LOS ANGELES (AP) — Los Angeles police say officers shot and killed a man brandishing a knife in a crowded shopping district near downtown.

Police commander Blake Chou told several media outlets that three bicycle officers were patrolling the area near Sixth and Union streets Sunday afternoon when a pedestrian flagged them down and said a man was threatening people with a knife.

Chou says the officers quickly found the man, ordered him to drop the knife, and shot and killed him when he would not.

The man’s name and age were not immediately available.

No one else was injured.

It was reported that some residents yelled at police, calling them killers, and said the man they shot was a vagrant but not dangerous.

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Comments (4)
  1. True Lies says:

    Vagrant and not dangerous? Tell us another fairy tale- most of the ones I see all the time are VERY DANGEROUS and un predictable! One more removed from the gene pool!

  2. Manni says:

    Maybe both offers could have used non-leathal force to subdue the man.

  3. Mona says:

    If you were not there and if you do not live there, you have no right to assume that he was a bad man. I could go on and on about what was so biased about that comment and how ignorant but I wont. I’ll just say that I live in the apartment right behind the parking lot you see in all the news reports. I heard and saw him shoot the guy. Do not be so quick to judge what you have no idea about.

  4. Lionel says:

    They should have used a taser gun and not bullets. There is no reason an officer needs to use deadly force in a knife situation.

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