Disney, Muslim Worker OK Hijab Compromise

ANAHEIM (CBS/AP) — Facing two separate cases of workers suing the company over its ban on religious head covering, Disney has decided to allow a Muslim employee at its Orange County park to wear a specially designed headscarf after initially objecting to her religious head covering.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations says Monday that 22-year-old Noor Abdallah was told she couldn’t wear the hijab while working as a vacation planner at a Disneyland Resort
Esplanade ticket booth. She declined to take another job away from the public.

Disneyland spokeswoman Suzi Brown says the park worked with Abdallah to design a covering to match her costume and meet her religious needs. She’s been wearing a blue scarf topped with a beret since early this month.

Brown says the case is separate from that of another Muslim Disney worker who refused to accept a costume headpiece and filed a federal discrimination complaint.

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  • oleg

    i don’t think there were any lawsuits officially filed, were there? potential maybe but the first line implies they have been.

  • Maria

    Wow how old is the stock photo of the Disneyland sign???

  • los

    Good way to give up on your moral beliefs just to please the zionist

    • hank

      Should have let the dirty rat go, people who would have otherwise went to Disneyland aren’t anymore.

    • Duh!

      @los – What???? A Zionist???? ROFL….. She is Muslim not Jewish. I think you just insulted Noor Abdallah.

  • Sherry

    What nonsense about a Zionist affiliation? does everything have to be against another group when there are conflicting ideas. How about “to please the Aryan
    nation? Let’s learn to respect and work together-this is getting old. Move on

  • Alicia

    As an employer if you are not allowed to say how you want your employees to dress because they are in your employment, then disneyland could potentially have young adults with tons of tatoos showing, or piercings or whatever.

    If you have an image that you want your employees to show, and they choose not to, then they have the right to leave and go get employment elsewhere. Disneyland does not have to cater to the whines of anyone, nor should any other employer. There are generally dress codes in all jobs, follow them or get yourself new employment. I am not being insensitive, Disney set up these rules because they have an image they want to put forth. After all this used to be America! Disney should not have backed down because now, perhaps, they have set a precedent. This women came to America to be free, if she does not want to be free, then, bye!!!!!!! In America you have the choice to wear your headdress, or not. But if you choose to work for someone who does not allow them, then find employment elsewhere. Amen, end of story. Someone else could use that job desperately.

  • zonie

    Does it have ears on it?

  • DUKE

    A grooming/uniform policy is a policy. If you don’t like it then don’t work there. You don’t have the freedom to tell customers what you want so what makes you think your religious freedom applies also. Take your stupid head covering and shove it. I hope it burns as its atop your head. Shame on you Disney for giving in!

  • lalaland

    So, here’s a reason to not hire Muslims. Who wants to get sued? It’s just not cool. There must be some way to be a devout Muslim without forcing people to look at your religious garb. I’m not a fan of the cross necklaces, either. I don’t want to know your religion. I want to be in Disneyland. Wear ears.

  • david

    Employees or potential employees,whether they’re religion industry believers or not have no right dictating to a corporate enterprise what they’ll wear at work.In this case Disney in my opinion should have terminated the muslime’s employment.

  • Barry

    It’s happening here. Bowing down to the Muslims. Have’nt they seen whats happening in Europe. The USA is losing it.

  • notlovinLA

    Indeed, the USA is losing it. I’m so disappointed in Disney. Man, we Americans must sure like to be bullied. We seem to allow every nation and foreign culture to do it. The hijab-wearing cast member should have been fired. I wonder…. Now that I’m quickly becoming the minority in my pale skin, I wonder if I’ll be able to use the race/religion card wherever I go?

    • Buck

      Actually I’m a pur breed American mutt. My daughter got bonus points for being a minority in school. White family in a school were we are a recognized minority in lausd. We got bonus points and got out into a better school. So it looks like tide might start to turn in our favor again.

  • thinking wisely

    Don’t allow the Muslims to use our laws against us islamis not a religion it’s a movement of hatred and violence,and a very mentally ill group of people.
    Take a good look at the middle east,and what they’re trying to bring to America,they all wish to see our downfall,and we’re worried about offending then,give me a break,wisely

  • Tammy

    If an employee cannot follow something as simple as a company’s dress code, she should be terminated. I am disappointed in Disney as well in its decision to ‘compromise’.

  • http://willblogforlols.com willblogforlols

    So hot in LA, that other Muslim worker at Disneyland finally took off her hijab. http://willblogforlols.com/2010/09/27/its-so-hot-in-la-lindsaypalooza/

  • wingdemon

    She was offered another position away from public but did not take it. She should have be terminated then. Follow the dress code of the employer. If you don’t like the uniform work elsewhere.

  • john

    Leave your muslim beliefs at home, that is what I am told at my job with my christian beliefs. There are to many muslims in this country anyways, and get rid of the muslim president also.

  • Tony

    If this was my company, I would have terminated her employment without cause. End of story. Disney just opened a whole new can of worms in my opinion. This was a theme park for children,and nothing more.

  • ReginaM

    When I worked at Disneyland in the early 70’s,I was told that my Afro couldn’t be longer than 2 inches. I forked it out to about 4 inches every day. They asked me a couple of times if I’d been told about the “Afro” length guidelines and I said yes. But I never shortened the length of my hair.

    I didn’t think it was fair that if you had straight hair it could be any length,but an Afro had limits.
    Nothing ever happened.

  • http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2011/02/22/disneyland-workers-sue-over-ssn-embedded-id-cards/ Disneyland Workers Sue Over SSN-Embedded ID Cards « CBS Los Angeles

    […] Disney recently settled disputes with a pair of Muslim employees over the company’s ban on religious coverings by agreeing to allow them to wear a specially designed headscarf while working at the amusement park. […]

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