‘Octomom’ Holds Yard Sale, Auctions Off Tabloid-Cover Bikini

LA HABRA (AP) — “Octomom” Nadya Suleman is trying to earn money the old-fashioned way: a yard sale.

Suleman sold baby clothes, bikinis and sporting goods outside her home in La Habra on Saturday.

Eight devil costumes once worn by Suleman’s octuplets for Halloween fetched $50.

A Lakers jersey signed by Suleman brought in $125, and a refrigerator that once stored baby formula went for $85.

Weekend bargain hunters could take a picture with Suleman for $10, or with both the Octomom and Octuplets for $100.

Radio personality David Gonzalez — who goes by the name “Tattoo” — hosted and promoted the event designed to help pay Suleman’s mortgage.

Her lawyer says she’s facing foreclosure and is considering going on welfare.

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  • brad

    GROSS who would want her nasty used underwear

  • OctoDad

    She’s SICK. She’ll use the money to get some botox and liposuction.

  • QuadMom

    She needs to get a job. Loser. Split all the kids for adoption. This way she does not have to go on welfare and be a burden to hardworking Americans.
    BTW, is she an illegal immigrant?

    • Silvia M.

      What an Ignorant comment, she was born in Fullerton. Next time try to research info yourself Loser.

  • Rusty

    Great! We get to pay for her and all of her kids when she goes on welfare. Its cheaper to just expatriate her to another country. If any one will take her.

  • PSaxena

    Lazy beech! Go get a real job. The State should take over her kids and put them in foster homes or put them up for adoption. She is obviously not capable of bringing them up. She’s will just use the money to get another boob job.

  • John Q

    You people who want the STATE to take over better watch out, they MIGHT TAKE OVER YOUR LIVE AND DECLARE YOU “UNFIT” !

  • John Q

    Life, I know but I am just a DAV RIPPED OFF BY THE VA AND OUR GOVERMENT!

  • Brian Gill

    my neice made the foot prints as a gift to her and she sold them. What kind of mother would sell her new born childs foot prints for a buck. shes gutter trash to me! Brian gill

  • octodad

    ya and who paid for all the police officers that blocked the street and provided security?

  • Calgal

    Yeah, I’m sure any money she gets from this will be spent at the Brea Mall before the weekend is over. She won’t pay any bills. She will treat herself to a shopping spree. In all this time, she hasn’t bothered to try and find work beyond doing TV spots and interviews. All she wants to do is pimp her kids out so she doesn’t ever have to work. Too bad honey, your 15 mins. of fame are over and you need to wake up. You never were a celebrity and you never will be. Now get off your lazy butt and get a job!

  • leroy brown

    This is typical CA living.

  • ReginaM

    The proceeds from a yard sale won’t pay the mortgage. This was just a publicity stunt.

  • http://www.wallstmarket.com/%e2%80%98octomom%e2%80%99-holds-yard-sale-auctions-off-tabloid-cover-bikini.htm ‘Octomom’ Holds Yard Sale, Auctions Off Tabloid-Cover Bikini | Wall Street Market Resource

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  • deano

    What nit-wit paid $125.00 for a Laker’s jersey signed by her???

  • http://foreclosuresclubcanada.com/foreclosures/auctions/%e2%80%98octomom%e2%80%99-holds-yard-sale-auctions-off-tabloid-cover-bikini ‘Octomom’ Holds Yard Sale, Auctions Off Tabloid-Cover Bikini | Foreclosures Club Canada

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