROM RETURNING. Didn’t think about that yet did they?? Many get sent back only to return a short time later to commit additional crimes. I ask the new reigime what are you going to do about that??

  9. Spencer says:

    Not only Mexicans are sent back. But there are going to be obviously more Hispanic illegal immigrants sent back because that is the majority of illegal immigrants that are here. Duh, they are a hop skip and a jump away! Just look at any home depot, what do you see? Illegal immigrants of some type of south of the border country! We have enough legal citizens that are mooching the system. We don’t need illegal immigrant moochers!

  10. dream act says:

    other illegal immigrant do not drop a baby every 90 days like mexicans, they dont hit and and run EVERY WEEK like mexicans, they dont turn every street into a garbage dump like mexicans, they dont protest in america waveing a mexicans flag. and when they use the restroom….they dont wipe thier butt and throw the tiolet paper on the floor like mexicans, above all THEY ARE NOT LIKE MEXICANS.

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