LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Meg Whitman’s former housekeeper claims she was “emotionally and financially abused” during her nine years of employment, attorney Gloria Allred alleged Tuesday, adding that the Republican gubernatorial candidate knew the woman was an illegal immigrant.

“In short, it was a nightmare,” Allred said.

Crisis Public Relations Expert Steve Telliano Talks With KNX 1070 About “Explosive” Allegations From Meg Whitman’s Former Housekeeper

Allred said that during Nicky Diaz Santillan’s nine years of employment, Whitman caused her “to feel exploited, disrespected, humiliated and emotionally and financially abused.”

“The relationship was terminated last year by Ms. Whitman for what appeared to be political reasons involving Ms. Whitman’s decision to run for governor,” Allred said.

Allred contended that Whitman knew her client was an illegal immigrant, but kept her employed until she decided to run for governor.

Tom Hiltachk, Whitman’s attorney, denied the allegation.

“This person was initially hired by Meg Whitman in November 2000,” Hiltachk said in remarks reported on the Los Angeles Times Web site. “She filled out standard (Internal Revenue Service) forms and Department of Justice forms and presented her Social Security card and California driver’s license. She filled out immigration forms that stated under penalty of perjury that she was a lawful resident.”

Hiltachk said the woman admitted in June 2009 that she was not a legal resident.

“She was immediately suspended and terminated on June 29, 2009,” he said.

Whitman’s spokeswoman Andrea Jones Rivera released the following statement:

“With the polls tied, it comes as no surprise that the morning after a successful debate for Meg that the sleaze machine of the political left is now focused on the politics of personal destruction. Gloria Allred is a shameful manipulator and the timing of today’s news conference so close to the election should serve as a warning to Californians that they are witnessing dirty political smears at their worst.”

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Comments (101)
  1. ReginaM says:

    Ooooohhhhh boy. Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!

    1. Ritch says:

      First, it was abstainng from voting; a right we have fought for and died for since this country’s inception. If the allegations turn out to be true, this shows another arrogant, devil-may-care attitude of Meg.

      1. Maynard Cole says:

        Gloria Allred defends liars and it is already proven who the liar is here. Nicky Dias Santillan. I don’t like Gloria Allred but know she is intelligent. She was a total fool to get into this one. Proves only she is Democrat. Have any doubts go to http://www.tmz.com/person/mocjy-diaz-santillan

  2. ginny25 says:

    Although we don’t know what the ‘explosive’ allegations are, if working for her wasso bad why was she there for 9 years? I’ll hold my judgement until the details are released.

    Besides, last time Jerry Brown was our Govenor his housekeeper had to go on permanent disability for a back injury she had while makming his bed day after day on the floor because Jerry had it on the floor instead of on a bedframe. Taxpayers paying for our wingnuts foolish lifestyle.

    1. WIREGUY_BILL says:

      Take a look at the picture why do republicans always try to hide the fact they are drag queens, Is he/she ashamed to admit it!!

    2. KC Heylin says:

      Ain’t it the truth!! And the shrill, self-absorbed Gloria Alred is, as usual, using ANY opportunity for her own self-promotion. She could care less about this woman and YES – – if it was horrible with Meg Whitman, why didn’t she work for someone else? It’s a free country. Smells like a stinkin’ rat. . .

      1. L. Payne says:

        Maybe I’m remembering incorrectly, but wasn’t Ms. Allred accused of this very same thing a few years ago?

    3. Peggy says:

      too funny that her team is calling this “sleaze politics”. isn’t this what she has been doing with her millions since she came on the scene? she has been using an old debate between Brown and Clinton and chopping it up to make him look bad. I say if should be a law if you are gonna use old t.v. stuff, you have to run it without editing. We are in trouble if this lady, and I use the term loosely, gets elected. Ginny, it must be so awesome to have never worked in a place you hated because you needed the money.

    4. m96 says:

      ginny25 I totally agree with you! If it turns out to be true, she’s not the first and not the last and why would anyone stay with someone for 9 years if it was that bad. Oh and i love how she shed not even 1 tear.

  3. M. North says:

    Since most of California’s problems can be traced directly back to Moonbeam’s previous stint as governor, if the people of this state re-elect this bozo it’s time to go.

    1. Karen says:

      Not to mention he said nothing of substance in the debate yesterday. Brown believes he is entitled to win. He’s not going to win. That is why the dirty tricks have just begun.

      1. no one says:

        time to blame Obama its his fault that a GOP two faced lair. hired a illegal alien for NINE years. Whitman swore bush pass a law letting them all be legal.

  4. tom t says:

    The two of you sound like shills for the republican party. What if the woman had no choice but to work. You obviously never had to stick it out at a bad job.

    1. E says:

      She was illegal. She shouldn’t have been in this country to begin with…End of story. As for Gloria Allred. Well, she pays enough to keep her face from falling off, of course she will do anything for camera time.

      1. Joe NY says:

        Would anyone, legal or not, tolerate NINE YEARS worth of abuse and emotional torture? I doubt it. This is a sham because this woman cannot find a job-PERIOD! Meg did the right thing. Were she caught with an illegal presently working for her, she’d have been castigated by the left-wing media anyway! I hope she wins the election big time and sues the hell out of that media wh*re Allred for defamation and slander.

  5. Mike says:

    Amazing how people kill themselves to support someone over something they know nothing about! Bad things don’t always occur the first day on the job. Some patterns take years to develop. By the way, billions of people sleep on the floor throughout the world. Many in this country as well, perhaps for back problems or some other reason. You want to pass a law prohibiting sleeping on the floor? We’re surrounded by idiots!

  6. Marilyn says:

    The timing of this annoucement is very suspect. If she worked for Whitman for 9 years, why wait until now to discuss her allegations. Anyone Gloria Allred represents has the “sleaze factor.”

  7. Mike says:

    Don’t know any “moonbeam”. Knew a governor who cut taxes, created jobs and was the first to preach “more is less”. Perhaps we should have listened better. Was he perfect? No. No one is. But It’ll be a cold day in hell before I vote for a corporate shill who’s every plan revolves around tax breaks and give-aways for the wealthy and mega-wealthy, and corporations.

    1. Kim Greene says:

      Tom T. big news, YOU NEVER have no choice to work. There are other jobs, some a little less glam than working for a billionaire. While you will no doubt group me in with your “shills for the Republican party” I have to return – and you sir are one of those hippies who never grew up. But I’m guessing you still live in Berkeley right?

    2. Karen says:

      It is apparent you did not listen to the debate. Meg will focus on 3 points: JOBS, education and efficient government. And frankly, you and I can vote in November so that tax breaks are given to corporations who hire IN THIS STATE without having anything to do with Meg. I am for for tax breaks provided businesses hire in this state because THEY WILL generate jobs.

  8. M. North says:

    Well, since I’m a registered Independent let me just say this about that…and let me be crystal clear: I would rather be a shill for the Republican party than a brain dead liberal who would stoop to vote for Moonbeam just because he’s a DimocRAT.

    1. Karen says:

      I am with you M. North. I too am an independent voter. Originally I picked Whitman because Brown ticked me off when he refused to support Prop 8 in federal court. Who does he think he is by disregarding our vote and telling the court what HE wants. After the debate, I am HAPPY to vote for Whitman. She has a plan. She is polished. She speaks well. Brown is Bozo the Clown.

  9. Angie says:

    I cant wait for someone to sue Gloria Allred. She must be the most perfect person on the face of the planet. Why is it she only comes out during a big issue???

    1. Karen says:

      A wage dispute IS NOT a big issue. Shame on CBS for making a big deal out of this story. It’s not headline news. I listen to KNX1070 all day. The way this story was positioned, I was expecting something much more than a wage dispute. Big freaking deal.

  10. M. North says:

    Moonbeam = state employees unions = bankruptcy. Cut taxes? Give me a break. I refuse to be lectured to about fiscal responsibility by a liberal Moonbeam voter.

  11. LW says:

    Let the mop and broom revolt begin by sweeping one bad “Whitch” into the dustbin.

  12. Lisa says:

    What timing huh? Wonder what she’s getting for this one…………………….mmmmmmmmmm

  13. M. North says:

    Has Moonbeam ever in his entire pitiable wasted life ever created one single dollar of wealth to compensate for the billions his stupidity has cost this state? Even one?

  14. SAMO SAMO says:


    1. Mary L. says:

      Gloria Allred is a shameful manipulator and the timing of today’s news conference so close to the election should serve as a warning to Californians that they are witnessing dirty political smears at their worst.” You’re right, Samo Samo!

  15. Will Perez says:

    I am voting for Moonbeam he is for legalizing medical marijuana.

  16. Frank Nguyen says:

    This is all about dirty campaign politics. It’s so naive to believe in all those news.

  17. M.North says:

    As I said, Will, the brain dead will continue to vote for DimocRAT thieves while the rest of us work to pay for their sorry butts. Not for much longer.

  18. Buck Futt says:

    Dirty tricks from the California Libs just before an election. Talk about dog bites man.

  19. bojo says:

    take home message? stop hiring latinas

  20. CantBuyCalifornia says:

    Meg Whitman came off as being so unnatural because she had to memorize so many stock lines. Plus she had a fake smile plastered on her face so often you could see her facial muscles quivering. I don’t trust anybody who doesn’t vote and can’t speak off the cuff.

    1. Karen says:

      I am curious how you feel about Brown because he’s trying to buy California by pandering to special interest groups.

      1. Vanessa says:

        @Karen – Meg Whitman has spent more money than any candidate in history.. Who is she pandering to?

  21. Calgal says:

    I am getting so sick of all this mudslinging and dirty politics that go on every time we have an election. And that goes for both sides. It should be outlawed and the candidates should only be able to discuss the issues and what they plan on bringing to the table. They shouldn’t be allowed to even mention the other side.

  22. dean says:

    yelp to the reactionary republicans that also work in california: you, too, benefit enormously from the labor and employment laws in place to protect workers from unfair practices thrust upon them. employers have an unfair advantage. i do suspect that the philosophical underpinnings of these needed laws derived from the left that you love to malign. how about defending the allegations instead of attacking the accusor?

  23. Roger says:

    For the record, the term moonbeam stems fro mBrown’s crazy idea that police and emergency personnel should be able to communicate in a secure manner via satellites etc..guess what, thats’ what they do today. Pays to have vision

  24. rjsmitty says:

    This makes me laugh, this cant be politically motivated could it? CBS is such a tool cherry picking news articles from AP to push the failing democrat agenda ! They get an A+ for lap dog status..

  25. Karen says:

    Why did the maid wait to file a claim? Not to mention, where did the maid get the super high retainer that Allred requires of most clients? A famous actress and I worked for the same employer. The actress was suing the employer for discrimination. I also had a claim but Allred wanted a huge retainer that I could not afford and I made more than maid wages. So again, I ask, why is Allred involved with this wage dispute? There is one reason. Allred is scared silly that Whitman will win and Allred can’t manipulate Whitman like she can Brown.

  26. Barry Cohen says:

    I cannot comprehend why the Republicans expressing themselves for a woman who devoted herself and life mission to personal enrichment should be so crude and insulting to a former seminary student who devoted his life mission to public service. JERRY BROWN has been ostracized throughout his life for his devotion to honored American values so highly proclaimed as Tea Party standards and criticized throughout JERRY BROWN’s career as a throwback to past old-fashioned generational values and standards.

    MEG is a “Me generation” self-absorbed, self-centered dot com multi-billionaire on a private journey to dispose of her mega assets without payment of capital gains tax that might serve public interest.

    JERRY is still on a quest to find Camelot and social justice. And if Diogenes needed a candle for his quest, I take no offense if JERRY BROWN utilizes a “moonbeam” in his search for social, political and moral justice.

    It is clear who best serves CALIFORNIA.

    1. Karen says:

      I can not believe you seriously believe that Brown did anything for Californians, especially when he did not support OUR VOTE in federal court over Prop 8. Brown has a fiduciary duty to us and he renegged. So exactly how is it that he is working for us?

      1. vudu says:

        I cant believe so many people are using the prop 8 issue as an excuse to be anti brown. Its not like the vote was 70/30…. it was 52/48….. very close, and i suspect closer still if everyone who should have voted actually did. Gay marrige has what to do with the california economy? Using prop 8 as a Jerry bashing tool is grasping at straws. He did what he thought was right. Doesnt mean im necessarily voting for the guy…….. but cant stand reading stupid off topic arguments.

      2. Karen says:

        Since I can not reply to vudu, I’ll reply this way. Californians HAVE NEVER agreed to gay marriage and 52/48 is still 52 against and 48 for no matter how you slice it. We voted twice in case you did not remember and the vote was the same. NO to gay marriage. And it is a fact that as Attorney General, Brown should have defended our vote. PERIOD.

      3. vudu says:

        Karen, even a gay basher such as yourself must realize that it will eventually be passed in a vote, and likely by a very small margin. Will i then see you on local news boards like tis one defending gay marrige because voters approve it? No. Instead i expect you will be talking about how the vote means nothing and how the politicians need to do whats right. Just because someone is in political office does not mean thy need to stop thinking for themselves. Dont like it? Then dont let them get in office to begin with. Remember that IF Brown gts in office and helps gay marrige to become legal down the line…….. we voted him in…… no complaining now. Doesnt make your relationship any less valid. Stop letting the bible tell you whats right. Its just the scribblings of some long dead men.

      4. Karen says:

        vudu – Stop the name calling. It does not do a thing for your argument. I did not bash gays. That is YOUR wrong perception. I said that Brown renegged on his fidicuary duty. He did reneg.

        You are speculating that gay marriage will be voted in by the voters of this state. You have ZERO evidence to base this alleged vote on, particuarly since it is not on the ballot because there was no support for it.

        Further in Brown’s answer to the federal judge, he cited the history of how Californians have always said no to gay marriage.

      5. vudu says:

        Im speculating with zero evidence? The idea of gay marrige has been around for quite awhile. You are correct that the majority has never approved it, but every time they take a poll or vote, the the anti-gay (like yourself), number less and the people who dont mind the idea of gay marrige number a bit more. It is gradually gaining acceptance and if the trend continues, it will eventually reach voter majority approval….. eventually. As for my name calling…. haha, I dont need to know you to know a little bit about you, its in the comments. Oh and another thing……. you said gay marrige is not on the ballot his time because it has no support? You serious? You know very well it has lots of support. It just wouldnt make any sense to spend money this soon trying to put it back on the ballot when we are still waiting for the courts to get done playing with it from the last election.

      6. Karen says:

        Yes, ZERO evidence. The gay people screamed that they were going to put this on the ballot and did they? NO.

        The only poll that counts is the ballot box.

        And if you are waiting for the courts, please be advised that the Supreme Court will declare that the feds do not have jurisdiction over marriage because marriage is under the authority of the state.

        The ONLY reason Judge Walker took the case? HE’S GAY. He should have recused himself.

        I am not anti-gay either. I am against gay marriage. Totally different.

    2. CMolina says:

      You, sir, live on a cloud and are clearly not in touch with what Brown did to California years ago.

      1. Karen says:

        We Californians did not hire Brown to do what he feels right as an Attorney General. We hired him to be the Attorney General FOR US and he renegged. It’s that simple.

  27. Roger says:

    I didn’t know who Alred was before this but good for her. Like GOP never ever waited for last minute smears, difference is this one is probably trus unlike the Bush lies lies lies. Whiman is like Bush, a liar and greedhead

    1. rjsmitty says:

      So you must just be beside yourslef on all the lies oblama says!

      1. rjsmitty says:

        The truth is any one who votes just along party lines is a TURD and should have there voteing rights revoked , but that would be a human rights volation.. LOL

    2. CMolina says:

      Gloria Allred is a JOKE. She only takes on the lowest parasites in society as her clients. She’s a Brown supporter and it’s no surprise she’s coming out with this garbage now.

    3. Karen says:

      You’re luck you did not know Allred before this. You didn’t miss anything.

  28. rjsmitty says:

    OMG i had just fired her for stealing my social security card !!!!!

  29. GOD says:

    Marriage is between a man and woman. PERIOD.

    And yes,I do have an internet connection up here.

  30. Jim says:

    So many of these comnments pour abuse on the housekeeper, her attorney Allred and candidate Brown. Our political culture has become very nasty and vindictive. I don’t like what this lawsuit reveals about candidate Whitman. I don’t like that she rarely voted in our elections. I respect Brown’s solid experience and values, espeically as Attorney General. I believe he has the know-how and courage to start fixing California’s problems.

    1. CMolina says:

      Jim – When Brown was governor YEARS ago, he did NOTHING for this state. He is a career politician. Check his record! He suddenly resurfaced as this great guy & great attorney general, when he was only serving as AG for his own political gain. Just look at what Slick Willy said about Brown and they’re in the same party!

      Gloria Allred is a sleazeball, a leach who deseperately tries to get all the media attention she can. She represents society’s parasites & hasn’t won any cases for anyone! She’s a JOKE!

      1. Karen says:

        Well she did help put Scott Petersen behind bars because of her client, but other than that, I can not think of anything.

    2. Karen says:

      What does the lawsuit reveal about Whitman? That she is an HONEST person who refuses to break the law by hiring an illegal alien?

  31. MMcK says:

    All politicans, lawyers, judges, make no difference what label they put on they are all crooks.

  32. Buck says:

    Republican for life here no more wasted typing

  33. rjsmitty says:

    “exploited, disrespected, humiliated and emotionally and financially abused.” thats how obama makes me feel ? I guess we are all American after all.

  34. JoM says:

    Gloria Allred is just 1 typical lawyer, she is not There to help the Housekeeper but to exploit and part with the goods just in case Whitman settles this. She is just a Benjamin Crusader. All for the money….

  35. JET says:

    My thing is taxes, why should the RICH pay less then the rest of us middle class people we all should pay the SAME…I dont mind paying taxes if society as a whole gets something out of it… decent heathcare education, retirement roads…or whatever for us Americans…

    Not make RICH people Rich… that is not so called socializm its called protecting our people in a free market economy… not doing what the republicans want to do is KILL people with our military, sellout, strip and hollow out our state and country and kick our american people out to the curb…

    Thats exactly what the REPs will do cause all they care about is $$$ Religion and WAR…nothing ever for people…

    1. rjsmitty says:

      Got an issue GET A TISSUE ! obama has turned this plane around just to steer it towards the towers !

    2. Karen says:


      Where are you getting this incorrect information?

  36. L One says:

    Whitman never took the time to vote, why would she take the time to verify information submitted to her at the time of hiring to do an actual background/legal residency check? Had she sought out the proper agencies to confirm the information she wouold have known that Ms. Santillian is not a legal resident. Hmmm, makes you wonder, and this woman wants to be Govenor.

  37. COWBOY says:


    1. rjsmitty says:

      The state gov. puts such a hurt on companies that they are running out of this state to avoid taxes and the environmental polices that strangle them to death . That’s what you are trying to say right?

  38. Barb says:

    If she is an illegal immigrant, ship her back to wherever she came from; problem solved.

    1. Karen says:

      But, since this maid is helping out Brown, she won’t be deported. Hmmm.

  39. MoRacker says:

    Did the attorney general of our state arrested this crimily after the news conference? I am sure she is a tax fraud too. She probably has 30 exemptions on her w4 for the people in her clown house.

    1. Karen says:

      Good point Mo but probably not. Jerry Brown does not follow the law. He does what he wants.

  40. rjsmitty says:

    This could of all been avoided by the maid coming here legally ! so she needs to be held responsible for her actions that have brought her such pain.

  41. Brian says:

    Those of you insisting that Meg has a plan…of course she does! Who on earth would spend over $100 million of their own personal wealth to buy an office if they didn’t have a plan?

    The question is: do you really want to elect her to find out what the plan is?

    I sure as hell don’t. I’m terrified.

    Brown may not be a great candidate, but sometimes you gotta choose between the lesser of two evils. I’m pretty sure that regardless of who is in the room with Meg, she is NEVER the lesser evil.

    1. Karen says:


      You need to check out her website if you want to know the plan. You won’t find out by divine intervention.

      Yes, I plan to vote for Whitman. I detest Brown.

      After the debate last night, I became excited to vote for her BECAUSE OF HER PLANS which I did not obtain by divine intervention. I listened to what she had to say.

  42. Upset Customer says:

    The bigger issue is –

    when does Apple plan to correct my iPhone 4 antenna problem?!!

    The free case isn’t cutting it!!

  43. Jeff says:

    You have to wonder … who sought out who? Does anyone really think the housekeeper sought out Gloria Allred?? Or more likely Vice versa? Between that and the perfect timing … does any THINKING Californian give much credibility to this story?

    Besides that, am I the only one who thinks that a choice between Brown and Whitman puts California at or near an all time low???

    1. Karen says:

      Jeff and everyone else complaining about the two candidates – WHERE WERE YOU DURING THE PRIMARY?

  44. Duh! says:

    I think we are missing the more important point here.

    Gloria Alred believes that criminals should not be treated as criminals. Why else would she be backing a criminal in a lawsuit that has nothing to do with her client being a criminal?

  45. J says:

    Ok … so anyone who wonders why our legislators can’t seem to do anything with our fiscal disaster needs only look as far as Karen and Vudu. Like them, the leaders of our state like to argue, badmouth, whine … and ignore the issues at hand in favor of their own agendas. Karen Whitman and Vudu Brown … it’s time to shut up in favor of some constructive comments and solutions!

    Anyone else agree?

    1. Karen says:

      I take exception to your characterization of me. I did not badmouth anyone or whine for that matter. Please look up the definitions of these words before using them again. Thank you.

  46. tombr says:

    Do any of you wingnuts really believe anything Allred says? If you do, you need to get a life, she is the most self-serving individual in this country. The state bar really needs to investigate her for her abuse of the human race.

  47. michele says:

    This is hysterical…the sequel to Primary Colors.
    The sobbing worker is so high drama…did they get her at central casting?
    And how many times did Gloria mention her book in this morning’s press conference?…Thanks for the entertainment.

  48. buck says:

    $23 an hour is financial abuse. HAHAHHAHAHAHA . How much money did the democRATS offer her to do this? She LIED plain and simple. Brown idiots must really be trying to dig deep here.

  49. phillip null moore says:

    To get on stage and tell employers not to hire illegals and you have one yourself is so stupid. As for prop 8, if marriage is so sacred between a man and a woman, then why are there divorces? Marriage is not sacred.

    1. Karen says:

      Whitman FIRED the illegal when she found out.

      1. pmoore says:

        GOD willing, tomorrow we shall see when Meg Whitman knew about it.

  50. Larry Johnson says:

    This ILLEGAL submitted all the paperwork, was paid $23/Hr ($4,000/Month), for NINE YEARS, and she was abused? Give me a break. As soon as you see Allred is involved, you know it’s BROWN, as in BS! I’m not a big Witman fan, but she’s better than Brown who knows nothing but living off his dad’s name and the public trough. My God People, wake up will you?

  51. John says:

    She was illegal. She shouldn’t have been here,what penalty is she getting now
    for breaking the low??
    $23.0 per hour… more that a college graduated and complaining ??
    Makes a lot of people sick…..
    As for Gloria Allred-dirty tricks -just to support Brown……..
    Now I decided where my vote will go…

  52. april says:

    Who hires illegal immigrants to clean their house and watch their brats day? RICH PEOPLE! People that go to work everyday struggle to make ends pay for childcare outside their home cannot afford hired help. MEG AND ALL THE REST KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE PAYING FOR. 9 YEARS AND NOW YOU FIND OUT SHE IS ILLEGAL. give me a break. Over worker and underpaid why come here and work for a rich woman. Should have stayed in ur country and I gurantee her ass would not have retained a lawyer to complain of the mistreatment she endured. Only in America can an ilegal alien get free money foodstamps medical and jobs. Schools are overcrowded. If you are illegal your child should never obtain US citizen status if born here. Deport the mother back home and let her country contend with their citizen not our taxpayers. This country is ass backwards.

  53. TruthSeeker says:

    Dave: GREAT question to Alred! “If Jerry Brown had hired an illegal would we be here?” And Gloria was dumbstruck. It is embarrassing that reporters are chasing this story. If the woman was so abused and mistreated (MAKING $23 an hour, mind you!) why did she stay for NINE YEARS! C’mon. How stupid do people think we are? Gloria is getting dumber every year. Timing is everything, dear. Sheesh.

  54. TruthSeeker says:

    My friend, the CPA says that Social Security sends letters all the time to employers telling them that people’s Social Security info doesn’t match. Sometimes, it’s because the person forgot their middle name on the 1099 form. Other times, it’s more sinister and they are using an illegal card. BUT THE LETTER ALWAYS says, this letter does not determine the legal status of the above named person. It merely points out an error. If the Whitmans didn’t follow up (maybe they called the agency who assured them that she was legal and they would take care of it) well, then they are guilty of being dumb. When they let her go because she was illegal, they were being honest. Since when is that a crime? Would any of you know how to help an illegal alien become legal? I doubt it! WAIT UNTIL THE REAL FACTS COME OUT. It will all blow over. DUMB STUPID IDIOTIC. Does Alred get to accuse people of crimes with impunity? Sumpin’ wrong with that!

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