LAUSD To Biometrically Scan Students At Lunchtime?

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The Los Angeles Unified School District is pushing a plan to fingerprint some students before they can get their lunches.

Critics say the plan to biometrically identify students could lead to civil rights violations, but the district insists a cashless food system would pose no security or privacy risks.

Superintendent Ramon Cortines says struggling students who receive free lunches would no longer have to pay with embarrassing tickets. The plan is also designed to save money while speeding up long lines.

As the nation’s second-larges district, the LAUSD serves more than 500,000 meals a day.

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  • notlovinLA

    LAUSD has literally no money for the students’ and teachers’ curriculum and they want to spend money on this idea? What sounds like a better and cheaper plan is to teach the students some compassion and understanding for the students on free lunches. Besides, I don’t hear ridiculing coming from students who aren’t on free lunches towards those that are. What a waste of precious dollars this would be!

    • One who knows

      This system is very inexpensive to implement and will pay for itself quickly.


        Show me your proof that it will be inexpensive. I have a better idea. Let’s give everyone free lunches. That way no one will be embarrassed because they have the money. While we are at it… Let’s give everyone a laptop and new sneakers and the latest big screen tv.

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  • American 1776

    Why should anyone have to pay to have their food? Just give everyone free everything, the taxpayers won’t mind. After all don’t we work so you can have free. Isn’t that the new American way?

  • ginny25

    IF the LAUSD is gong to spend money on anything, how about they firstspend it on verification that all of those enrolled in the free melas programs actually qualifyfor it. I know first hand of many that do not qualify yet receive the meals for nothing. But if they shose to ignore that this is going on and has been since the program started, how much is this newed brilliant idea really going to cost? I don’t trust any of their numbers.

    • Duh!

      So Ginny,
      If you know first hand that people are abusing the system, why haven’t you reported them? You are part of the problem.

  • ginny25

    Sorry for my typos this morning.

  • utopian87

    Once again, LAUSD finds a way to spend outrageous amount of money on ludicrous programs. Spend the money on more useful things, i.e. Teachers/Schools, educational programs.

  • Lomairena

    LAUSD once again doesn’t get it! If your going to invest $ in this rediculous system then just provide free health meals to all students (it’ll be cheaper). Invest the $$ in where you need it most computers, books, teachers, etc. Hmmm, did they just hand out pink slips because they didn’t have enough $$$ to pay their teachers. LAUSD go back to the basics!

  • liberty is dead

    What a wonderful idea.
    Lets gather some unique bio-identifying information from the low income populace to make it easier to convict of later crimes.
    After all, the prison industry needs convicts to help pay the bills, and who better to target than the people that cant afford to properly defend themselves.

    The rate of ‘unsolved’ crimes will go up, the prison population will go up, and who wants these un-desirables on the street anyway right?

    After all, all the law enforcement need to place you at the scene of the crime are your finger prints.
    Go ahead and give them all they need to place you anywhere they want.

    • David

      The system being used has a proprietary encoding system that in way can be used to replicate an individuals fingerprint for identification purposes. Secondly, this system is very low cost.

      • David

        I meant “in no way can be used.”

      • Freddy W

        David: You are delusional if you honestly believe that a system that recognizes fingerprints “can in no way be used” to replicate them.

        Do you also think that downloading Anti-Virus software means that you “can in no way get a virus?”

  • Stone - Like a Rock

    I love it, the idea is: “would no longer have to pay with embarrassing tickets”
    The solution: “Instead of tickets, we’ll be fingerprinting them”

    You think that the students won’t notice that too? Except now your giving them the exact replication of one of the most associated-with processes of being arrested. Kinda stigmatizing them by this association may leave students feeling as if they did something wrong.

  • Spock

    This is all part of the Socialist movement, Did not Obama say he wants Biometric ids on everyone? (oh except illegals, they do not need id’s) this is the test for it!!

  • Adam

    If parents let this happen to their children then they are bad parents!

  • JoeS

    So THIS is where people get the idea there really is something called a ‘free lunch’. It is ingrained at an early age and bulds from this seed. How horrible that a parent won’t pack a lunch for their offspring. It doesn’t cost much to supply a lunch. Our last child is a senior in high school and still takes a lunch in a brown bag.

  • ValleyMom

    The free lunch program at LAUSD is so heavily promoted that at my daughter’s high school this year, locker assignments weren’t issued to anyone until they had filled out the free lunch paperwork. Whether you ended up qualifying or not, or elected to simply put a check in the box for “not interested,” it still showed how powerful the welfare operation in this state has become so that everyone has to participate in it, like it or not. What a lousy message to send to our youth!

  • give me a break

    We’re edging closer and closer to imbedded chips just like dogs.

  • Crosscut

    Could be a good way to weed out some illegals too.

  • Sean Patriot

    We need to Pray.

    Pray for meteors to wipe California, DC and Iran off the map.

    • ValleyMom

      You sure you want to wipe California off the map?

      No other state compares to California when it comes to agriculture. California is the top producer of agricultural products in the nation and has been for 50 consecutive years. You might not like the people who live here, but the state is doing the lion’s share when it comes to producing food for the country.

      • Cogs

        actually it’s the 51st state…Mexico that produces the most food for the USA.

      • Ray

        Weed doesn’t count.

  • gov_spy

    We should install micro-chips into poor people to keep track of them.

  • Aunt Bee

    All government schools should be shut down. There is no provision in the constitution for public education and they are dens of abject stupidity creating unknowing, uncaring and unmanageable dolts.

  • Ray2447

    Don’t forget, there are more Republicans in California, than the entire population of many a Midwestern state. We lost California to illegal aliens during the Reagan years, when I personally saw Hispanic, gang graffiti explode in my neighborhood. Couple that with decades of the federal government’s Dept. of Ed.. ruining our schools and you have a recipe for disaster, that a huge number of citizens in California (read Large number of Republicans) have had forced on them. Bush did nothing about it during his term. What a wasted Presidency his was for true Republicans. Obama is now preparing such a Reagan years scenario for other states. Wake up America your country is being ripped out from under you.

    • patricia allen

      what in the world are you talking about? California is an extreme democratic state. look who is constantly voted into office!!

  • Kevin

    They tried this in Irvine at the IUSD and the parents stopped this fast

  • Sisao Tresed

    My parents were dirt poor, and my old man worked 2 jobs for most of my childhood. He was a WWII veteran, and my mother and father made sure that their 5 kids went to Catholic School, wore clean clothes ever day, and brought a sack lunch each day. We ate dinner at the same old rickety table, and we lived in an old house that my father used as his project, fixing it up, whenever he had any spare time. All of my siblings are successful, family people, who are well-liked within their respective communities. I know what my father’s opinion would be regarding getting a “finger scan, vs tickets for free lunch. He’s say “if yer gettin’ it free, then you don’t have any say in the accounting system.” I guess he was just a mean racist.

  • rob

    My high school Palm Harbor University High School, near Tampa, Fl has been using this system for two years now. The creators claim that no image is taken of the finger, and instead uses a system that reads patterns on your finger print. I never liked this system because any computer system that can identify me uniquely, even without a picture, could one day harm me legally. The only opt-out option they gave us was to remember a 16 digit number and recite it everyday with a line of dozens of people waiting behind.

  • Mike

    What our society is going through right now has been spelled out in the Bible. This is just a stones throw from the literal mark of the beast. Socialism, communism, Marxism–all are evil and all have crept into our society via the political system, by and large, via the Democratic Party. Ignorance, apathy, hunger and desperation have played a role in the ease with which these evils have overtaken our Republic. When will enough be enough? Will the families and students, the voters and taxpayers of LA stand up and say NO WAY! I doubt it. Too few care. Too many are corrupt who are in power. Too many are hungry and desperate and will take whatever relief they are offered. It worked with Adolf Hitler. And it’s working right here in America in 2010. God help us all.

    • joe

      If you are a Christian, then you know that the ‘end times’ are a part of God’s plan. If what is going to happen is part of God’s plan, then you should know that it is GOING to happen, no matter who you vote for. No man can thwart God’s plans.

  • heatherfeather

    Ten to one 90% of the parents whose children need “free” lunches smoke a pack a day, and have no shortage of $$ for beer.

  • Sam

    This Orweillian development is shocking! What hath technology wrought? Oh wait. I just remembered that in 1990 at the University of Georgia on-campus cafeteria they were scanning our hands with biometric readers in exactly the same way. This was to validate identity and prevent the sharing/selling of the “all you can eat” meal plans with friends, etc. I know it has been 20 years, but could the black helicopters still be following me? Is this why I can’t unsubscribe from Smithsonian magazine? It’s all starting to make sense…

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