LOS ANGELES (AP) —  A suspected male gang member was shot and killed Thursday evening after he allegedly pointed a gun at Los Angeles Police Department officers during a brief foot pursuit.

An angry crowd formed after the shooting.

Justin Jaeger, reporting overhead in Sky 9, said at one point he counted “at least 89 patrol cars” on scene to try to restore order.

Police had declared a tactical alert about 5:15 p.m. It was canceled about an hour and a half later.

Los Angeles police spokesman Gregory Baek says officers were on patrol near the Imperial Courts housing projects Thursday when they encountered a group of possible gang members.

Baek says one suspect pointed a gun at officers as he started to run away and at least one officer opened fire.

Baek says the wounded suspect was taken to St. Francis Medical Center. The suspect was declared dead after arriving.

His name and age were not released.

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Police say they recovered a weapon from the scene.

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Comments (24)
  1. LAVENDER DIOR says:


  2. usborderpatrol724 says:

    your a moron, r u here illegally?

  3. Chucc_Dee says:

    Well I’m a biological family member of the victim of the fatal incident…. I agree, why would u handcuff a person after shot not once but twice in the back? Then threaten the local residents that if they step back there wouldn’t be any professional medical support to perform on the young man. I was told by another family member that was on site when the murdered happen that the officers didn’t let a licenses Registered Nurse to give help to my cousin.

    1. run and tell that says:

      First of all. A dangerous person is considered a threat until he is subdued and placed in handcuffs. Second, paramedics will never place themselves in a dangerous position to treat a patient. If there is a hostile crowd they are not alowedto enter until it is safe. third, tell the rest of Ur biological family its not smart to carry weapons and its down right stupid to use them on police.

      1. Eddie says:

        100 percent agreement….

      2. Gerard Butler says:

        Well said….I would say most of the ‘young’ residents in that housing project are gang members and dope dealers (all whom frequently carry guns)…..If you are armed over there and get smoked playing chicken with the cops, it’s on you. These idiot dirtbags and their dirtbag families who breed more idiots, are all in cahoots when something happens to one of their dirtbag fellow gang members….And it’s obvious with THIS outcome, they fail to remember the cops actually ‘practice’ shooting and are proficient with their weapons, and not just practice shooting them in the air on New Year’s Eve….

        On a side note…interesting that ‘Chucc Dee’ above spells his name CHUCC and not CHUCK?!?!? I don’t feel sorry for you man….you and the other folks who for obvious reasons don’t ever write or spell anything with CK. Live by the sword, die by the sword, right? This is the life you chose…and these are the risks you take in living that lifestyle.

  4. John says:


    Sounds like your cousin was a dirtbag…..Shouldn’t have pointed a gun at the police, usually that will make you dead.

    Oh and the Police aren’t doctors, they handcuff everyone after a shooting, so that the person who was shot isn’ t able to hurt them.

  5. Lavender dior says:

    u can hide behind your key bored hope u don’t get slapped with keys. Its wrong how a unarmed man can be shot in the street like some animal is just inhuman. No gun just dumb ass cops. He will have his justice u can’t hide the truth.

  6. jip says:

    Kill all gang members on the spot

  7. tori says:

    I have seen this dumb behavior before with young gang members . They always have a chip on their shoulder always posturing with intimidating people. Those are hard core idiots. Embarrassing to any real professional thieves and pirates. This is the type that kill people working at a Duncan Donuts for 100 bucks.

  8. Chucc_Dee says:

    Lady’s and Gentleman, I respect your opinion and pray that god softens you guys hearts and help you realize that it was a young man that lost his life by another human being. Be mindful of the “allegedly”, he did not point a gun. The officer had to protect his self because he know he just had done something wong. I’m not saying that all cops are wrong but the LAPD is know for some crooked things!!!!!

  9. Chucc_Dee says:

    If I can give you some kind of background on why kids are gang members. You will understand while these kids are stuck in a atmosphere that is hard to get out of. When you are raised a particular environment, you get stuck and the only thing you know is what you know. But there is a lot that I want to say to revel what’s going on but no more I can’t see people in general killing other people. Thank you guys again! May God bless you and yours and that you might not feel the hurt that I feel.

    1. Gerard says:

      Chucc Dee, are you giving us a lesson in Socioology? Interesting. No excuse living the lifestyle of shooting folks for $50 at a liquor store or raping some girl in a back alley….all that are committed by gangsters….not to mention the many other violent crimes in this city that are predominantly committed by gangsters. There are plenty of good kids that come out of that area and atmosphere and make a choice…..enuf with the sob story already. There is no excuse.

  10. JB says:

    Chucc and Lavender (hopefully those cannot possibly be real names!),

    You’re both illiterate, ignorant and stupid. You refuse to take responsibility for your actions and cry when it’s someone you know who also refused to take responsibility for their actions. Now you two morons are here trying to tell the world that the idiot who got shot just couldn’t possibly be a bad person, and yet, Chucc is now explaining why the idiot who got shot was in a gang in the first place! There’s far too many examples of people who have put their minds to it and didn’t get involved in gangs and made something of themselves and are civilized. The ‘excuse’ you’re giving for being in a gang and not being able to do better is BS and just that…a lame excuse.

    Please, both of you…put plastic bags over your heads and cease to exist and use my good air. Let’s hope you two dimwits don’t procreate!

  11. Illinois Minuteman says:

    JB, too late, even morons can ,make babies!

  12. Chucc_Dee says:

    Jesus take control of this situation. Cause this is not my fight. I’ve tried and there is nothing I can do!!!! I love those who slander my name and you’ll be the judge of my heart. I pray that their hearts will love like yours. In Jesus name Amen! If there is anything you guys want to say to me directly email me at Chucc_Dee@yahoo.com. Thank you again for your opinions…. I love you.

  13. John says:

    Chucc makes a good point though–there are too many knuckleheads living together in these large, public housing projects. It’s very difficult to escape, and those knuckleheads only cause trouble. If those projects are torn down and different housing found for those people, crime would go way down.

    1. John A. says:

      Oh, we’ve got two “Johns” on this thread. I’m John A., different from the John who posted above.

  14. Chucc_Dee says:

    John I really do appreciate you, whoever you are and thank God for you Amen! To be honest I was subdued to that environment and was a statistic but with God all things are possible and now I’m a ATC(Air Traffic Controller) in academy and I am one of the young men to be able to leave but like I said I wasn’t able to do without God and that I try to get that through not only my family but to the whole world who is suffering from whatever….. I just pray that we might not judge the young man that died nor the officer but just love them with the Love of Christ despite whatever they have done like you have loved them like they are your close love ones!!!!! I really do thank you again! Amen!!!!

  15. Mozart says:

    Welcome to the third world, where miscreants riot when the police do their job. As California welcomes & encourages more & more illegal immigration, this problem will only get worse

    Will the last American to leave California turn out the lights please?

  16. Chucc_Dee says:

    Both “Johns” and a matter of fact all of those who posted on this tread!!!!

  17. wes says:

    Here’s a new revelation…and creative idea……get a job!!! And fools won’t have to worry about standing next to another fool carrying a pistol all the time!

  18. Chucc_Dee says:

    To Gerard: If you want to take it that way you do so. I agree with you there isn’t any excuses on why someone commits a violent crime such has said….be careful of your words now, NOT all are committed by gangsters. Were charles manson, Hitler, GWB, ect. gangsters when the committed their ruthless crime? ….not to mention the many other great kids who try to make there community a better place. For the second time you have said something right, yes there are kids that come out of there and make it. I’m a living testimony of it….. Don’t tell me that kid didn’t have a CHANCE of making this world a better place?.. Pointing a gun at a officer yeah yeah yeah. Read the tread and you will see the key words allegedly and suspected are in there, and once u know the meaning of those two words, don’t blame him until he’s proven guilty.

  19. Sascha says:

    First of al it starts at hone when your mom is 15/16 years old and having babies by different me and theres no guidance in the home thats a setup for disaster. Am I saying the cop was justified in the shooting? Maybe so maybe not if there was a gun involved then it’s like this I’m going to get u before u get me I have kids to go home to. I understand that a mother lost her child I got that but from my understanding he’s been a problem child all 18yrs of his life again I’m not saying it was justified I just think it eas something that was suspected. Noe Chucc if ur related like u said u r then I also know that there are others that will fall victim it’s just a vicious cycle and what I dont understand why people represent the hood like it’s a badge of honor I just don’t get it……Projects = Poverty

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