Never Fear, Citizens: Leroy Jethro Gibbs Is On The Case

So, on Monday nights, we get a reboot of a classic, with the new Hawaii Five-O. Wednesday nights, something all new, with The Defenders (more on them, tomorrow). And sandwiched right in the middle on Tuesdays is a whole big ol’ night of a show that just keeps rolling down the tracks like a freight train:  NCIS … and NCIS Los Angeles, duh.

Nobody’s ever asked me to teach a cooking class (Imagine that -Ed.), but you don’t have to be a chef to know the cake tastes good; and the recipe for NCIS is really, really simple: tell compelling stories  with a great cast. Note, I said it was simple, not easy.

 NCIS, Mark Harmon, And Anger Management Classes   NCIS, Mark Harmon, And Anger Management Classes  NCIS, Mark Harmon, And Anger Management Classes

Watch tonight’s NCIS season premiere at 8: you’re familiar with the characters, but the story is fresh. And yes, I’m under orders not to reveal it. Trust me.  This is the show’s 8th season: that’s phenomenal. The production team is first-rate. And the cast gets each other, but don’t phone it in. –No small trick after all this time. When Mark Harmon–“Leroy Jethro Gibbs”– greatest character name ever–talks to his staff, he always looks to me like a guy who’s struggling with his anger-management classes. Waiting to see how he responds to his underlings, it’s hard to take your eyes off him. But somehow I manage when Cote de Pablo and Pauley Perrette (“Ziva David” and “Abby Sciuto”) are in the scene. Yes, I focused on the two women: you write a blog, you pick who you want. 

Tuesday, Sept. 21, is  NCIS night: the original at 8, then two episodes of  the returning spinoff, NCIS Los Angeles. Ah, these are good days to be a couch potato.

Comments (9)
  1. matt's mom says:

    Yes, I love the character. Yes, I love the show. But I have to say, the first time he slapped me upside the head, I’d own his pension! This is going too far. Physical abuse is just going too far…

    1. Barbara G says:

      Remember this is just a television show for heavens sake. This doesn’t happen in real life. If you stop and think about, look at all the blood and guts in other television shows and the movies, now that is going too far.

  2. Judy Donofrio says:

    This Gibbs character is so far from the Mark Harmon of Goliath Awaits,who I met aboard the Queen Mary in 1981 and pretty far from the one on Flamingo Road, it’s shocking. But I love the man and his eccentric sidekicks.

  3. beybe3 says:

    matt’s mom, you’re the reason people can no longer have fun with others and this society is so sue happy. The “Gibbs Smack” is a classic and not meant to be harmful. It shows camaraderie nothing more.

    Mark Harmon is wonderful in this role, I never, ever miss an episode.

  4. taffykey says:

    mark harmon can you feel it, can you feel it, can you feel the love of so many people.

  5. Jane Purcell says:

    Why are we not getting any new programs? Everthing, except for the first couple of weeks are re-runs. While I love the series, I ‘m very tired of re=runs.
    Did all of the players not sign their contracts? I hope that is not the case. If possible I would like to know what is happing to the program. Thank you very much.

  6. Illeane says:

    I love the twists & turns the writers now take us on each week and last night’s show was wonderful. I enjoyed seeing “old foes” walk into the diner and mingle with the current cast. I do appreciate Jethro’s feelings as I also miss family members and yes we all (at some time) wish things could have taken another path. Please continue to produce these good story lines…..I have you (and NCIS Los Angeles) on auto tape! I love the team and hope they don’t change for a long time! Be well, stay healthy and thank you, Illeane

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