Youth Hockey Coach Accused Of Child Molestation

HERMOSA BEACH (CBS) — Police say a youth hockey coach is free on bail after being accused of molesting a boy.

Daniel Gibb, 31, of Redondo Beach was arrested Thursday on suspicion of molesting a boy off an on over several years.

“The molestation of the teenage boy occurred several years ago while he was 11 and again while he was approximately 13,” Hermosa Beach police Detective Mick Gaglia said.

Detectives arrested Gibb after confirming the sexual molestation during a phone call with the victim, he said.

Gibb coached ice hockey at the Toyota Center in El Segundo and at ice hockey facilities throughout Southern California. Authorities did not say whether the alleged victim was on one of his teams.

Gibb was released from jail Saturday after posting $100,000 bail. He is scheduled to be in court Nov. 10.

Anyone with more information on Gibb can contact Detective Mick Gaglia at (310) 318-0348.

  • Sharon Webster

    I know this man, and I am finding this news shocking, and very hard to believe. Let’s all remember that he is innocent until proven guilty.

    • Motomom

      Sharon Molesters can be anyone. They don’t look or act like the monsters they are. I know because for me it was my father.

    • Erica

      I know this man too, and he always seemed super creepy to me!

  • Hockey Mama

    We know this man too. Our son played on one of his teams. Both my husband and I knew something was off because he would always hang out with the boys from the team and want to go to the movies and stuff as well as hang out in the locker room. We made sure that our son was never alone with him for any reason. There were several other parents who felt the same way but the organization we played for decided to take the passive/aggressive route and, rather than fire him (after several warnings) simply chose not to rehire him for the next season.

  • Hockey Mom

    Thank you Sharon. I know this man very well too as he coached my boys in hockey. He was super with the kids and always respectful and kind. Do we have to label him a molester because he enjoys spending time with the children he coaches? Bad judgement on whoever reported this story……….. Innocent until proven guilty!

  • Sharon

    As vigilant parents, we should always make sure that our children are not left alone with anyone. But enjoying being with the kids does not a molester make. Danny has no family, and I know that he always thought of the kids and the parents as family. Who else has come forward with these allegations? Only one, and two years apart? Why would this kid have gone somewhere alone with him, when he was molested two years before? The story doesn’t ring true.

    • Neighbor

      So should we not leave our children alone with people we trust? Danny built incrediable trusts with parents, he knew the victim for a couple years before he made his move.
      No one else came forth because of the parents pride, that they were fooled. Or even to much emotional distress on the child. Now, lets think out of the box that your child. This topic it is embarrassing to say to your parents that the person you trust just molested me. A child mind is so different and innocent.

  • South Bay Hockey Dad

    That guy has been run out of several rinks/clubs in the area. Each time he landed somewhere else, he was chased out by an angry mob of parents. You had to be blind not to see there was a problem with him. You can always find one or maybe two parents from each team he’s coached that thought he was a great guy; but one out of fifteen per team are not good odds. In my experience, the very few parents who liked him, were gullible enough to pay considerable monies out of pocket to him for privates; and as a result, their sons somehow enjoyed quite a bit of playing time. All others ran away from him really, really fast.


    Is this guy Canadian ? I notice a lot of youth ice hockey coaches in Southern Cal are from Canada. Not all of them are bad people, but be careful when your sons playing on one of those hockey teams in the area. Child molestation is a very serious charge.

  • Sharon

    No, he’s not Canadian.
    I never paid him large sums of money, and my son didn’t get extra ice time. We just liked him, and we got along well. He coached my son in both SCAHA and on the high school team.. My son liked his sense of humor and personality,
    We are both in shock about this, and whatever the TRUTH is, I hope it comes out.

  • Bad News

    We got this loser fired from our Simi club a few years ago becasue he was crazy. now it looks like we were right and Sharon who is still defending him is wrong. Sharon was from our team and was fired as team manager when we got Danny fired. This guy would tell the boys things and then tell them not to tell their parents. He refused any help on the bench or at practice and now we know why. Thanks god we know this guy was crazy years ago and we got him away from our boys back then.

  • Hockey Dad

    Bad News, still lying I see. Sharon was not fired as manager. Sharon was so mistreated by two or three of the parents, that it made her physically sick. So, to the disdain of MOST of the (non-lying) parents, she quit. Then we had a manager who held on to the team funds for nearly two years, and lost all of the financial records. And the funny thing was, he was only holding on to the money, not handling the team business. Very strange happenings that season.
    But anyway Bad News Liar, before we get together to form a lynch mob, let’s wait till the man is convicted, or pleads guilty. I’m thinking that this is still America, and we are all innocent until proven guilty.

  • South Bay Hockey Dad

    Apologies, Sharon; I didn’t mean to intimate that you paid Gibbs large sums of money for privates, I can only speak of our situation in Anaheim. By the time he came to our club, he had already been run out of Simi and El Segundo, and we were warned about him by a whole lot of parents at those clubs. They told horror stories about him, that we quickly found out, were all too true.

  • hockey Mom

    We both obviously feel the same way. My boys admired Danny, never received private lessons from him, but yet loved to hang out with him after a game or practice and goof around on the rink together. You are right too – Danny had no family – he lost his mother about 5 years ago, and I believe his sister too. He hung out with the kids for the pure enjoyment, I welcomed him into my home and will continue too. This allegation, whether true or not, has already ruined Danny’s life. It was extremely unfair to post his picture on the internet before he was given a fair trial. I hope the child who said Danny molested him is telling the truth, because if not, he will have to live the rest of his life knowing he has pretty well messed up Danny’s. To the people who were on hiring committees, etc for Danny’s various coaching jobs – I think you disliked him because he would always tell the truth – and the truth hurts a lot to the parents who think they have another “Wayne Gretzky” on their hands when really the kid could not play for beans. Its hurt all you big egos! I pray Danny can prove his innocence to all of you who are so quick to judge!!!

  • Sharon

    No need to apologize South Bay. That was just one of the rumors that was spread around…that paying Danny would result in more ice time. Frankly, I never saw and proof of that.
    I can’t say that I would welcome Danny into my home if the allegations are proved to be true. I would feel a profound disappointment, and I cannot condone hurting a child. We will just have to wait and see, and let a Jury decide,.


    wait let me get this



  • Hockey Mama

    In the end, our club always made sure there was another adult in the locker room whenever he was in there talking to the team. I feel badly for the parents who let there kid(s) hang out with a full grown man who, if he wasn’t bent, should have had better things to do (like hang out with friends his own age???). One family we know actually pulled their son off the team, paying all of the penalties, because Danny tried to get a little too cozy with the family and made the son very uncomfortable. Clearly they knew, as many of us did, that there is a problem here.

  • Bantam Dad

    Hockey Mom you say “I know this man very well too as he coached my boys in hockey. He was super with the kids and always respectful and kind.”
    You need to read the Sheldon Kennedy story. Follow this link – or read the book “Why I Didn’t Say Anything: The Sheldon Kennedy Story”.
    Graham James, a highly respected and nationally famous coach, molested Kennedy and NHL star Theo Fleury over a period of years. He too was ‘super with the kids” .Read the story and then decide if there is no possible way Danny Gibb could be a molester.

  • hockeydad in huntington

    The police already have wire tapped evidence of him admitting it! I am a parent also with a child who played for Danny- of course he was kind and respectful- how else would any parent let their kids hang out with them. There were red flags all around him from the start without hearing anyone else say anything! He was constantly offering rides to practice, tried to get my son alone and even once, on a road trip tournament, asked my son to come up to his room to watch a movie. My son was 11! What grown man in this day and age would ever do that? Any normal coach/man would know how inappropriate that is!

  • Hockey Mom for Life

    What planet do some of you parents come from? In my world I have a probelm with a grown man that likes to hang out with young boys. I do not know any coach that solely hung with young boys. Danny Gibb coached at Panorama a couple of years. My son played there but not for him. We Moms felt that something was not right with Danny Gibb. He was offering rides to all the boys and was just a little too eager to hang our with them. He would go to these boys homes and play video games with them. Why not go hang our with people your own age? Some of you say that Danny does not have any family and that he was always kind and polite. Or course he was!! He needed to get you on his side so you would trust him with your child. And what proof do you have that he is all alone in the world? Pedophile are loners. Of course they do not have many friends becasue they don’t want any adults in their world to mess up their game. I feel badly for the boy(s) that he came in contact with. You say he is innocent until proven guilty. Yes. You are right. However, he admitted his guilt in a telephone conversation he had with his victim. What more proof do you need? As I said before, you must not be from my world if you do not recognize pedophile behavior when it is in your face. I hope I am completely wrong about Danny Gibb, but intuition, and observation of his behavior with these PeeWee aged boys was not right.

  • Sad and angry

    Several of you have written, “Innocent until proven guilty.” Why don’t you apply that adage to the poor boy that is accusing Danny? He too is innocent until proven guilty. Your failure to allow him the benefit of the doubt is teaching your sons to not tell you if they are also victims. Ask the hard questions, parents.

  • Law lover

    Sad and angry, you are twisting people’s words. The kid hasn’t been accused of anything, so how can he be innocent till proven guilty? You make no sense at all in your post.
    Being a believer in due process according to the U.S. Constitution doesn’t teach our sons not to tell us if they are victims. It teaches them to trust in the legal system. If this coach is found guilty, then so be it. As of right now, according to the law, he is still innocent.

  • Sad and Angry

    By stating Danny is innocent, implies the boy is not telling the truth. I hope that explains my post to you. Of course, BOTH are innocent until proven otherwise.

  • RIdiculous

    Hey Sad and Angry, I agree with you. The comment about McMartin and others above are implying the kid is lying. Law Lover’s comment was a waste of typing! Maybe he can work at Legal Eagle coffee shop.

  • Law Student

    Thanks God we’re all living here in America where every potential convict is
    presumed to be innocent until proven guilty by the Course of Law (not sure if Canada has child molestation laws). Even a mass murderer is considered innocent until proven guilty. Here we all have our own opinion about whether Danny is guilty or not. According to the news account reported in the
    media the last few days, it sounds like he is GUILTY of the crime. That said, he still has to be tried, convicted and punished by the Court in the Course of Law.

    In the mean time, as parents with children playing hockey in this area, we got to stay vigilant and keep our guards up at ALL time.

  • Sad and Angry

    Thanks for your words of support, Ridiculous. No need to make fun of
    Law Lover, though. I guess I wasn’t clear on my post.

  • truth truth

    He does have a living sister.

  • Hockey Mom for Life

    Thank you truth truth for clearing that up. Hockey Mom and Sharon, here is one of his lies right here that he has told you. He sure had both of you fooled in believing he was all alone in the world. I wonder what other lies he told you?

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