PASADENA (AP) — The Rose Bowl — a grand old lady of football — is getting a facelift.

The Pasadena City Council on Monday approved a $152-million renovation plan for the 88-year-old stadium.

The number of luxury seats will be increased to 2,500 from 550. The site of the annual Rose Bowl game also will get a new scoreboard, safety improvements, more restrooms and more concession stands.

Construction will run in three phases beginning in January and ending in 2013 to avoid disrupting games.

The city plans to pay for the upgrade with federal stimulus funds, a bond issue, money from the Tournament of Roses and profits from previous games.

The council also approved 30-year lease extensions with UCLA and the Tournament of Roses to continue playing at the bowl.

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Comments (3)
  1. checkmate says:

    Who is getting stuck with the bill??? I surely hope its not all the joe’s and jane’s that work hard and pay their taxes. That would be unethical. If Pasadena feels the need then Pasadena should foot the bill. They could always raise property taxes to pay for it. I think that amount of money could be better spent.

  2. alfred says:

    Well its good to hear the city has decided to renovate the stadium rather than tearing it down. Unlike Cowboys & Giants stadium which averaged 30 yrs old both get torn down, and than spend billions of dollars to build a brand new one. Now that’s what I call a real waste of money. Money that could’ve been spent in better wiser ways. Its really shocking how sports teams that bring in so much money none other than from us fans, and just let it go to waste. This nation is very well known for that, way to go Cowboys & Giants team owners!!

  3. Pat Flynn says:

    Its about time 88 years she needs a face Lift. Clean her up and she will be good for another 88 years.

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