Redondo Beach Police Say Girl, 13, Led Them On Chase

REDONDO BEACH (AP) — Redondo Beach police say they arrested a 13-year-old girl for allegedly driving under the influence, evading arrest and possessing brass knuckles after a high speed chase that ended when she crashed.

The girl was treated for head injuries and released to her parents.

Sgt. Phil Keenan told the Torrance Daily Breeze that the Sunday chase started when an officer pulled up behind a Ford Explorer that belonged to her brother. He says two boys and two girls got out and the girl sped off.

Keenan says the girl nearly caused several crashes and, when she tried to pass a slower car, sideswiped it, causing her SUV to flip and tumble into a tree.

Keenan says police believe the teens were trying to steal alcohol when they were spotted.

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  • vudu

    Alcohol makes people do stupid things……. that aside….. this is a funny story.

  • Mike

    All this from a 13 year old girl? Got to meet the parents.

  • Lisette Herrera

    This girl shoud’ve got sent 2 Juvi not released 2 her parents, where were they when there 13 yr old was on this high speed chase They shoudv’e been arrested 2.This lil delinquent is lucky she didn’t kill anyone.Future county jail inmate for sure…………..HOW SAD IS THAT<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    • hell yeah

      I agree she should have been sent to juvi, but arrest her parents? never heard of a kid sneaking out? kids do things without parents knowing. guess you were an angel.

  • Tomas

    Why blame the parents, they didn’t do anything. Some kids are just little delinquents that are out of control no matter how good the parents are. That is why there are group homes and juvenile halls! By the age of 13 this girl knows right from wrong.

  • Sean

    Yeah , It’s not like the parents Values were a model for their own children or anything. “Why blame the parents?” Beacause a parent is the responsible party…. Maybe this is part of our decayed social system and fallen family unit system. Thanks 1968.

  • jay

    I live in RB the little piece of trash should be in juvenile hall who is she related to that she gets special treatment?

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